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THERE WILL BE NO TEASER FOR THIS STORY AT ALL JUST READ AND FIND OUT A beautiful story after marriage, story of best friends how they became husband and wife, their life journey with their ups and down. How they stood by each other side. Will they part their ways in future or will they become each others soulmate. A story of a man how he ran away from his marriage and instead of him his brother took place in the altar, a story of unconditional love with no expectation and just giving and giving only Lets have a ride of journey of Kunal Singhania and Ananya oberoi

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


“Get out from here, we have only one son and a daughter we dont have another son” Alok said with anger in his voice and face

“please dad let me explain you” he said in eagerness

“What will you explain that how you ran away on the day of your marriage, how you are all ready to humiliate us in front of the people” Archana said in anger towards her son for his doing

“You should have said us that you are not ready for the marriage we would have agreed with you, you knew that we are not against love marriage then why did you did this” Devki his grandmother said to him with tears in her eyes

In all this his brother is silent and the girl whom he did wrong is standing there and looking towards him and his parents

“I wanted to say it and i even tried but every time i came to say the truth something or other thing come in between and thus the marriage day arrived and i didn’t had any other option rather than running” i said with head bowed down

“We were best friends you should have said to me i would have done anything to call of the wedding” she said i looked towards her yes indirectly i betrayed her the most i knew her since childhood and here i am the one who did the most wrong to her

“I am sorry” i said with head bow down i am ashamed that’s the truth and it will be the truth forever she nodded and then looked towards my parents and the next set of her words made me shock and shock would be the understatement of the year


A beautiful house which is not less than any palace is decorated with lights and it’s looking like a place which we read in fairy tale why will not after all it’s the wedding day of their princess and it should be perfect.

A wedding which is arranged between family friends no outsiders only family is present in the wedding and few relatives just because the princess didn’t want any media in her wedding she want just those peoples which are close to her heart to be in the wedding and for now the family inside is thankful that they didn’t announce the wedding in the media otherwise they don’t even know what will they do for the situation which arose right now

The bride is sitting between both families in utter shock just two days before she was the most happiest bride and right now she is in disbelieve that something like this happen that too on her wedding day

She don’t know what to do or say how to comprehend about the happenings around her, elders are in distress and thinking for some solution which will take them out of this situation which is in hand. That’s when someone entered the room, a 25 year old young man was standing there looking at everyone. He is about 6.2 beautiful M shaped lips drool worthy physic tan colour skin and a beautiful chocolate colour eyes which will make anyone drown in them. The bride looked up in hope to get positive reply from him but what she heard made her shattered

“He ran away because he was in love with someone else and is going to marry the girl no one in the circle know about the wedding other than varun and anusha so it was easy for him to do what he did. Avinash is the one who helped him to run away with her they only know that he is marrying today but with whom is unknown to them and I didn’t said anything about this matter to him

I have send my men behind him I hope they will find him as soon as possible we have to cancel the wedding” he said in one breathe looking at everyone specially towards her she closed her eyes in disbelieve

“He should have said before the marriage is fixed about his love, we would have understood about it, I would have supported him in his love. Why did he do this with me why?” she questioned looking towards him he closed his eyes seeing the pain in her eyes which is given by non-other than his brother

“Now what will we do? What will we say to the peoples who are standing down for the wedding?” Alok (father of the groom) said looking tensed, bride looked towards everyone and then stood up and started to move out of the room

“Where are you going Ananya?” Sapna asked to her daughter seeing her all lost and vulnerable

“Mamma someone has to send the peoples from here so I am going to tell them that the wedding is off” she said not looking at anybody tears escaped from the mothers eyes seeing the fate of her daughter

“I have a solution for this situation” devki the grandmother of groom said looking at everybody now everyone’s attention is towards her wanted to know what’s in her mind

“And what’s the solution ma?” Alok asked to his mother as far as he know he have no solution for the situation which arose right now

“No one know with whom Ananya’s marriage is fixed, everyone only know that her marriage is fixed with one of our son, As we are doing the marriage all of sudden we didn’t even got time for proper invitation so why don’t we marry Ananya with kunal no one will know about the mishap happened over here and everything will finish smoothly”

Devki said looking towards her son and daughter in law as well as towards ananya’s family they all came in deep thinking because that is the truth that no one really know with whom the marriage is fixed they only know that the two families are becoming one

