Becoming His

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Bonus Chapter- Elijah

It didn't matter how many times I read the same chapter, the words just weren't sinking in. I sighed and leaned back, gazing into the garden. My mind drifted easily, as I remembered I had promised my boss I would be on call that afternoon. I groaned, logging on to my computer when there was a knock at the door. I frowned, glancing at the time. There was only me in, and I wasn't expecting anyone.

I strolled to the door, opening it wide as my eyes drank in the vision that was my little sisters best friend.

'Oh! Um, I just thought I'd see if Annabelle was in?'

God alive her voice was as sexy as hell. I shifted my position so that she could step inside.

'She's not in. You can come in if you want.'

Our eyes met as she opened her mouth in surprise.

'She's not in?' She repeated as I smiled in amusement. I knew she was nervous around me but I wasn't sure why.

'No.' I said softly, unable to peel my eyes away from her curves. Her silky dark hair spilled over her shoulders, and my fingers twitched as I imagined touching it. 'Shes out with my mom. Are you going to stand there or come in? I'm sure she won't be long.'

She hesitated, glancing back to her car before walking forward slowly. She shut the door and chewed on her lip as she finally looked at me.

'Why do you hate me so much?' She whispered, her eyes wide as I raised my eyebrows.

'Hate you?' I repeated, staring at her in disbelief. Her flawless skin had a pink tinge to it as she shrugged, hugging herself.

'You look at me like you hate me.' She pouted naturally, her brown eyes boring into mine. My heart began to beat erractically in my chest as I wondered what she would do if I told her the truth.

'I really don't hate you. When I look at you, it's certainly not with hatred.' I said quietly, wondering how she would react to that.

'What did you say?' She whispered, stepping closer to me.

Oh boy. I swallowed, stepping forward so we were closer together than we ever had been.

'I don't hate you.' I repeated as she nodded.

'So what do you look at me with? Because I don't know what I've done to upset you-'

'Ray.' I interrupted, laughing nervously. 'You've never upset me, I'm sorry if I've ever given you cause to think that. Um, do you want a drink or anything whilst you are waiting?' I tried to change the subject, running my hand through my hair when she reached out, her hand on my jaw as she brushed her lips against mine, pulling away quickly. Her eyes searched mine as I stared at her in shock, not knowing what to do or say next.

'I'm sorry.' She stammered awkwardly as I shook my head.

'No, it's ok, don't be sorry.' I whispered hoarsely. My fingers reached out, tilting her head back to view her fully. She was the most beautiful creature in the world. She was exotic, incredibly sexy; everything about her made me weak. I hadn't realised the depth of my desire until she brushed her lips against mine then. Her breath hitched in her throat as she closed her eyes, waiting for me to kiss her.

'Ray.' I said softly, my mouth close to hers as she slid her hands around my neck, her eyes opening as she gazed at me in surprise. 'I'm a little old fashioned I'm afraid. I'm a gentleman.'

'What do you mean?' She gasped as she pushed her body against mine. 'Can't you feel this between us? Tell me I've not been the only one.'

I gave her a crooked smile as I slid my hands around her waist, the fabric of her top silky beneath my hands. I could feel her skin through it, and she had goosepimples. Did I really have that effect on her?

'I've wanted you for as long as I can remember.' I managed to say as she looked at me, stunned.

'Then why won't you kiss me?' She demanded, a frown on her beautiful face.

'I...I had to be sure it's what you wanted...' I stammered nervously as she pulled my head down to hers, our lips crashing against one another. I'd kissed girls before, of course, but not one kiss faintly resembled this one. It was like fireworks were exploding in my stomach, a foreign feeling I had not experienced before. Years of stolen glances and secret desire poured out of us as I began to take control, holding her head in my hands as I pulled away.

'That's better than anything I could have imagined.' She whispered as my lips found hers again.

'Ray I'm serious. I don't do casual.' I groaned as she ran her fingernails down my back.

'What makes you think I want casual?' She questioned, her eyes on my lips as I frowned.

'Because you are Annabelles best friend. I unfortunately hear most of your conversations.' I shrugged awkwardly as she bit her lip. 'You like casual, with older guys.'

It was true. I heard every painful detail of her exploits as they gossiped deep into the night, until I couldn't bear anymore and I would put music on my earphones just to block it out.

'I want you. I've always wanted you. That's why I like older guys. I've been trying to find another you, and I can't. You aren't interested in anyone. You mystify me.' She pushed her hair away from her face angrily when it fell in front of her eyes, as though it was preventing her from seeing me.

'Wow. You could have just asked me.' I smiled shyly as she laced her fingers with mine.

'Elijah. Will you please take me to bed? I've wanted it for so long.' She said boldly, turning to gaze at me fully.

My mouth felt like it was filled with cotton wool as I opened my mouth to speak.

'Ray, I'm so flattered. But you need to understand something about me. I'm not like other guys.' Her eyes fell as she stared at the floor, humiliation taking over her. 'Look at me.' I begged, as she finally lifted her eyes back up.

'You are literally the most beautiful creature I've ever laid eyes on. But more than that, I think you are funny, intelligent and an amazing friend. But I want to know you more before we take it to the next level. Would you mind? Don't for one second think I don't want to.'

'You mean that?' She said as she stared at me in wonder, her face puzzled.

'Of course.'

'You really like me?' Her voice was small and I pulled her towards me, kissing her deeply. Our bodies responded instantly, her arms wrapping around me as my fingers buried themselves into her hair.

'Does that answer your question?'

She nodded happily, her eyes shining with excitement.

'I don't want Annabelle to find out.' She whispered as I frowned at her.

'I'm not into keeping secrets, Ray. You are something to be proud of.'

'I know, I do. But please, let's see what this is before we announce it.'

'It?' I raised my eyebrows as I turned her, pushing her against the wall. She gasped as I picked her up, wrapping her legs around my waist. I buried my face into her neck, feeling her dig her nails into my skin. I slowly kissed her as she groaned beneath me.

'Its going to be serious.' I whispered as I kissed her neck softly, my fingers gripping her thighs as she sighed against me. 'Its going to be unparalleled. You're going to be my wife one day, I can feel it.'

Her head snapped up to me, my seriousness alarming her. I was too deep, it was too much. Immediately I regretted it, until she spoke.

'Promise me.'


'That you'll marry me one day.'

I smiled then, unable to believe she was saying these words to me.

'If you say yes.' I murmured, our lips meeting again.

'Ask me!' She shrieked and we laughed, as she littered my face with kisses.

'One day I promise you will be my wife.'

I never made promises I didn't keep, so she was going to be my wife one day.

Lucky me.

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