Becoming His

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Does It Matter?

The days that followed passed without any event, and although I kept my new appearance up to date, the Fashion Gods were not about to let me slip through their net so easily. I was met from school to see a smiley Connie sitting on her pearl white Mini as she jumped up upon seeing me.

‘Annabelle! Hey!’ I noticed the students around me look at me in confusion as this goddess moved gracefully towards me, grabbing me into a hug as she reached me.

‘So I got you the appointment! I was hoping I would catch you after school because we need to be there in 30 minutes! Eeek, get in!’

I followed her to the car, clipping myself in as she handed me some hair magazines to look through. She was an erratic driver and kept slamming her breaks on as she cursed nearly everyone, but finally we made it to the mall in one piece. She dragged me into a hair salon and I shrunk back in fear. Everywhere I looked there were exotic looking beings just prancing around like gazelles, their hair looking like it was straight from one of the magazines.

‘Darius!’ She called as a small tanned guy peered at me over her shoulder.

‘Oh, Annabelle is it? Come and get yourself comfortable.’

My hair was examined, washed, coloured and sliced away expertly, as it fell to the floor around me.

An hour later I stared at my reflection, unable to believe these silky tresses were mine. I raised my finger slowly, as though checking it was actually real and not a trick. Connie clapped her hands together as Darius smiled proudly.

‘Girl, you look insane.’

My hair was now in a style, a sweeping side fringe curled over my right eye, the soft highlighted curls complimented my skin perfectly. I thanked Darius and paid as Connie declared we needed to get me some clothes to match my new look. She must’ve saw my fear because she whispered that she hated Barbie dolls, and that I certainly wouldn’t be looking like that. She loved the clothes I liked, but instead of the baggy hoodies we swapped them for denim skirts and tights, with baggy jumpers, dresses over leggings and skin tight jeans and tight shirts.

I had was having such a great time until I spotted Elena and her cronies eyeballing me as I held up a t shirt.

‘Hey bitch.’ She called, as her friends erupted with laughter. ‘You can dye your hair but you can’t polish a turd. You will never be good enough for the like of Chase Dallas or Bailey Fenton, so take my advice, quit whilst you are ahead.’ She sneered and I felt my cheeks burn.

′ Oh, you all look familiar. Wait, which one of you was it that was at my house last weekend? Was it you? No, you. Wait, it must’ve been you. Wow, how confusing.′ I held back a giggle as Connie tilted her head as she addressed them individually. ‘Either way, Bailey didn’t want to see any of you, so take my advice, and stop harassing my brother.’

Elena opened her mouth to retort, but Connie raised her eyebrows in warning, so she thought better of it.

‘Fucking hell I don’t miss high school. I’m so glad you aren’t friends with bitches like that Annabelle.’ She shook her head as we watched them leave, as she glanced at me. ‘Speaking of which, I really like you. I loved hanging out with you, and we should do it more often. Can I get your number, or are you on Instagram?’

‘Ah, I don’t have a phone, but I think I am going to have to invest. Any advice?’

‘Seriously? Come with me. Tell me you have an Instagram account?’

I probably should lie and say yes, right?

‘Nope, I will set one up if its so amazing.’ I rolled my eyes and she laughed, linking her arm with mine as we headed for the phone store.

Less than two hours later and I was sat in my room, surrounded by bags. I had sorted my phone and Connie had programmed her number in so I could contact her anytime which was nice.

‘Welcome to the real world, Anna. I said I wouldn’t ask, so I’ll just tell you. I’ll pick you up at six pm tonight. You need to live, remember? Bailey’

I gazed at the phone as I slid my fingers over the screen slowly, trying to get used to the touch screen.

Hey, how did you get my number?! See you at six. Annabelle

I had no idea how to do the emoji thing just yet, and I certainly wasn’t going to send a kiss to Bailey Fenton. I needed to get that Instagram thing, and get in touch with Ray so I could get her number. This was such an easier way to communicate, I had to admit. I sat playing with my phone for so long I didn’t realise the time until I saw a text flash up on my phone.

‘Leaving now.’

Oh shit. I had no idea what to wear, and didn’t even know where we were going or what we were doing. I decided on the dress over tights, rubbing some lip balm on my lips as I heard the ping on my phone.

‘I’m outside.’

My heart thudded in my chest as I ran down the stairs, hoping to avoid my family. Elijah wasn’t around and I could hear my mum humming in the kitchen as she cooked. I called that I was going out and before she could respond, I slipped out of the door. The familiar black car awaited me and I slid into the seat beside him as he gazed at me in surprise.

‘You’ve changed your hair.’

I touched it self consciously as I reddened, but he smiled.

‘I like it. So are you ready?’

He wore jeans with a blue sweater, which he wore with the sleeves pushed up. He had a watch on his arm and I realised he had dressed up.

‘So where are we going?’ I asked, trying to be bold.

‘Well you said you’ve never been on a date, and seeing as Chase royally fucked up your first one, I thought I would remedy that.’

‘This is a date?’ I gulped, feeling dizzy.

I can’t go on a date with Bailey Fenton!

He smirked at me as he drove.

‘Yeah baby. Aren’t you lucky. I don’t do dates.’

‘No? What do you usually do then?’ I laughed as he remained quiet, the smirk gone from his face. I shook my head as I gazed out of the window.

‘Does it matter?’ He asked, his playful tone gone.


‘Nope. Thank you for doing this. You didn’t have to.’

He smiled then and said,

‘I know. I wanted to.’

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