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For how long will Jade continue to run from the one she loves and how far is Marcus willing to go to convince her? Jade McKenzie is the illegitimate daughter of Daniel Colby. Daniel Colby is a weak-hearted man who let's his wife, Margaret and his three children, David, Jasmine and Laura run his household however they please which involved mistreating Jade. Having no where else to go Jade had to endure whatever was thrown at her until her prayers were answered and in came the Valiant family. The connection was instant between Jade and Marcus the first son of Jacob and Elena Valiant. With all the obstacles thrown at them, Jade had more than enough excuse to run from Marcus, the only problem was she was running from someone who would never let her go.

Romance / Drama
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The things we take for granted are those things that come back to haunt us. Life is so precious and yet so less that before you know it puff... it’s gone. Lauren McKenzie had never felt so much regret, her life was not perfect, no one’s life is, yet when you finally find what you are looking for, that special part of you that needed to be activated by a force higher than we could possibly comprehend and yet closer to us than our family.

When a person encounters that force, it is like a bright, soft light that shines on your soul, making you face your true nature and forcing you to judge yourself objectively. At that moment you are filled with uncontrollable grief, disgust, revolt, you name it, but atlas joy comes and afterwards peace that passes all human knowledge fills you, it is at that precise moment that you know that God in heaven, your father has got you. Lauren, on her death bed never forgot what it felt like to be in the presence of the most high.

She looked at her little girl, Jade who was holding her hand and reading her her favourite story about queen Esther. Even at her little age Jade was always too mature for her age. Lauren smiled, she knew in her heart that Jade would meet a wonderful partner when she grows up. Lauren had pleaded with God and he answered her prayers to keep her daughter safe.

“Mommy why are your eyes closing?” Jade asked as she stared up at her mother with trusting eyes.

“Sweety I don’t have much time left so I need to tell you this”, said Lauren as she caressed her daughter’s face and wiped her tears. Jade nodded and Lauren continued, “I loved your father very much but he did not feel the same way, I thought he did but when he found out I was pregnant he left me and went back to his wife and children. Now Sweety you have to go stay with him, I won’t be here for long and he is all you will have”.

“Mommy please you can’t leave, if dad left then he does not want me”, said Jade as she gripped her mother’s hand.

“Sweety, I love you and so does your father, always know that you are not alone, the person inside you is greater that the one anywhere else, he is your supreme guardian. When you are old enough you will understand’, said Lauren as she gripped her child in a hug and breathed her last breath.

Jade sat beside her mother shocked and still, the tears couldn’t fall faster, the pain she felt was so intense she thought she would die. The feeling of hopelessness kept increasing until she remembered her mother’s words, ′Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world’. Suddenly she knew that she was not alone and that everything would be fine.

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