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WILL NOARA BE ABLE TO SURVIVE THE SCHOOL AND THE BOYS OUT THERE WHILE BEING SPOILT IS ALL SHE KNOWS. A rich girl who is still trying to find out what happened 5 years ago. She is asked to prove herself by studying in a school where barely girls study. It seems like she is stuck in the sea of handsome men all over. The school makes her very close to her past but will the werewolves and vampires let her survive.

Romance / Mystery
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Main lead

Yousef Winston

Nick name: YuYi


He’s the youngest and the 5th son of the Wilston Family. And maybe the only one who is not concerned about his only sister Noara instead he blames her for everything wrong happening to him. He does get billed at times in the absence of his parents by his elder brothers. But they do have a reason. He’s known as the CRYBABY and the so- called MESSENGER of his brothers.

He’s one of the reasons for Noara to be single till now, he is like a glue stick who is 24/7 with Noara.


Noara Winston

Nick name:MoMo


The most pampered one out of the six.

The parents always wanted a girl but everyone the got a boy, she was like gift given to them by God. She’s like an innocent spoilt brat. One accident changed her life, she still is in search of her life saver , she thinks her saver is a prince. She still hasn’t left her fairy tail world.


William Winston

Nick name:gemmy


He’s the eldest in the family. He’s the most protective about Noara and is a weather forecaster in one of the best company’s of New York City. His early morning news about the weather is like Noara’s morning alarm. Is responsible for everything , even if not involved. He’s just one of a kind but always chooses his sister over his girlfriend.

Everyone calls him gemmy before his first word when he was born was gems.

With his girlfriend

Kylie Jones

Both of them work on the same company


Riegner Winston

Nick name: Ren


Noara’s second eldest brother. Is a well known chef, who can’t go to work till the time he doesn’t cook breakfast for his beloved sister.

He was named Ren because it was hard for his grandmother at first to pronounce his name, so she always called him Ren.


James & Jacob Winston

Nick name:Jay & Coby


These two are twin brothers and are Noara’s third eldest brothers. Both of them are equally known for their good looks.

James is a fashion designer and is mostly in Japan because of business purposes. Earns enough for himself but is still struggling to reach the top.

Jacob is still studying in one of the best universities in NYC.


Our house

Our father gifted it to us on the 26th anniversary of the winston industries.

The six siblings stay here.


The main mansion is far more prettier



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