Perfectly Imperfect

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Anissa just wanted a normal life. She got pregnant at twenty, her son is now five. She's trying to get him into school and manage her social life, all while battling her home life. She didn't know werewolves even existed, but on that rainy night, her entire world shifted. Now she's wrapped up in the life of the most powerful alpha in the US, struggling to cope with the adaptations, and still being stubborn as ever against the bond. Anissa and her mate, Daniel, are in a constant battle. Daniel just wants to help, but Anissa's not having it. Because she's still in love with another man, but you can't deny the mating bond. Brace yourself for this ride, a ride of emotion, pain, heartbreak, love, and well, werewolves.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

When you hear the word “werewolf”, what do you think of?

Big, scary monsters whose bodies are lined with fur, their teeth razor sharp, and eyes a deep color of red. You think of beasts, who roam the land in search of bloodshed and destroy almost everything in their paths.

Inconsiderate, disgusting, horrible creatures.

That’s what I thought too. In fact, I thought that they were just stupid fantasy characters. I didn’t think that they were real.

But boy were we all wrong.

I want to tell you a story. Believe it or don’t, it’s not up to me. This story is not for the weak, or the light of heart.

This is the story of myself, my son, and well, the crazy world of werewolves that I suddenly found myself in.


Tick, tock, tick, tock...

As I stare up at the ceiling, tears rolling down my face, I can’t help but wonder. Why am I doing this to myself?

The room was dark, rays of moonlight flooding in through the window. I glanced over at the man sleeping beside me, I could make out his figure even in this tense darkness.

The real question was, Why is he doing this to me?

He’s supposed to love me. Love means to give ultimate respect, right? If you love someone, you’re supposed to treat them like royalty. Listen to them, spoil them, care for them... right? Or is this what love was? I couldn’t really tell anymore.

His eyelashes were long, pale skin freckled. His hair was dirty blonde, with little streaks of white here and there. His eyes were a bright blue color, I used to be able to easily get lost in them, but... my thoughts trailed off.

I sighed, getting out of the bed. There was a stagger in my step as I walked, almost every inch of my body sore. Okay, let me rephrase that. Every inch of my body from my head to my toes ached.

My throat was dry as I walked through my small apartment. I grabbed a mug from the cupboard, filling it with water from the faucet and putting it in the microwave. I released somewhat of a groan as I waited for the microwave to finish. I opened it as soon as it got to 1 second though, I didn’t want it to beep and wake anyone up.

I grabbed a teabag, and placed it inside without even taking a look of what kind of tea I got. It’s not like it mattered, anyway. Hopefully, I grabbed chamomile. That one was always my favorite.

I held my mug in hand, walking across the living room yet again. I lived in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Rent was pretty cheap, considering we decided to live in a rather small area close to the woods. I passed the big window in the middle, it was open and letting in cool air. I decided to close it.

Honestly, the woods looked like something out of a horror movie. The trees were tall, and it was always dark over there. Actually, the whole area that I live in reminds me of some thriller. The people over here are kind of sketchy. They treat me as if I’m some kind of outsider despite me living here for the past seven years.

I opened the door to another bedroom. My son was sleeping peacefully, or so I thought. I smiled to myself, that was the reason that I endured all of this. Just for the little boy below me. I pat his head softly, trying my best not to wake him.

His name is Giovanni, he’s five years old and should be staring school very soon. He’s a perfect mix of both his father and I, brown curly hair with warm brown eyes and freckles. He has somewhat tanned skin. He inherited most of his father’s facial features, but did get my smile. He’s rather small for a boy his age...

I turned to leave the room, hearing the sounds of a blanket ruffling. “Mommy?”

“Yes, baby?” I smiled softly. “You should be asleep, you know. What are you doing awake?”

“Did daddy hurt you again?” Giovanni frowned. The light in his closet was on, the deep hurt in his eyes on full display. I bit my lip.

“Of course not! We just had a little talk, that’s all...” I turned around, placing my mug down on his nightstand and sitting on the edge of his bed.

“You said it was bad to lie, mommy.” Giovanni said softly, frown deepening.

I ran my fingers through his hair. “Look baby. I’m okay, see? I’m all fine. Now let’s get you back to bed,”

“But mommy—“ Giovanni started, but I started tucking him in again.