“Actually that’s a good idea and by this the families name will not ruin and as well as the couples we can say that the marriage was of kunal and ananya and it will be all done without any problem” Archana the grooms mother said

“Yes I agree with archana we have only this solution left behind” sapna said looking towards her husband who is still in some thoughts “What’s the matter Rishab you seemed to be disturbed” sapna asked her husband

“Indeed it’s a good idea for now but what about kids? Are they happy about this alliance? We have done one mistake by not knowing about Aarav but we can’t repeat the same mistake again what about kunal and ananyas wish? After all its them who will have to look after their relationship in future”

Rishab said looking towards everyone, he is right in his place they have done one mistake not knowing what is going inside of aarav’s mind and now they can’t repeat same mistake what if the children love someone else what if there is someone else in kunal’s heart. In all this no one notice when ananya moved out of the room and no one noticed the shocked face of kunal

Kunal knew very well that how much ananya loves his brother not only from now but since when she was in 10th. How will be she happy to stay with him and marry with him when someone else is in her heart he looked towards the direction where she stood but got shock seeing that there is nobody the place is empty

He looked all around the room and got to know that she left the place long ago that too without anyone’s notice he closed his eyes knowing that she is not in sense she is in pain how can he tolerate her pain after all he too loves her like hell that too from long ago even after knowing that she loves his brother even after knowing their marriage is fixed even after knowing everything he still loves her

The love he has for her is unexplainable after all he was happy for her happiness even if that said happiness is not with him, no one other than him knows that he was going away from her that too after her marriage he was going to settle in London in pretence of looking after their business there and expanding it that was a good excuse but what now

“What’s your opinion about this kunal?” he came out of his thoughts when he heard the question and looked towards the voice that is of non-other than Rishab his second father what will he say to them that even though he love their daughter but he can’t marry her because she will not be happy with him after all it was only he who knew that how much she was in love with aarav

“Papa I have to talk to anu before coming to any conclusion if you don’t mind” I said looking towards him I know he was the only one right now who will understand and I was proven right when he nodded and confirmed that I can talk to her first. After getting permission I came out and started moving towards my destination I know where I can find her right now


Ananya stood in the open terrace holding the railing and was looking far ahead; she wanted her answers which she is trying to find in this open space, she wanted to slap her hard for not noticing that he is not happy with the marriage, for not seeing the love between aarav and riya for being so blind in love with him she really wanted to slap herself

How can he do that to her, she was his best friend that to from childhood, how can he live her here to face this situation all alone she never asked him to love her back she never said anything to him regarding her love for him then why did he do this to her? She would have understood if he had come and said to her about his love towards riya even she would have helped him to get his love in his life after all loving someone doesn’t mean that we have to get that person in our life

She closed her eyes feeling the deep hurt which he given her, he walked away from their friendship of years what will her parents will tell to the relatives after they are not in the city they are in village in their ancestral home for their marriage and here people will talk hundred thing out of one how will they face all how will dad and mom will face after what aarav did to them

And marrying kunal is that even a solution? How can mom, dad, and mamma, papa and granny thing something like this? What about his life? His career and His ambitions? How can they say to sacrifice everything, I know kunal have big dreams he wanted to make the company globally number one company he have said clearly that he don’t want to marry now he will settle down when he will make his own name in this world how can they say to him to forget everything and marry me just because his twin ran away

Ananya came out from her world when she felt a presence near her she don’t have to see to know who is standing beside her “Why did he do this? He should have said everything to us we would have helped him. Mom and dad will help after all they are not against love marriage”

“I am confused as well by his decision he should have said to us about this we would have done something else we would have married him off to that girl but this is unexplainable” kunal closed his eyes not knowing how to rectify what his twin did

“They say that the only solution we have now is getting married to each other are you ok with it?” kunal questioned her she looked surprised hearing his question she felt deep pain knowing that he is doing everything to save her family reputation he has his own dreams what about that how can I be selfish to marry him to save my parents from humiliation why are they not thinking about him and his life

“I know you have so many dreams for your future and right now you are not ready for this marriage please don’t feel obliged to do this for our parents I don’t want you to sacrifice everything for me” she said looking straight in his eyes he feel the pain in there he felt the worry in her face he don’t know how will he make her understand that he is not feeling obliged to do it actually he want to do it with his heart he wanted her in his life from so long he love her he don’t know how to tell her all this

