Love & Lose

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Tyler is single. So her friends make a game where she has to act as a couple with a boy. And if she doesn't fall in love, she wins. Will she win? Tyler Waters is in high school and she still is single. The point is that she doesn't want a boyfriend even though all the boys are dying to be her boyfriend. She is waiting for the someone. Her friends: Lily and Victoria and they have boyfriends and they want to spice up Tyler's life. So they create a game. It is called 'Love and Lose'. In this, all three of them would pretend to be a couple with a boy which will be chosen by a procedure. They would do all sorts of things that couples do, the fact would be that they are not couples and they have to not fall in love. Whatever they do they don't have to fall for their fake boyfriend or they will lose and will have to kiss a spider and do all other scary things which will haunt them forever. But Lily and Victoria had other plans. They had made the game for only and only Tyler. SO she has to play alone. Tyler is forced by her friends to attend this game. Her partner is Jason which she has no interest into. Not yet. What will happen? Will she win or will she lose? Forever.

Romance / Drama
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Interval One

“There is no way I am participating that.” I say as I sit on the stairs at my porch as my best friends Lily and Victoria sit on either sides of me.

“Come on, it will be fun.” Victoria says.

“Fun? Then you must have a different meaning of fun than me.” I say as I bend my head low, my brownish red hair bending low and falling on the stairs.

I close my blue eyes and sigh.

“You have to play this, come on. You have been single for ages.” Lily says.

“So, I don’t mind being single.” Lily and Victoria had boyfriends which is understandable as they are both so pretty.

Victoria had blonde hair and green eyes, looks which a boy would kill for. Lily on the other hand had brown hair and black eyes, looks a boys would get killed for. I am not even close to how pretty they are but still all the boys keep drooling over me and I don’t know why.

“Oh come, do it for us.” Victoria says.

There we go the emotional blackmail. I look over to both of them giving me puppy eyes.

“Fine.” I sigh, giving up.

You can’t win an argument with your best friends.

“Yes!” They both jump on me and pull me in a hug.

“How are we playing this then?” I ask looking in the distance.

The trees swaying in the wind were so calming.

“We will do it at my house, we can invite everyone and all the boys will come.” Victoria says.

“How are you so sure?” I ask thinking.

“Because you will be there idiot.” Lily hits my shoulder.

“Every boy would want to be paired with you.” Victoria says smiling.

“Okay when do we go then?” I ask standing up.

I probably would have to get ready since I look like a potato right now.

“Now.” Lily says squealing.

Then Victoria goes to call everyone as I and Lily go home to get ready. I wear a red tube top and black jeans. I curl my hair and look at the key pendant I am wearing. It is a golden colored key pendant which is a real key I got from the store. I don’t know what is opens but sure it does. The seller told me that he doesn’t remember who bought the other one.

So I get ready and the doorbell rings as I was applying mascara. I quickly take a look at myself and then open the door. Victoria was wearing a blue skirt and white tank top and Lily wore a yellow sundress. They both looked so pretty in that. I sat in the backseat with Lily. Then we drove to Victoria’s house.

“Wait, how are you two going to play? You already have boyfriends.” I say.

Victoria gives me a big smile.

“We will play with them.” Lily says as a huge grin spreads on her face.

“This is not fair.” I say as I pout and cross my hands.

“Nothing in life is fair.” Victoria says.

She speaks her mind. She is a wise girl.

We reach her home pretty quick and when we open the door I think I almost fainted to see all the boys from our section.

“Hello boys.” Victoria waves as she went over to her boyfriend Mike and kissed his cheek.

Mike blushes as he puts his hand around her waist. Lily ran over and hugged her boyfriend Alec as he kissed her forehead. I love them so much. They are the cutest couple ever. I smile at them and then sit on the couch all boys coming to me as I am delicious piece of bacon. I sigh and close my eyes.

“Oh god Tyler.” One of them says.

“Hello Tyler.” Someone else says.

I say hi and keep closing my eyes.

“Jason likes her, stop flirting, he will kill you.” The first one mutters.

Who is Jason? Oh the boy who bumped in me on my first day. I don’t like him. He is so annoying.

“Hello milady.” Someone sits beside me.

I look up and see Jason. Ginger hair and black eyes. He was giving me a half smile as he looked at me. I don’t say anything.

“You ain’t ignoring me.” Jason says and is about to do something when Victoria stands up.

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