“Just leave it alone, Giovanni.” I gave him a reassuring smile. “I promise I’m okay.”

He sighed. “Okay, mommy. Goodnight,”

“Goodnight, I love you,” I kissed his forehead, giving him a hug. Giovanni hugged me back, responding.

“I love you too, mommy.”

With that, I grabbed my tea and closed the door. I hated lying to him, I really did, but it was for the best. I started to drink it, it cooled down. Yes, it burned my tongue but I was so used to doing that where it was a second feeling.

I washed my cup and put it in the strainer, absentmindedly walking to the front door and reaching to unlock it. Recently, I’d been getting these weird urges to go outside near those woods. I felt like there was something out there for me... like I belonged there.

I realized what I was doing and quickly pulled my hand back. Walking across the living room yet again, I walked into our bedroom, laying down slowly, trying my best not to wake the man sleeping beside me. That’s my boyfriend, Christopher, though I prefer to call him Chris.

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, didn’t I? My name is Anissa. I’m of average height, 5’5, and have deep brown eyes. They’re so dark that I can’t really participate in the “sunkissed” trend because they don’t really brighten in the sunlight. Most people confuse them as black, but they’re not. My hair is a puffy Afro, I try my best to keep it soft and fluffy! I have dark skin, it’s the color of mahogany. My lips are naturally plump, but a bit chapped.

I slowly drifted off...

. . .

I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping outside of the window. My room was brightened by the sun, little rainbows all over because of the reflections and such. I looked over, seeing no one there. What was today again..? Right, a Saturday!

I sluggishly pulled myself out of bed, stretching. I scratched underneath my armpit, yawning loudly. I took my morning pee, and washed my face, getting ready to pick my outfit. I took a quick shower, brushing my teeth as I took one.

I decided on some high waisted jeans, random striped long sleeve shirt, and some checkered vans. I walked into the kitchen, opening the cabinet door and wincing. “Okay, we definitely need to go to the store today.”

Luckily, we had waffle mix, an egg, and some orange juice. I made it, putting all of it on one plate. I walked into Giovanni’s room, seeing him sleeping peacefully. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked over to him, shaking him. He groaned, trying to swat me away.

“Five more minutes,” He buried his face in his pillow, it was a Paw Patrol one, with Chase on it. His blanket was also Paw Patrol, with all of the little puppies on it. I bet you could guess what his favorite show was.

“Nuh-uh.” I giggled. “Now come on, guess what I made?”

Giovanni just groaned, snuggling into the blankets and trying to get all warm and comfy again.

Waffles,” As soon as those words came out of my mouth, Giovanni was up and running out of his bedroom. He almost tripped. “Careful, Gio!”

His eyes lit up when he saw them, a mountain of whipped cream on top with strawberries. He picked up his fork, ready to chow down before he looked at me.


“Yes?” I hummed, starting the dishes.

“Where’s your food?” He said softly.

“I... ate already,” I refused to meet his gaze.

“No you didn’t, mommy!” Giovanni’s eyes filled with tears. He furiously tried to wipe them. “You’re always lying to me, mommy!”

I froze. “Baby, please don’t cry—“

“Then stop lying to me!” He screamed, hiccuping. I wanted to cry myself. “I don’t like it when you lie to me!”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me.” I walked to the table, giving him a hug. He cried into my chest, making me feel like the worst mother in the world.

“Okay, mommy,” He whimpered, sudden determination in his eyes. “But lie to me one more time and I’ll put you in time out for thirty minutes, alright?”

“Since when could you put me in time out? I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works,” I laughed to myself.

“Well I’m just gonna bend the rules.” Giovanni stuck his tongue out, blowing raspberries at me. I did the same to him.

“Now eat your food before it gets cold,” I walked back to the dishes, finishing them and waiting for Giovanni to bring me his plate.

He did, but it still had half a waffle and some eggs with ketchup on top.

“Gio, you didn’t eat all of it—“

“I know, mommy. It’s for you,” He smiled. “And you have to eat it all!”

“That’s okay, you can have it—“

“Nope! It’s for you!” Giovanni ran into his room, going to brush his teeth. “And you better eat it all too, mommy!”