He can’t see her head down just because his stupid brother he will die before her head is down, people like to talk and they are bound to talk her life will ruin if this marriage is cancelled that too in the wedding day he knew if he ask her then she will definitely say no to the marriage then there is only one thing left to do

“We are getting married today itself go and get ready I will be waiting for you in the altar” With that he turned around and left from there to inform the elders about the decision of the marriage and he too need to change and be ready before anyone notice the mishap happened


She looked towards the way he went and sighed knowing what he did, the one thing she don’t know since childhood was to disobey him, she don’t know why there was always this respect for this guy was there in deep in her heart whatever the situation is she can blindly follow him without any fear even if he said that jump from the building and you will not get hurt she will happily do it trusting him that’s the relation she share with him

She knew that he intentionally ordered her so that she will not back out of the marriage she closed her eyes and took long breathe and started to move downstairs towards her room where everyone will be waiting for her. Her heart is heavy thinking about the situation which raised now if she had been more careful and attentive towards her surrounding she would have seen the love aarav had for riya but….

When she reached her room she saw her mother and her second mother is waiting for her there along with Anusha the best friend of kunal she gave me sad smile which I reciprocated with hiding my every feeling

“Kunal said that you guys are ready for the marriage” my mother stated and I saw happiness in her eyes which was not there when my marriage was fixed with aarav

“Yes we are ready for the marriage as it’s the only solution” I said and then sat in front of mirror and looked at the image in front of me brides face should be glowed with happiness yet here I am with all distress in the face

“Aunty I will make her ready you go and see the other preparation” anusha said looked towards mom and mamma they nodded and left from there looking for the preparations

“Are you ok?” that questioned disturbed me to another level but I nodded my head so she will not take any stress unnecessarily she started to clean my face and started to make everything perfect which seemed too funny to me right now is there anything perfect in this marriage I don’t know

After few minutes I was as ready as before without any trail of tears everything just perfect with the look yet everything not perfect my thoughts stopped when I saw her kneeled in front of me and held my hands in her both hands

“I know its quiet difficult for you to do this, I know kunal just ordered you about his decision” when she said that I looked towards her in surprise how come she knew about it that too this early like she understood my question she answered

“Not only me varun also knew about this” I sighed understanding that he disclosed it with his closet friends I nodded understanding “I just want you to give a chance to both of you after this marriage, I knew you knew kunal more than anyone of us he had always shown his vulnerable side only to you even if we are his best friends yet that place is for just you and I know you will try to keep this relationship intact but I want you to give your 100% to this I know it will be difficult to you, and it will take time for you but I want you to not back off when kunal will take one step even if you are not ready to take that step forward don’t take the step backward make him understand talk to him he will understand you for sure I hope you understood what I am saying”

She said looking towards me and I nodded understanding what she meant “I will try” I said to her and she smiled listening to me “I will just be outside and check if everything is fine you just take rest and if you need anything just call me” I nodded towards her and she left with a smile


Kunal looked towards the sherwaani (Indian wedding dress for men) which his father gave him stating that his mother had made this thinking one day he will wear it and it’s good that they had something ready at the moment he sighed seeing it and took it to change

After fresh n up and changed he came out of washroom and stood in front of the mirror and looked towards his reflection he always dreamed about his marriage with her and today it’s happening yet here he was not looking happy at all how will be he happy when he knew that this marriage is just a compromise to the girl whom he love the most

Unknowingly his eyes filled with tears seeing the helplessness of her and the vulnerability which she showed him how he can be happy when the love of his life is so unhappy at this moment. He had done everything in his power to locate aarav but it seems like he vanished in thin air all of a sudden

He combed his hair and put the turban in his head which was specially designed for aarav for the marriage he suddenly felt suffocated by all the happenings and instantly went towards balcony and stood there inhaling fresh air he had said yes for the marriage but he don’t know how will he manage everything

A knock on the door brought him out of his reverie and he came into the room to see dad and papa standing there “It’s time to go downstairs” papa said looking towards him still unsure about the decision we took I can understand his mental state so I came towards him and held his hand “believe me papa I will always try to keep her happy” kunal said with full sincerity and they nodded their head

“Priest is calling him downstairs we have to move down” we heard vihaan voice from the door I turned there and saw him standing there as impatient as ever we nodded and moved downstairs “I know you will keep her happy in every situation” Vihaan whispered in kunal’s ear kunal smiled and nodded his head

