Becoming His

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First Kiss

He pulled up outside a small white building that had candles in the windows, the soft glow welcoming us inside. He smiled at me as I walked to the front of the car, wanting him to walk in first. Suddenly I was over come with fear and anxiety, a feeling of dread sweeping over me.

What was I doing?

‘What are you doing? Lets go.’ He frowned as I refused to move, my legs rubbery.

‘I can’t go in there. It looks too formal.’ I whispered and he walked closer to me and sighed.

‘Don’t be scared, see it as a lesson in dating. I will show you how you should be treated on a date, and you can just relax and enjoy yourself. It doesn’t mean anything, otherwise I would completely get the nerves. I am pretty intimidating.’ He winked and I rolled my eyes.

He was right though, it wasn’t a real date. But walking into the restaurant with him made me feel special. He commanded attention with his delicious presence, he radiated desire. The blonde girl that showed us to our table eyed me jealously as she practically shoved the menu in my face, before turning to Bailey and smiling sweetly.

‘Would you like any drinks before your food?’

I was staring at the menu prices and starting to feel lightheaded- even if we split the bill I would probably have to order just an entree after my hair and shopping spree today.

‘Anna.’ His voice cut through my thoughts sharply as I looked up to see him staring at me with a smile playing on his lips.


I hadn’t even seen the drinks menu, but no way was I falling for these prices.

‘Water please.’ I shrugged as Bailey frowned.

‘Can we get a jug of tropical juice too? Thanks.’ He gave her a dazzling smile as she blushed. It wasn’t just me that he had that effect on then, I was pleased to see.

‘Will you relax? You are so tense. I tell you what. Lets play a game.’ He leaned forward, his fingers caressing his jaw as he studied me. I made a face as he grinned.

‘A game? I’m really not that great at games. I’m not competitive, you see.’ I was rambling and he nodded, but his eyes made me stop talking.

‘Have a look around you. Pay attention to the women. What do you notice?’ He asked quietly as I sat back in my chair. The woman to my right was classically beautiful, her hair in a sleek chignon as she sipped her white wine slowly. She smiled and nodded as the man in front of her spoke, and she began to laugh.

‘Erm, she’s stunning?’ I offered and he sighed.

‘He’s wearing a wedding ring, yet she isn’t. Her feet are out of her heels, and she is stroking his leg with one of them. He keeps checking his phone nervously and glancing around the room.’ I gazed at them as the pieces fell together in front of me.

‘You think they are having an affair?’ I gasped quietly as he chuckled.

‘Well actually I know they are because thats my uncles best friend, and that is not his wife. But the signs are there, aren’t they? Try another couple.’

This time I saw a couple that were holding hands across the table, whispering to each other and laughing quietly. She looked at him in a way I could only ever wish to look at someone, and I looked away suddenly.

‘They’re in love.’ I mumbled and he followed my gaze, allowing me to sneak a look at him before he turned back to me, his eyes soft as he nodded.

‘Yeah, they are. You know the most important thing though, Anna? They are all relaxed, and that allows them to be happy.’

I knew he was aiming this at me as he smirked at me knowingly as I groaned.

‘You aren’t easy to relax around.’ I snapped.

‘Why not?’ He demanded as the waitress returned with our drinks.

‘Are you guys ready to order?’ She asked in a bored tone as I looked at the menu in panic.

‘Steak, Anna?’ Bailey suggested and I nodded, anything to stop him from staring at me like that.

He ordered for us, and by this point I wasn’t as concerned about the bill as I was about having to answer the inevitable.

‘Well? You said yourself, I’m not easy to relax around. Why not?’

‘Because, you are Bailey Fenton.’ I explained as I poured a glass of the amber liquid that must be the tropical juice.

‘Yes, thats my name.’ He drawled slowly as he frowned at me. ‘Is that all you know about me? Surely you can’t judge me based on that alone.’

I met his eyes then and sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to let it go easily.

‘You’ve slept with the entire school.’

He laughed then, and leaned back in his chair.

’Wow, is that right? Wait, not the entire school.′ He looked at me pointedly and I flushed, my eyes dropping to the table.

‘You are a footballer. You are stupidly gorgeous.’

I inhaled sharply as I realised I had said too much, but it was too late. He gave me a smug grin as he leaned forward, catching my hand in his.

‘Do you think I’m hot, Anna?’

I struggled to find my breath as I shook my head.

‘You didn’t let me finish my sentence! I was going to say you are stupidly gorgeous, but you know it.’

I pulled my hand back from his as our food came out, steaming plates of chargrilled meats and vegetables, with a selection of sauces on the side. We ate quietly and I realised I was a lot hungrier than I had originally thought, and boy was the food good. We finished and the waitress cleared our plates.

‘That was so good.’ I said as he smiled broadly.

‘Yes well, wait till you taste the dessert.’

His eyes were wide with childish excitement as he handed me a dessert menu, watching me eagerly as I read the list.

‘Seriously, I need to have the apple pie. Oh , its my absolute favourite.’ I exclaimed as he let out a throaty laugh before catching the waitresses attention- which took all of two seconds, I noticed.