I chuckled to myself, he was so pure and sweet. I ate the waffle and eggs, nodding to myself. I did a pretty good job today!

“Giovanni, let me see what you’re wearing!” I called to him. Recently, Giovanni’s wanted to become a big boy, and apparently part of being a big boy meant getting to pick your own outfits. It didn’t bother me that much, he had pretty decent style. “Make sure your teeth are brushed nice and good too! You don’t want those pearly whites to fall out, do you?”

“Ew, no way! Then I’ll be old and have to wear dentures!!” Giovanni laughed. He showed me. I nodded in approval.

“Looks good,” I hummed. I walked into my bathroom, looking in my make up kit. I needed to go to Ulta and get more ASAP. I sighed as I looked in the mirror.

Dark circles underneath my eyes, my cheek was slightly swollen... bruise after bruise... when did I become so ugly? I started to cry softly, sinking to my knees.

“Shh, don’t cry mommy.” I felt Giovanni’s small body wrap around mine. “It’s okay,”

“What did I tell you about coming in mommy and daddy’s room?” I scolded, wiping my tears.

“Don’t, But I made an exception!” Giovanni put his thumb on his chest. “Because when mommy cries, I have to make sure she’s okay! You could be dying or something,”

I felt the edges of my lips curl up into a smile. Well thank God for him. And you know, I love Chris! He only hits me because he loves me, and he doesn’t even hit me that hard! Everything that he does is because he cares. Sometimes, he goes a little overboard, but that’s okay! It happens to all of us.

“Let mommy finish her makeup and then we can go,” I said softly, looking back at myself in the mirror.

“Okay, but I’m gonna stay right here to make sure you don’t cry again!” Giovanni crosses his arms, grinning. “There’s been enough crying for one day.”

“True that.” I ruffled his hair. I did my makeup in silence, winking and doing a kiss in the mirror. “Ok, Gio. Ready to go?”

“Yeah!” Giovanni ran to the front door, handing me my purse. “Can I sit in the front today?”

“Nope, wait until you’re ten, I’m not getting a ticket.” I smirked. Giovanni groaned, climbing into the back and fixing his car seat all by himself. He buckled his seatbelt, giving me a thumbs up in the rear view mirror. No lie, he was very mature for his age.

We drove through the small town, going to the Ulta. They carried many makeup items, Giovanni running to the back to look at all of the face masks and beauty blenders and such.

“Hey, Gio, come here.” I scolded. “Don’t wander off like that, you could get lost.”

“May I get a mask, mommy? Let’s watch movies on the couch today and eat snacks!” Giovanni picked two up. A cucumber and a charcoal mask.

“Okay, fine. But only because you’re my favorite boy to hang out with,” I smiled. He grinned, excitement clear on his features.

“Yes! After we leave here, let’s go to Burlington and walk through the checkout and get snacks from there!” Giovanni pulled my arm as I looked at the numerous foundations, trying to find the right shade.

“Woah woah woah, don’t get ahead of yourself now.” I found the shade, putting it in the little basket I had grabbed prior to entering the store. “Daddy hasn’t gotten his paycheck yet. Let’s just get candy bars from Walmart, k?”

Giovanni nodded slowly. “Okay, mommy.”

We finished at Ulta, going to Walmart to restock the house. It was a pretty normal day, we did spend $5 on the crane machines though. Sadly, we didn’t win anything.

“Okay, mommy! Let’s watch Aladdin!” Giovanni ran to the TV, making me laugh.

“Slow down, Tiger. Help me with the groceries first,” Giovanni quickly ran to come help me, putting away everything he could before going to put the DVD inside of the player.

I placed down the box of Cheez-It’s on the table along with the snickers and chocolates.

“Don’t forget the popcorn!” He called from the couch, ripping open his face mask. This was his favorite thing to do with me, cuddle on the couch and watch movies. I didn’t mind. “Oh, and the blankets! We can’t watch a movie without blankets!”

I placed the bowl of popcorn down, grabbing the plush throws and putting them on the couch. I unpackaged my face mask, starting the movie.

“Thank you, mommy. You’re the best,” Giovanni leaned on my shoulder as the movie started. When Aladdin ended, we watched Stewart Little, after that we watched The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, and after that I lost count. I fell asleep halfway through Spongebob.