He came towards the altar and saw the priest has already present there and was waiting for him he came sat on the wooden stool present there, Ananya’s parents came and sat on the other two wooden stool present there the priest came towards kunal and using vermilion he put tilak on his forehead and then went towards the bride’s parents and did the same to them

Later bride’s father came forward and washed groom feet with Ganga jal (holy water) in all these the priest is chanting few mantras later they put a veil partition before calling the bride to the altar. The groom stood behind the partition waiting for his bride to arrive any moment


Ananya was sitting in the bed waiting for the call she is tensed not knowing how will she be able to justice to this relation can she do it was the most important question in her mind that’s when the door opened and there stood sara kunal’s sister and anusha

“They are calling for you” sara said and anu nodded and stood up to go when she saw her brother and father standing outside the room waiting for her, her pillar of strength are there for escorting her to her new life she smiled seeing them

“I know he will look after you very well I have full trust on him” her father said to her with tears in his eyes “Papa relax you know naa he hate tears in your eyes as well” anu said to lighten the mood

“Of course, and look at you the most beautiful bride on the earth” he came forward and kissed her forehead she smiled

“And don’t worry if he will do anything I will broke his bones for sure” vihaan her brother said she chuckled after hearing it hugged him as well. They brought her towards the altar she closed her eyes and started to walk as her father and brother is guiding finally they stopped she slowly opened her eyes and saw the partition she knew other side kunal is waiting for her

Finally the partition came down and the first thing she saw is his beautiful eyes, she always thing that his eyes are expressive it always say every hidden emotion of his heart to her but sometimes she is also not able to understand what is his eyes saying to her

He smiled she reciprocated the smile the priest came forward and handed them the jaimala (A chain of flowers to put around neck) he came forward and put it around her neck she smiled she was about to put it around him when his cousins came and put him on their shoulder and took him to high

She had an ache seeing it but she put a smile in front they can’t show their hurt to anyone else no one should know the pain by which they are marrying she smiled and tried to put again by jumping but seems like his cousins is in for some fun by the corner of her eyes she saw her father and brother coming forward for her help but before that she saw kunal bowing down his head in front of her so that she can put it around

She smiled and shook her head in disbelieve and put it around his neck all crowd made aww seeing it why not they would have never seen someone so humble and caring and right here it’s kunal who stood by her in every situation finally his cousins put him down he smiled and came towards her

Priest asked them to sit in the wooden stool they sat and then called her parents to do the kanyadaan (Giving brides hand to the grooms hand in hindu culture) they did it and then came sara forward to do the gatbandan (knotting a piece of cloth of bride and groom together) then finally the priest lit the fire and started to chant mantras and bride and groom started to put ghee (butter) to the fire

After a while they stood up and then vihaan came forward and put rice on the joint hands of bride and groom, anu and kunal offered the rice to the fire and then they started to take 7 vows around the fire after taking the round they again sat on the wooden stool and then the priest forwarded a plate with mangalsutra (black beaded chain, nuptial chain) with sindoor (vermilion) to kunal

He took the black beaded chain and tied it around her neck and then he took vermilion and put it on the her partition of head she closed her eyes when he put it on her and tear escaped her eyes not because it’s him but because it’s not what she wished for by this he will be tied on this unwanted relationship

He saw the tear and thought that she is sad because it’s him who married her after all she was always in love with his brother he don’t know what to do how to take this relationship ahead he knew he have to talk to her clearly about it finally the priest announced them husband and wife they stood up and went towards the elders to take blessing

“Kunal and Anu should start their journey back to home, ma and archana has already left there for their welcoming” Kunal father said

“Yes you are right they should leave we will leave after wrapping up here” Rishab said so finally after little talk kunal and anu left from there in their decorated car the journey is of 5 hours they will reach home by morning first ray

She put her head on backrest and closed her eyes, even though kunal is not looking at her directly but his all attention is towards her only finally seeing her discomfort he closed the partition so that the driver will not see them and looked towards her directly

“I think you should take them off during the journey it’s already will take more than than 5 hours for us to reach there” she looked towards him and then nodded understanding what he meant so she started to take the heavy jewellery as well as she took the lots of pins from her head which holding her shawl from falling

She sighed in relief after taking loads of thing and looked towards him “if I sleep just wake me up before 15 minutes I will put everything, it will not look good if I enter the house with no jewellery and all”

He nodded understanding what she meant by what she said she again closed her eyes thinking about all the happenings around her she went towards the memory lane when she first joined the college



A well-known college of Mumbai, for graduations and upper graduation. To get admission there is like impossible for most of the students but that never discouraged the students to not apply there every year there will be thousands of application in that only 60 of students will be selected to each and every department.

