Becoming His

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Bonus Chapter- Bailey


He smirked at me as replied, shrugging his shoulders.

'Let's face it. If a girl doesn't wanna fuck you, she'd wanna fuck me. Vice versa. We have all bases covered. So yeah I reckon between us, anyone.'

He was a cocky prick. But then again maybe he was right. We had just finished practice as I wiped my jaw with my towel. I hung the towel round my neck as I turned to him, considering what to suggest.

'But you want to see which one of us is better? It's me, dude. Give up.'

He scoffed as he sprayed deodorant, pulling a face at me.

'Let's go for someone different. Someone that isn't easy. It can't be anyone we've fucked before either.' He pointed a finger at me as I pulled my hoody on, chucking my towel into my bag as I walked towards the exit, gagging for a drink. My muscles ached as I walked towards the vendng machine, tossing my bag onto the floor beside me as I scrutinised the contents of the machine. Fucking diet soda everywhere. I wanted sugar. I punched in the number for the full fat cola and waited as the machine dragged the can forward painfully slowly.

'Who's that? She might be doable. Beneath the resting bitch face.' Chase leaned on the machine as I leaned down, sliding my hand into the bottom and grasping the cold can.

Fucking yes, get in my veins.

I glugged the drink as Chase nodded behind me, as I wiped my mouth I turned to see our new victim. I frowned as I studied her, unsure why he had picked someone so... different.

'Why her?'

Chase shrugged.

'I can't see many girls we haven't fucked if I'm honest. Can you?'

I nodded slowly, watching the girl as she put her things into her locker, dropping books as she bent awkwardly to pick them up. Her hair hung around her slender shoulders, and I wondered why I had never noticed her before. Sure, she was plain, but she was kinda pretty. I shrugged, turning towards Chase.

'Yeah, alright. Three hundred bucks I get her into bed.'

Chase laughed as he shook my hand.

'Be prepared to cough up little man. You dont share any classes with her or anything do you? She's in mine.' He winked as he walked away, leaving me staring at the girl. What was her name? I noticed our class representative walking towards us as I beckoned him over, his eyes wide.

'Um, yeah?' He clearly wondered why I was talking to him, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he gulped.

'Do you know her name?' I nodded to the mystery girl and he frowned, before turning back to me.

'Annabelle Aurelle.' He stated proudly as I nodded, patting his back as I moved so he could carry on walking. What a nice name. But I preferred Anna. I studied her a little while longer, until her friend joined her. Ray, a stunning Hawaiian girl who had a thing for older guys- my brother included. But there was something about the way Anna chewed her lip, the way she looked up at Ray in-what was that? Adoration? Awe? My eyes travelled down her body and I nodded.

I could do this, I was sure of it. I just needed to think of how to approach the situation. I watched as she pushed her hair back behind her ear, biting on her lip as she listened intently to Ray chuntering on about her weekend. I became distracted, my eyes on her lips, the way she bit into it, her teeth leaving an indentation as she released it slowly. Her eyes were wide and doe like, framed by thick dark lashes. She turned and followed Ray, letting out a little sigh as I cocked my head to the side. She was cute.

'Hey there you.' I heard a growl in my ear and I turned to see Elena gazing at me. I'd had a weak moment last month where I'd allowed her to suck me off, bad mistake. Now she thought we were together, as fucking if. I felt a prize prick for even going there, she was as dull as dish water and was absolutely vile to everyone. Except me.

'Alright?' I said without making eye contact. The bell rang and she slid her arm through mine, her gaze following my eyes to Ray and Anna. Her eyes narrowed as she squeezed my arm tighter, her nails digging in my skin.

'Hankering after Moana? It won't happen, you're too young for her.' She pouted at me as I pulled my arm away.

'We'll see.' I muttered as I walked away from her and into class. I suddenly had an idea, and a smile spread across my cheeks.


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