Even though it felt like I only blinked, I knew that I went to sleep for much too long. I jolted awake, it was already eight o’clock! I had to start dinner, and clean up, and... I started to freak out, seeing Giovanni watching Blue’s Clues.

“Oh! Mommy, you fell asleep— are you okay?”

I rushed into the kitchen, trying to make something quick. Just some pork chops, they were salty enough where I didn’t need to put much except some pepper on them, some green beans and microwaveable mashed potatoes.

The pan sizzled, pot boiling. I looked over at the clock repeatedly. Hopefully God was on my side this time, Chris hates it when his dinner isn’t made when he gets home! Suddenly the door swung open.

“Daddy.” Giovanni stated, not a trace of enthusiasm in his voice.

“Giovanni. Hello,” Chris walked inside slowly, I think he was trying his best to stay calm. He doesn’t like to hurt me, he told me so himself, so I can see why. “How was your day?”

“Fine.” Giovanni glared daggers at him. He never really liked his father, especially when he found out that he hit me.

“What did you do?”

“Mommy and I watched movies together.” Giovanni crossed his arms, continuing his Blue’s Clues mini-marathon.

“Speaking of mommy,” Chris stalked closer to me, throwing his stuff down. “What the fuck is this?”

“I-I’m sorry, I really am...” I backed away. “I was just r-really tired and.. I fell asleep, it won’t happen again, I promise—!”

“You stupid bitch!” Chris roared, Giovanni’s eyes widening. “What did I tell you!?”

“No, please, not again!” I shrieked as Chris started to take off his belt. “I’m sorry!”

The lash came quicker than I expected, everything flashing white for a second. I yelped loudly, Giovanni getting up from the couch.

“Giovanni, go to your room!” I cried. “Please!”

He wouldn’t listen to me.

“Baby! Please!” I sobbed.

Giovanni grabbed one of the forks that had fallen to the floor. “Who the hell do you think you are, hitting my mommy! What gives you the right!? I’ve had enough!”

“I’m your father, that’s who.” Chris growled.

“Some father you are.” Giovanni spat, tears welling in his eyes. Something snapped in Chris, making him pick Giovanni up by his collar. Giovanni screamed, fear in his eyes.


The sound of the back of Chris’ palm connecting with my poor baby’s face rang throughout my ears. I got up, stabbing a fork into Chris’ back, making him drop Giovanni to the floor.

I grabbed Giovanni, carrying him on my waist. Hitting me was one thing I could handle, but Giovanni? I don’t know what came over me, a feeling that I’d never felt before. I had to go out there... to the woods.

I just needed to run there and think, lately I’d been going to the border but not crossing. The smell of fresh pine and rain, it was oddly calming to me. Giovanni cried into my shoulder as I flung open the door, sprinting as fast as I could down the stairs.

We would just stay at a motel or something for the night, surely Chris would be calm by tomorrow! After about thirty seconds of running, I looked back. Chris was chasing me... but with a semi-automatic.

My heart sank. I knew I should’ve stoppped running but I couldn’t. The adrenaline rushing through my veins only pushed me to run even further.

The tears rolling down my face only multiplied.

I only wanted the perfect life. Two kids, a husband, and a dog named Fluffy or Scruffles, something cute like that. I wanted the kids to wear matching Nike outfits and have everything that they’d ever need and want.I wanted a Subaru, you know, those family cars. I wanted to live in a somewhat large house in the suburbs with those nice people who bake cupcakes every day.

But all I had right now was my son on my shoulder, sobbing loudly whilst telling his daddy to “Go away” and “Leave us alone”, no clothes, no food, and—

Did I leave the stove on? What if I didn’t? Will the apartment complex burn down? Will we get sued? Will Giovanni be taken away from me? Will—

“Mommy, watch out!”

I snapped back into reality, almost running smack into a tree. I started running in zigzags, hiding in one of the bushes. I prayed, just wanting everything to be okay. I covered my mouth and Giovanni’s as we huddled together in the bush.

“Come on out, Anissa. I know you’re here,” Chris said slowly, a horrifying edge in his voice.

But this was a game of Hide and Seek, and I was determined not to lose.

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