Becoming His

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The next day I got up extra early, determined to try to feel as good as I did last night. Connie was right, it was nice to feel good. I had managed to sleep with the curls mostly intact, so I left those alone. Connie had also sneaked some make up into the bag of clothes, so I was able to apply some of that. I applied mascara and rubbed some lip balm on my lips before brushing my cheekbones with some of the bronzer, pleased that it seemed to bring out the grey in my eyes. I turned to the bed where I had emptied the bag of clothes, and was pleased to see a slouchy grey jumper that was something I would actually wear normally, except this did show off alot of shoulder. But hey, it was shoulder right? Who cared?! I pulled on a pair of the skin tight jeans and rummaged in my wardrobe for the pair of black boots I knew were there somewhere. Finally locating them, I pulled them on and took a deep breath before looking at myself in the mirror.

I had to admit, I looked so much better than usual. I felt better too, and even found myself standing up straighter. I walked downstairs to grab some toast when I saw Elijah do a double take on his way past me.

‘Are you wearing make up?’ He said, peering at me closely. I moved away and slid my bread into the toaster, smiling as he called out that it suited me.

I walked down the hallway of the school a mere hour later, and was astounded by the reaction from my fellow students. Was I really so repulsive that once I had made an effort people were staring at me like I was the new girl. I finally reached my locker and threw my things in, elated that I had remembered all of my books for my lessons- I didn’t want to be caught unaware again.

I heard a low whistle from behind me and I froze, turning to see Chase Dallas looking at me appreciatively. Chase was in my history class, and had never once spoken to me.

‘Wow bookworm, you shine up line a new penny don’t you?’ He smiled and I frowned at him. What was it with these jocks and their nicknames for me?

‘Bye Chase.’ I heard a silky voice say, and he made a face as he walked away, still checking me out. I turned to see Ray staring at me with her mouth hanging open.

‘Erm, what is this?’ She pointed her finger up and down me and I giggled.

‘Baileys sister gave me a make over.’

I left out the why as I briefly filled her in.

‘So you are telling me, Bailey Fenton showed up at your house and just offered you a makeover, out of the goodness of his black heart? Nah mate, not buying that one.’ She raised her eyebrows at me as I groaned.

‘He needs a date with you. Its for a bet. See it as charity. Please.’

I begged as she gasped.

‘Where is he?’ She glared around the hall as her brown eyes narrowed, clearly she had located him.

My thoughts are with you, Bailey.

She marched down the hall as I turned to see Chase leaning against his locker talking to Elena, the school bitch. Every school has one, but I swear she was the worst. In the world. Chase was glancing over at me, a smile playing at his lips as I blushed and tried to look away. Elena turned to see me, her eyes narrowing as she pursed her lips.

Uh oh.

’Of all the fucking things. You placed a bet on whether I would date you? NO! I will not, ever date you!′ I heard Ray screeching from down the hallway and Bailey was clearly making her worse by smiling at her.

’You’re really hot when you are angry aren’t you?’He teased, just as she reached up and slapped him hard across the face.

‘Fuck off Fenton, leave me and Annabelle alone.’ She stormed past him, and his stunned eyes met mine.

‘I didn’t realise he had a bet on Ray.’ I heard Chase murmur into my ear. ‘Everyone knows she is into chicks.’

‘Chase, really? If a girl doesn’t want to sleep with you she is a lesbian? God help us all.’ I snapped as I walked away as he jogged after me, pulling me back by my arm.

‘Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you.’ I stopped and sighed as I turned to look at him. Another handsome jock, where did these boys come from? I glanced around the hallway and noticed the different groups of people- the jocks, the nerds, the goths, the mean girls and wondered where I fit in. ‘I honestly thought it was common knowledge.’ He clenched his jaw as he saw Bailey striding towards us.

‘I’ll see you in History.’ He muttered as Bailey stared at him with a look that could set you alight.

‘A word.’ Bailey spat, dragging me into the empty changing room behind me.

I gulped as he placed his arms either side of me, keeping me trapped in that deadly gaze of his.

‘What the fuck was that? You told her she was a bet?’ He hissed, his eyes suddenly dark as he glared at me with what could only be described as hatred.

‘I told you I wasn’t going to lie to her Bailey.’ I stuck my chin out defiantly as he raised his eyebrows with surprise. ‘I’m sorry she slapped you. I’m also sorry that you lost your bet. But now you can leave me alone and go back to pretending I don’t exist.’

‘What were you talking to Chase about?’ He said, ignoring my previous comment.

‘What? Nothing.’

He studied me for a moment before I ducked under his arm, moving back into the hallway without looking back.

What in the world was going on?

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