Becoming His

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Bonus Chapter- Ray

I'd never been inside his room. I'd been Annabelles best friend for as long as I could remember, but Elijah was my ultimate crush. I couldn't speak whenever he walked into the room, his dark eyes pinning me to the spot as he glared at me. I couldn't understand it. I had every man falling at my feet, except the only one I really wanted.

I tried to find out about him through Annabelle but she so would shrug and say he was private and weird.

God I wanted him.

No one knew anything about him. I knew he worked for a finance company, analysing the business trends and giving advice- but that was pretty much it. He was so...mysterious.

Until that day, three months ago. I had come round to see Annabelle, and she had been out. We had our first kiss, and he promised he would marry me one day.

Imagine that, your absolute perfect man telling you that after years of wanting him. I walked on air for some time after that. I was ashamed to say I'd demanded he take me to bed; knowing Elijah how I did now, I knew that was the last thing on his mind. Elijah found the soul sexy. He was interested in my hopes, my dreams, my ambitions. He wanted to know my favourite films, what books I'd read, what my views were on nearly every subject in the world. I'd never met anyone remotely like him. Finally, after three months of talking, kissing, laughing and more kissing- here we were. His room was beautiful, and it reflected his personality perfectly. In one corner of the room was a globe that had it's own stand, and every spare wall was filled with books. Fact, fiction- you name it; he had it. The bed commanded the room, deep brown sheets and his work laptop sat on it. He closed the door, and I felt him standing behind me. He slid his hands around my waist as I held my breath, his touch rendering me useless. He didn't speak, but he didn't need to. He knelt down, his fingers hooking into the waistband of my tights as he rolled them down to my ankles slowly. I stepped out of them as he hung them over the railing of his bed, turning me to face him as he rose up. I began to unbutton his shirt as he breathed heavily, my hands shaking as he smiled softly, pulling the shirt apart so hard the buttons span off in different directions, exposing his bare chest.

'Your shirt!' I gasped as he unbuckled his belt, not taking his eyes from mine.

'Fuck the shirt.' He growled as he dropped his jeans, standing before me in just his boxers. My heart studded against my chest as I sank to the floor, pulling his cock free of the material restraining it. It was thick and wide, and I slid it slowly into my mouth as he groaned loudly. I began to move my head up and down, licking the shaft as I went. My eyes began to water as it went deeper into my throat, picking up speed as he thrust into my mouth, his fingers buried in my hair.

'Ray, stop...' he groaned as I pulled away, wiping my mouth with my finger as I gazed up at him. 'Come here.' He commanded, pulling me to my feet. He guided me to the bed, sliding my t shirt over my head as he stood back, gazing at me. I began to unzip my skirt when he stopped me, his eyes glinting with lust.

'Leave it on.'

He pushed me onto the bed as I gulped, wondering what he was going to do. We hadn't even spoken about sex, we had absolutely no idea what the other wanted. He slid a condom on as I watched, my heart pounding as he knelt above me, pulling me to him by my knees.

'I want to see you when I enter you for the first time.' He whispered as my breathing sped up, my heart desperately trying to burst out of my chest. I felt him press against my entrance which was soaked in anticipation, as I gazed at him. He smirked at me as he spoke.


I nodded as he thrust deep inside of me, filling me as I gasped, his mouth meeting mine as he found the rhythm we needed. I tilted my hips up and I felt him push deeper into me, my legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked me relentlessly. I tried to take control but it was impossible; he was too strong and had me quivering beneath him as he whispered into my ear.

'I fucking love you.'

It wasn't the first time he'd said it, but it was the first time he'd said it whilst buried inside of me. I tried to say it back but I was suddenly being flipped over, my skirt thrown around my waist as he slammed back into me, as I moaned softly.

'Is that good?' He demanded as he began to pick up pace, my stomach dancing with the delights of our love making. I couldn't respond, my body wracked with passion as I shook, exploding with the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had.

'Fuck baby, are you coming around my cock?' He groaned as I felt him explode, his fingers gripping my hips as he let out a loud 'fuck', as I bucked against him, determined to make it as good as I possibly could.

'Will you marry me?' He asked as we fell into fits of laughter.

'That depends, are you going to fuck me like that every day?' He pulled out of me slowly, as I turned to lie back against the pillows. He threw the condom into the bin as he held up a packet.

'I have twenty four here, one for every hour of the day. Wanna go again?' He grinned as he slid his boxers on, handing me my underwear and t shirt.

'I would love to but I promised I'd look after my sister tonight.' I groaned as I got dressed, as he did the same.

'That's ok, I am a patient man.'

We kissed deeply as we laid together, talking until I realised I had left my phone I the car.

'I'll just go and get my phone and see if Mom can take my sister with her.' I peeled myself away from him reluctantly as I pulled open his door.

There in front of me were Bailey and Annabelle, laughing as they walked up the stairs. I froze, aware there was no way I could say anything to cover up what had happened.

'Ray?' She gasped, her eyes falling to the man I loved standing beside me.

Oh, fuck.

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