Becoming His

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I walked into History to find Chase waving at me, showing me the seat beside him was vacant. I glanced around me to check he was actually waving at me, before walking over to him cautiously.

‘Hey. You ok? I didn’t think you were coming.’ He grinned at me as I sat down, frowning.

‘You thought I wasn’t coming to class? Since when do I cut class?’

He leaned forward and whispered seductively.

‘You should try it sometime, with me.’

I was saved by the teacher clearing his throat and starting the lesson with a surprise quiz. I made it through by the skin of my teeth, and exhaled a sigh of relief when we were instructed to open our textbooks.

‘Hey, bookgirl.’ I heard Chase hiss beside me. I glanced over at him as he threw a note at my head.

Come for dinner with me tonight.

Was he being serious? I looked at him and saw him staring straight ahead as though he was concentrating. He was handsome, but was another jock, and right now I felt sick to the back teeth of them. Especially a certain blue eyed boy. The bell rang shortly after and Chase caught up with me as I tried to leave without drawing attention to myself.

‘You keep running away from me, what is your deal?’

‘Look Chase, I’m flattered. But you haven’t spoke to me once in school, and now today you want to take me out? I just- can’t.’

He stood silently as I walked away, and I was glad. Honesty was always the best way I suppose. I was surprised then when I felt his hand in mine, pulling me around.

’You know what, yeah you are right. But I have noticed you, before today. But normally you look so- unapproachable. Unhappy. Today you smiled more. You looked friendly.′ He laughed then and I found myself smiling despite myself. ‘Will it kill you to come out with me tonight?’

I hesitated but then he brought my hand to his lips, kissing it softly.

‘Okay. Where do you want me to meet you?’ I asked timidly, my ears ringing with excitement. I was like a kid in a candy store.

He laughed then as he glanced around the hallway.

‘You live off Cove Road right? I’ll pick you up at seven.’

I nodded, wondering how he knew where I lived as he walked away, looking back at me as he caught up with his friends, including Old Blue Eyes. He narrowed his eyes at me as he saw Chase glancing at me and I turned away, refusing to play his stupid little game anymore.

‘Right then dollybird. School is over, lets go grab a coffee or something equally delicious.’ Ray slipped her arm through mine as she smiled at me warmly.

‘Equally delicious to coffee? Like what?’ I challenged her and she laughed.

‘Alright hot stuff. Chocolate?’


We climbed into her little red Fiat when I saw Bailey and Chase having a heated discussion near their cars.

‘Wonder which bit of stuff they are arguing about this time.’ drawled Ray as we sped past them, my heart in my throat.

‘I uh, sort of have a date with Chase tonight.’ I admitted as Ray narrowly avoided crashing into the car in front.

’What?! Chase? As in, Chase the quarterback? The star quarterback?′ She gaped at me and I smiled to myself.

‘Yeah, that one.’

She shook her head as she gazed ahead.

‘What are you doing girl? I didn’t realise you had a thing for these strapping airheads.’ Her tone was playful but I detected the sadness she was trying to hide.

‘Its just a date.’ I shrugged as I avoided her stare. ‘He thinks you are a lesbian.’

We both laughed then, until tears fell down our faces.

‘If I was, life would be so much easier.’ She commented as she pulled into Starbucks. ‘More importantly, do you actually like Chase?’

I chewed my lip as I shrugged again, earning myself a glare from Ray.

‘I don’t know. It was just nice to be asked and he was quite persistent.’ She nodded and then took a deep breath.

‘Don’t shoot me. But you look amazing today- not that you don’t always anyway,’ She quickly added, ‘You have Bailey getting you makeovers to date me,’ she shuddered as she continued, ‘now Chase Dallas is taking you out.’

She did have a point.

‘Well the make over was to get a date with you.’ I pointed out and she nodded. ‘So Bailey won’t have any time for me now. As for Chase, I have no idea what that is about. But, did you know Bailey has an older brother?’

She bit her lip and looked around before leaning forward.

‘Reuben Fenton? Let’s just say yes, I do know of him. Or know him, whichever way you want to put it.’

She sipped her drink to try to hide the grin I could see hiding on her perfect mouth.

‘Fuck off.’ I breathed as realisation dawned on me.

She giggled as she flicked her hair over her shoulder.

‘I kissed him once, at one of my sisters parties.’ She explained how her older sister Aurora threw a birthday party when she turned twenty one, meaning Reuben was at least that age. Ray had met him and they had shared a kiss in the garden, but nothing more.

There goes your lesbian theory Chase.

We finished our coffee and Ray wished me luck for my date as she dropped me at my house.

Here goes.

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