He and Him

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Alex has been in love with his best friend Michael for years. But Michael is homophobic. Will Alex ever come out? Or will he bury it inside him? Alex is 15 years old and he is in love with his best friend Michael for 2 years now. They have been childhood best friends and one day Alex realizes that he loves him, more than as a friend. He would have have told him if Michaell hadn't said that he was homophobic. Alex has ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend before because all he can think about is Michael but he has a girlfriend and he would never like Alex. What will Alex do? Will he forget it? Will he ignore it? Will he move on? Will he come out? No one knows. No even Alex himself.

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Chapter 1

Alex was sitting in his bedroom with Michael watching anime. His room was how it used to be from all these years. Blue wallpaper with quotes and pictures on his wall, dark blue curtains and a wooden floor. His bed was in the middle of his room as his bookshelves were on the sides.

"You have got to be kidding me." Alex says as he tears his eyes away from the television screen and settles it on Michael's face, his jaw dropping.

His brown hair falls in front of his green eyes but he ignores it. He looks at Michael his eyes wide as he stops chewing the popcorn. Michael looks at him as if he was joking but his face was straight.

"I am telling you the truth." Michael says as he runs his fingers through his black hair and looks at Alex with his blue eyes.

"Why did you agree to go on a date with Emily?" Alex asks still shocked.
He was jealous of Emily but he probably won't say that.

"Why not? What is wrong?" Michael asks as he reaches over to grab some popcorn from the bowl.

He was so close to Alex that his heart started beating and when Michael's hand touched his hand, it sent shivers down his spine. He had been his friend from when he was born as their mothers were childhood friends so they have known each other for 15 years and Alex had realized in the past 2 years that he is in love with Michael but Michael is homophobic.

That is where the whole problem starts. Now Michael would have a girlfriend and Alex will forever be single or he thinks so as he never looks at any other person.

But Emily is the type of girl to date guys just to use them and will leave Michael heart broken. Alex would never forgive her if she did something like that.

"She will murder you after making out with you." Alex says he chews the popcorn.

Michael just chuckles at his comment. Alex looks down his last hope shattering.

"We have a date today." Michael says smiling.

That smile kills Alex inside. How happy he was to be with Emily. Alex's head bent more down as he stopped chewing.

"What is wrong?" Michael asks Alex putting his hand on his shoulder.

Alex wanted to grab his hand and slap him for hurting him. But Michael did not know and he would not like to know too. So Alex just kept quiet.

"I know you are secretly in love with me but won't tell me because I am homophobic." Michael says and keeps watching like he said nothing.

Alex's head shots up as he stared at him wide eyes, his heat pounding. All Alex was thinking was how did he know. Well, anyone would guess as he is still single and keeps clinging on Michael.

"What!" Alex says his cheeks pink as he turns around to hide his blush and acts as if he is looking at the picture on the wall.

It was of Michael and Alex when they were 5. 10 years ago.

"Kidding." Michael chuckles as Alex lets out a sigh of relief.

"Well I think I must go now." Michael says as he leans over and gives Alex a one handed hug like a best friend he is.

Alex sat there frozen. He still wasn't used to getting this close to Michael even after all these years. It was awkward. Michael waves goodbye and goes to the cafe.

Alex sits there thinking of whether he should tell him or not. He looks over to the picture again. They both were hugging each other and smiling. He thinks of how their friendship can end just because of his feelings. He keeps staring at the picture and time passes without him realizing.

Then there is a knock on the door.
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