Becoming His

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Bonus Chapter- Bailey 2

This is the first date from Baileys perspective. Enjoy!

I sat outside of her house, aware that what I was doing was beyond the bet. I was already annoyed to fuck with myself for ever doing it, especially when my newly found jealousy hit an all time high when my brother stood openly eye fucking her the other night. I felt she deserved better, and I wanted to try and give it to her. Fucking Chase was a prick for treating her like he did, and when I called him later that night I had fucking roared at him. What if something would have happened to her? That's when he reminded me she was a 'just a bet.' I couldn't say shit, but I educated him on the fact she was a real human being, with feelings. I couldn't go back in time and reverse the bet, despite wishing I could. I just felt protective over her, she was intoxicating. Movement out of the window caught my eye and the passenger door opened. Her divine legs slid in first, a simple black dress hugged her curves in all the right places. She looked at me shyly and I realised she had her hair different- it suited her.

'You've changed your hair.' I murmured, gazing at it in surprise. She touched it self consciously and I smiled, quickly adding that I liked it incase she thought I didn't.

'So where are we going?’ She asked, twirling her hair around her finger.

‘Well you said you’ve never been on a date, and seeing as Chase royally fucked up your first one, I thought I would remedy that.’ I answered smoothly.

‘This is a date?’ She echoed, as I allowed myself a small smile at the disbelief in her voice. How has this gorgeous creature never been on a date?

‘Yeah baby. Aren’t you lucky. I don’t do dates.’

‘No? What do you usually do then?’ she laughed, and I realised sadly that all I did was have one night stands and endless flings with girls of no importance. I suddenly felt like a prize prick.

‘Does it matter?’ I snapped, already wishing I hadn't as she smiled softly.

‘Nope. Thank you for doing this. You didn’t have to.’

Ha, she had no idea did she?

‘I know. I wanted to.’

I half hoped she would be boring and the date was a nightmare just so I could get back to some form of normality. But it wasn't. I couldn't stop staring at her as she absorbed everything like a sponge, making me sit back and wonder what the fuck was happening to me. She was staring at me as she sucked on her straw, but not in the slutty way girls do when they're trying to get your attention, hell no. In a truly innocent way that was sexier than anything I'd ever seen before. She then gazed at me and accused me of sleeping with the whole school.

'Wow, is that right? Wait, not the entire school.′

I looked at her pointedly and she flushed, her eyes dropping to the table.

‘You are a footballer. You are stupidly gorgeous.’

She inhaled sharply, her eyes widening as she tried to backtrack, but I was too quick for her. I seized her hand, noticing how small it looked with mine.

‘Do you think I’m hot, Anna?’

She shook her head immediately, and I felt a little deflated. Either she did, and she was in denial; or she really didn't. I know which I wanted it to be.

‘You didn’t let me finish my sentence! I was going to say you are stupidly gorgeous, but you know it.' She offered, slipping the straw back between her plump lips, removing her hand from mine. The food arrived and we continued our conversation, she was witty and intelligent- something I'd realised most girls were sadly lacking. Yeah they could suck a basketball through a straw, but so fucking what? The bill arrived and the blonde waitress caught my eye, handing me the receipt which she had wrote something on. She was hot, and I'd save the number just incase. But I didn't want Anna to know about it. Tonight was about her.

'Don’t argue. Its a date, and I paid. So remember that. The guy should always pay, if he asked you out. Its called manners.’

I was beginning to find it really hard to imagine another guy taking her out, holding her small hand in his. Kissing those soft lips.

Here comes the Green Eyed Monster.

‘Don’t worry Bailey, I don’t plan on going on any dates anytime soon. Thank you, its really kind of you.’ Thank fuck. I felt relief at her words but realised she could just be saying it. We left the restaurant and I began to panic, realising the night was almost over.

″Wanna go to the beach?′ I asked, grabbing her hand in mine. God it just felt so right, our hands together like that. She jumped a mile though, and I laughed.

‘God come on. You need to get used to human contact. Beach?’

She said she was tired, and yet she sat chewing her lip as she gazed at me. Fucking hell I wanted to kiss her so bad.

‘Bailey I need to ask you something.’

‘You’re cold.’ I whispered, running my hands up and down her bare arms. I could make her warm, if she'd allow me to.

‘I know.’ she said, her teeth chattering slightly.

Without thinking I wrapped her in my arms, her body pressed against mine as I murmured into her hair.

‘Ask away. I must warn you though, I’m brutally honest.’

‘Why are you doing this? Taking me out, getting me a makeover...’

I pulled away slightly, tilting her head up by my finger so I could lose myself in the grey pools of beauty she gazed at me with.

’Because I’m not a cliche. I said I’d help you, and I will keep my word. Even though you clearly can’t keep yours.′

I teased, enjoying watching her squirm. Her eyes dropped to my lips and I noticed her eyes soften, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip as she battled desperately with whatever emotions she was feeling inside.

‘Well, thank you for letting me see what a date should be like.’ She shrugged and went to move away. I held her in place, my eyes searching hers. I needed to keep her in my arms as long as possible, she was simply addictive.

‘At this point in the date, if its gone bad, you’d go your separate ways and probably never speak again. ’ I spoke softly, hoping it wasnt too obvious how much I wanted her right now.

‘And if it has gone well?’ her voice was full of longing, making my heart beat rapidly against my chest. I wasn't thinking about any other date going right but this one, right here, right now.

‘Then he would probably tilt you head up like this,’ I tilted her head up so her lips were exposed to mine, as she looked at me with those fucking eyes. 'If you were looking at him how you are looking at me now, I would imagine he would lean forward and kiss you.’

Please, give me a sign. Any sign that you want me to. Normally I would be bold, swooping in and doing it, but this girl was so damn unique, I couldn't.

There was a small silence before she spoke.

′But I’ve never kissed anyone before.′

Oh my fucking God.

‘Want me to teach you that too?’ I whispered, my lips brushing the soft skin of her throat as she gasped. She suddenly turned her head to mine so our lips were almost touching. I still needed to be sure.

‘You want me to be your first kiss? Are you sure?’

Please say yes, please say yes.


There is a God.

'Just follow what I do. Don’t think about it.’

My heart was pounding as my lips brushed hers as she slowly kissed me back. Our tongues moved in expert unison causing me to groan as I pulled her tighter towards me, our mouths beginning to move in sync. l pushed her slowly against the wall as I kissed her hard, her fingers in my hair as I bit her lip softly, making her moan in desire.

Holy Shit.

‘Wow, fuck. Are you sure I was your first kiss?’

She bit her lip and I began to feel my cock harden.

‘Yeah, don’t bite your lip like that with your hair all tousled, looking all sexy. It could cause the guy all kinds of unwanted problems.’

She blushed and I had to look away. She was too fucking beautiful.

‘I’ll take you home. Successful date, yeah?’


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