Becoming His

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Bonus Chapter- Bailey 4

This is written from Baileys POV, the party at the beach chapter.....enjoy ;)

A party at the beach. Why not? Maybe it would take my mind off her. It was fucking roasting, the sweat dripped down my back as I played volleyball on the beach, jogging to the water to retrieve the ball after one hit went in the wrong direction.

'You're shit at this.' Called Grant as he grinned at me.

'I'm a fucking soccer player.'

'You're a player alright.' He deadpanned and I rolled my eyes as he nodded to a group of girls that were admiring me from the beach bar. Why didn't I give a shit? Normally I'd be all over that.

'I need a drink.' I made my way towards the bar, aiming to go to the other end than the girls were. There were so many people there, all sticky hot bodies drinking and dancing as I pushed my way through. Suddenly I felt someone walk into me, my arms instinctively going out to steady them. My heart skipped a beat when those cool grey eyes met mine.

'I'm sorry.' She mumbled, pushing her hair out of her eyes. We were pushed together by the crowd as I saw her gazing at my lips.

'Don't be.' I murmured as she flushed, making me feel giddy. What the fuck? I glanced around us as I spoke.

'I don't think I've ever seen you at a party, Anna.'

Or in a swimsuit. Breathe, Fenton.

'You look good.' I noticed guys eye fucking her as I clenched my jaw, a rage bubbling in my stomach. 'Judging from the looks you're getting here, you may not need my services anymore.'

Not that she ever did. She just needed to be told she was fucking beautiful every day.

‘Oh God, what are you doing? Bailey, go and prey on some unsuspecting girl. This one is off limits.’ I heard Ray say as she grabbed her hand, pulling her in the direction of the party. ‘You are playing, end of discussion.’

Playing? My eyes searched hers as a look of horror filled her face. Surely she wasn't going to play truth or dare? This couldn't be good. The crowd swallowed her as I heard Aurora declaring her dare.

Why dare, Anna?! Always go truth, and lie if you have to. Fucks sake. I pushed forward, until she came back into my view. She had paled, and her eyes were searching the crowd with panic.

'Make out with a stranger.'

Don't do it.

I pushed through the throng of bodies, trying to reach her first.

Don't do it. Don't do it. I saw guys grinning at each other as they moved forward, but stopped when someone took her in his arms.

No. No, no, no. Not you. Anyone but you.

White hot fury filled my veins as he pulled her close, whispering something to her as he smiled that fucking grin of his, the one that got him everything he wanted. I was stood frozen to the spot, unable to do anything. Their lips met, and it was as though someone had stuck a knife deep in my stomach. I felt physically sick as she kissed him back, and I had to turn away. I couldn't watch. I heard claps and cheers and I tried not to punch every one of them in the fucking head before dragging her away. They must've pulled apart because suddenly the crowd had moved back to the circle, finding the next victim.

Don't leave with him. Please.

He walked away, swigging his beer as she stood, stunned. I made my way to her, unable to stop myself.

'What the fuck was that?' I hissed, the venom in my voice evident. Her eyes widened with fear as she spoke softly.

‘I didn’t want to play, so don’t start having a go at me Bailey.'

She pushed past me as I grabbed her arm, turning her back to me. God she was breathtaking. I wanted to wipe her mouth and erase the memory of kissing him, but instead my anger took over.

’Your first kiss was with me, your second is with my brother? Wow. So tell me Annabelle. Which of us was better?′

I knew I sounded like a jealous loser. I didn't care. I was beyond jealous. I felt like someone had ripped my insides out and stamped on them.

She pulled her arm away, as her eyes flashed with annoyance.

’Really? It was a dare. He kissed me anyway.′

What was her fucking point? I took a few steps towards as I spoke quietly.

‘That’s not an answer.’

‘You want me to tell you which of you were the better kisser? What is this, the school playground? It was a dare.’

God she was feisty. Why was I admiring her arguing with me?

‘Right then. I dare you to kiss me.'

She laughed nervously, her eyes darting around us.

‘Bailey, this is ridiculous.’

I grabbed her hand then, pulling her back towards the crowd, her eyes wide as I pushed me into the centre of the game.

‘What the actual fuck are you-’ she hissed as I folded my arms.

‘Truth or dare.’

The crowd fell silent as a girl complained it was her turn, but quickly stopped when she saw Anna and I in the centre. She gaped at me and I smirked.


‘Truth or dare.’ I repeated calmly, my arms folding over my chest.

‘Truth.’ I said, meeting his eyes.

Atta girl.

‘Who was the better kisser, me or my brother?’

I heard a gasp ripple through the crowd as her mouth fell open. Yes, let's make it public knowledge Anna.

‘You.’ She whispered quietly.

‘Sorry, say that again? I couldn’t hear you. Could you hear her guys?’

I called to the crowd as they shouted for her to speak up.

She folded her arms to match mine as she glared at me.

‘I said. You.’ She spoke through gritted teeth as I smirked again.

‘Your turn.’ I said as she blinked. I winked at her, opening my arms out.

‘Ask me, truth or dare. Anything you want.’

I heard a voice speak then, filled with anger.

‘I’ll ask you. Truth or dare, Bailey.’ I turned to see Ray glaring at me, her eyes blazing with fury.

‘Truth, of course.’ I smiled at her, disguising my confusion.

‘Is it true you had a bet to date me?’

Fuck. I could lie, but it seemed she knew something she shouldn't.

I clenched my jaw then as I glared back at Ray, as she smiled at me smugly.

‘No.’ I muttered and she nodded. The crowd became bored of us, and moved on to its next victim, but I felt Anna gazing at me as I stared at Ray.

‘Bailey, what is she on about?’ she asked as she walked towards me. I turned to her, my heart aching as I reached up to stroke her face.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie to you. I didn’t realise I would-’

‘You’re a fucking dick Bailey. You did have a bet though, just not about me. Right?’ Ray commanded, and I felt the blood drain from my face as realisation spread over Anna's face in horror.

‘Bailey?’ she whispered as my heart sank even further.

‘Fuck. I can explain-’

‘Nope, no time for that. No time for immature silly little boys and their silly little games. Not when there are real men around, who know how to treat a girl like Annabelle. Come on.' Ray snapped as I glared at her with hatred.

‘No, I would like Bailey to explain. I’ll catch up with you.’ Anna told her as she threw me an angry look.

‘Don’t waste too much of your time.’

She walked away and I reached out for Anna, who shrugged me off like I'd burnt her.

‘So, enlighten me.’

I sighed as I chewed on my lip, a feeling of sadness rising within me. I had to tell her. Even if it meant losing her.

‘You were the bet. Which one of us could sleep with you first.’

I'd rather she punched me in the face than the tears that filled her eyes. I felt like a shred of a human being as she spoke, her voice full of anger.

‘Are you for real right now? Wow. So you weren’t helping me. You were seducing me.’ She said bitterly, her voice full of emotion as my eyes met hers.

‘No, its not like that. I didn’t realise I would feel how I do about you.’

She shook her head in disbelief and I reached out for her again, in vain.

‘Please, leave me alone. I don’t ever want to speak to you again.’


‘Its fucking Annabelle, Bailey, Annabelle. Not that I will need to correct you anymore.’

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