‘So you were saying, basically I am not easy to relax around because I am a cliche.’

I laughed and covered my eyes.

‘Oh god, that sounds awful. But I guess it is true. You even made a bet about a girl.’

He sighed as he folded his arms.

‘Ok, so hows about I tell you something you probably wouldn’t expect to hear about me.’

I looked up at him, my heart beating in my chest as he paused dramatically.

‘I love reading.’

I blinked as he frowned at me.

‘See? Am I still that cliche? I also love cooking.’

‘Quite the catch aren’t you.’ I teased as he smiled.

‘I’m not such a cliche after all, say it.’

The desserts arrived and I devoured mine in less than five minutes, whilst he finished quickly after.

‘You really are a cliche. I’m yet to see you reading in public. Or cooking for someone.’

He held his hands up as he looked at me pointedly.

‘You’re relaxing.’

I stuck my tongue out at him and he gasped in mock horror as the waitress dropped the bill in front of us, which Bailey quickly threw his card down on.

‘Don’t argue. Its a date, and I’m paying. So remember that. The guy should always pay, if he asked you out. Its called manners.’

‘Don’t worry Bailey, I don’t plan on going on any dates anytime soon.’ I laughed as I smiled. ‘Thank you, its really kind of you.’

He smiled as the waitress handed him back his card, with a receipt. She scrawled something on it as we stood, and he frowned as he read it, shoving it in his pocket.

‘What was that?’ I asked as he shrugged.

‘You know waiters and their tips.’ He rolled his eyes and we left, walking out into the night air.

″Wanna go to the beach?′ He asked suddenly, his hand in mine. I jumped away as though it was on fire and he laughed.

‘God come on. You need to get used to human contact. Beach?’

I eyed him suspiciously and he laughed, making my heart lurch.

‘Nope, I’m tired.’ I complained as he frowned for the millionth time.

‘You’re making me frown too much. Start saying yes more, and make me smile.’

I bit my lip and the playful expression left his face, left with one I hadn’t seen before.

‘Bailey I need to ask you something.’ I said bravely as he walked over to me, rubbing his hands up and down my arms.

‘You’re cold.’

‘I know.’

He wrapped his arms around me and instantly I felt warm as he murmured into my hair.

‘Ask away. I must warn you though, I’m brutally honest.’

His chest was hard under my face and I closed my eyes as I spoke.

‘Why are you doing this? Taking me out, getting me a makeover...’

He pulled away from me as he tilted my head up to his.

’Because I’m not a cliche. I said I’d help you, and I will keep my word. Even though you clearly can’t keep yours.′ He teased and I realised I was staring at his lips, which were inches away from mine, his arms still wrapped around me as I imagined what it would feel like if he did this because he actually wanted to, not because he felt he was helping me. He gazed at me for a moment, moving my hair out of my eyes as I blinked, realising how ridiculous I was being. He saw me as a charity case, not an attractive girl he would want to kiss. He was way out of my league.

‘Well, thank you for letting me see what a date should be like.’ I tried to pull away yet he held me in place, his eyes searching mine.

‘At this point in the date, if its gone bad, you’d go your separate ways and probably never speak again. ’ His voice was low as the wind whipped around us, my hair in my eyes as I tried to see him clearly as he spoke.

‘And if it has gone well?’ I asked, my voice hoarse with longing.

‘Then he would probably tilt you head up like this,’ I froze as his finger slid under my chin, tilting it to his. ‘If you were looking at him how you are looking at me now, I would imagine he would lean forward and kiss you.’

I waited, unsure of whether he was winding me up or was genuinely trying to help me.

Fuck it.

But I’ve never kissed anyone before.′

He closed his eyes as he rested his forehead against mine, one hand around my neck and one tight around my waist.

‘Want me to teach you that too?’ He smiled softly, his lips gently touching my neck as I gasped, my mouth turning to find his as he brought his face up to mine.

‘You want me to be your first kiss? Are you sure?’ He was so close I could taste him, and right now I didn’t care if he kissed me because he was getting paid to do it, or because he felt sorry for me.

‘Yes.’ I mumbled as he held my face in his hands.

‘Just follow what I do. Don’t think about it.’

I nodded, my heart beating so loudly in my ears I worried he would hear it. His lips brushed mine, and I realised I was trembling as I kissed him back, his tongue slowly entering my mouth as I copied him, causing him to groan as he pulled me tighter towards him, our mouths beginning to move in sync. I felt my back against the wall as he kissed me hard, my fingers in his hair as he bit my lip softly, making me moan in desire. I don’t know how long we kissed for, but I do know that once it was over, I wanted to cry. I didn’t realise it would be so amazing.

‘Wow, fuck. Are you sure I was your first kiss?’ He said breathlessly as he pulled away, his lips swollen as he smiled at me.

I nodded and bit my lip as his eyes darkened.

‘Yeah, don’t bite your lip like that with your hair all tousled, looking all sexy. It could cause the guy all kinds of unwanted problems.’

I smiled as I stared down at the floor, his hand sliding into mine.

‘I’ll take you home. Successful date, yeah?’

‘Yeah.’ I agreed.

Wow. I had just kissed Bailey Fenton!

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