Becoming His

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Bonus Chapter- Bailey 3

You asked... so I did it. Here is the chapter with Bailey and the waitress...gah!

Anna. She was all I thought about. I'd wake up in the morning thinking of her, I'd hear her laugh in my dreams. I fell to sleep remembering our kiss. How could a kiss impact me so much? I'd kissed her once and I was like this. What a fucking loser. My stomach churned as I remembered this all came from a fucking bet; if she ever found out she would never speak to me again. I felt an ache in my chest at the thought and in growled in frustration. This was ridiculous. I'm Bailey Fenton, I don't do relationships or feelings. Maybe I needed to fuck her out of my system. I mentally went through the possibilities, immediately ruling out Elena because A) she was a massive bitch to my Anna and B) I didn't fancy her at all. I suddenly remembered the petite blonde from the restaurant. She was one of those 'look at me, I'm perfect.' types, so physically it wouldn't be a problem. I didn't want a conversation with her particularly, but I wasn't an absolute dick. Her number was tucked away in my wallet, so I fished it out and sent her a text.

Bailey: Hey, I'm the guy from the restaurant you gave your number to. My name is Bailey. I just wondered if you were free tonight?

I waited, pushing my hands through my hair. I had to do this, I didn't want to be catching feelings for a girl. Not at all. My phone vibrated on my chest as I read her reply.

Tiffany: Wow, Bailey Fenton isn't it? I'm Tiffany. I'm at work until 9pm, why don't you meet me after? We could go to the beach ;) xxxxx

I sighed with relief. She got the message alright. I replied that I would, and tried to ignore the grey eyes that were staring at me in disappointment in my mind.

'So how do you know me?' I asked as we walked in the glow of the moon. The ocean shimmered as the waves softly lapped the shore, leaving a wet memory on the sand as they slid away.

'Everyone knows you.' She rolled her eyes as she stared at me, stopping in the sand.

'I didn't think I'd hear from you. I didn't know if that girl was your girlfriend.' The jealousy was evident in her voice as I shrugged.

'I don't do girlfriends.'

I hoped she'd get the hint. She stepped closer to me, looking up at me seductively.

'Maybe you haven't met the right girl.' She murmured, as I sighed. They all thought they were the right girl. They could change me. They could be the one. I started to feel annoyed, and she must have noticed it in my eyes because she stood on tip toes, her lips brushing mine softly.

'Who gives a fuck though. Let's take what we can, whilst we can hmm?'

Our lips met then, as we went through the motions. I unclipped her bra easily as I ran my finger over her nipple. She pushed herself against me, her hot mouth greedily kissing mine.

This wasn't the same.

Suddenly she was pulling me to the sand, her hands tugging at my bottoms as her hand circled my cock, pumping it wildly as we kissed. I was glad she was so cock hungry and didn't want any more conversation. It was easier. She was wearing her work skirt, giving me easy access to her. I pulled her underwear to the side, feeling her wetness on my fingers.


It was almost methodical.

Suddenly I was inside of her, and she was gasping and moaning beneath me as I fucked her as hard as I could, determined to get Anna out of my system.


The way she bit her lip. The easy get time felt against mine.


'I've never kissed anyone before.'

Which meant she was a-

'Yes, yes, harder, don't stop! Oh my God!' Tiffany tightened her legs around me as I ploughed away, imagining fucking Anna for the first time. How innocent she'd be. Her eyes looking up at me as she bit her lip.

Boom. I was done. I exploded into the condom as Tiffany kissed me, gasping with delight as I thrust into her one final time.

Sand, everywhere. It was even on my fucking balls. I peeled the condom off, avoiding her gaze as she sat up on her elbows.

'Wow. I could do that all night.' She said with a glint in her eye as she shook sand out of her underwear.

'Do you need a ride home?' I offered quietly as she smirked.

'Only if you're joining me.'

'I'm afraid not.'

She folded her arms, tilting her head as she studied me.

'She is your girlfriend. You've just cheated on her. With me.' Instead of looking appalled, she wore a smug grin. 'Have I been on your mind baby?'

She laced her hands around my neck as she went to kiss me. I pulled her hands away, smiling softly.

'I don't have a girlfriend, I told you. Im sorry, but I've got to go. Are you sure you don't need a lift?'

She pouted as I moved away, shaking her head.

'No my car is here. Call me?' She lifted a brow as I shook my head.

'No. I don't do seconds. Sorry.'

She nodded coolly as she watched me leave, and I knew I was being a fuckboy. But she knew the score.

'Do you want me to kiss you Anna?'


I sat in my car wondering what she was doing now. This was happening. That fuck had done nothing but relieve my physical tension. In addition to the feelings I very clearly had for Anna, they were joined by another new one.


I suddenly knew what I had to do. I called Chase.


'The bet is off.'

He yawned as he scoffed. 'Why? You falling for the bet?'

'Three hundred bucks yeah? I'll send it to you via PayPal.'

There was silence and I closed my eyes

'My God man. Forget the money, what's going on?'

'I'll send it. But it's over. Leave her alone.'

I hung up before he could respond, sending the money to him. I didn't want anyone remotely near her. I'd pay anything.

Fuck it.

I was falling for her.

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