It’s a new year start for students college ground are filled with senior year students as well the newbies. Few students are standing in groups outside of college near trees fountain just in the front garden even in the college steps

Senior year students were bullying the newbies just for fun nothing serious, every year it’s the same nothing is serious just a friendly bullying one of the group standing there bullying were singhania brothers group it consist of 6 members, 4 of them were inseparable from childhood they are Kunal, aarav, varun and anusha.

Kunal and Aarav are twins but not identical if one is north then other one is south. Kunal is down to earth boy, which try to be in peace but mind it if someone play with his family or friends then he is a lethal weapon he will turn into a unforgivable beast on the other side Aarav is a play boy no care for the world.

The other two came into the group when they joined the college for MBA abhinav and riya is always seen with aarav partying in clubs everything. Suddenly Abhinav whistled seeing someone coming to the college “She is mine” abhinav said and whole group attention gone towards the entrance

A girl is entering the compound, she is wearing a beautiful hand printed yellow colour sundress with halter neck the dress is reaching till her knees, a small bag in back her beautiful curly brown hair is down till her waist length which is covering her back fully

Milky white skin green eyes and a beautiful dimple smile which adores her face she is in her own world not knowing what’s going around there and not knowing that someone is approaching her

Everyone is in looking at her that they didn’t saw when Abinav left from their side and started to move towards her it’s too late when they noticed that abhinav is not with them in fact he is near her “Shit” kunal muttered under his breath by seeing him there everyone rushed to get near him before he could do something but too late

“Hey beautiful” that pulled that girl from her world she looked at the guy which stood beside her with a smile, he is handsome in his 25, good height with 5.9 tan coloured skin brown eyes and a beautiful black hair which is gelled wearing a dark blue shirt with a pair of light blue jean and a blazer

She raised her eyebrow looking at him “Yes” she asked him

“You looking beautiful sweetheart” she raised her brow “something different from all the other girls over here” she looked everywhere and her eyes fell on the group behind him she shook her head and started to move away from there but abhinav been abhinav he came in front of her blocking her way

“Where are you going sweetheart here I am being good to you and you are ignoring me”

“And why would I talk to you mister as far as I know I don’t know you and I don’t even want to know you”

And she left from there leaving abhinav hanging mouth open this Is the first time when some girl turned down him and his friends started to laugh seeing his face

“Just see and learn how to make a girl talk to you” kunal came forward and said aarav just shook his head at his brothers words

“Kunal if she didn’t fell for Abhinav charm then it’s zero chance that she is even going to talk to you” riya came forward and said

“And you really don’t know about kunal riya so please don’t create your own imagination in your head before not knowing” Anusha said coming forward

Kunal shook his head and moved towards the girl she is standing in front of the entrance looking ahead in confusion his all friend looking at him eagerly

They all are standing so behind they can’t hear anything, they saw kunal talking to her then the girl laughing and finally she hugged him riya and abhinav mouth hang open seeing it others just shook their head kunal turned around give tumps up and moved with her inside

“What the hell how did he do that?” Abhinav asked shocked by seeing the turn off event

“That’s why people say never underestimate anyone” varun said and he moved ahead aarav and anusha followed him murmuring within them so no one should hear anything thing riya and Abhinav stood there

“I have tried everything in me so I can get my hands on kunal and she didn’t even do anything and he is with her how?” Riya said in shock

“What has kunal talked to her that she immediately gone with him and plus I thought you are with aarav” he said to her in confusion

“yeah I am with aarav but my first try was kunal, aarav was my second choice not first I wanted a settled life and kunal was best for that but aarav is not so bad either so it’s fine by me”

He nodded his head then they moved ahead to their class joining their other gang

After the first 2 periods they left from their classes and reached the canteen they took their usual place that’s when abhinav saw the same girl entering the compound with few groups she is smiling and talking

Kunal seeing abhinav’s eyes where somewhere else he turned and saw the girl, he instantly got up and moved towards her abhinav wanted to smack kunal face some where aarav saw the change of emotion of abhinav

“What happened abhi?” abhi looked at him

“Look there why, has it to be him why not me?” others looked towards the place where abhi is pointing there stood kunal with the same morning girl laughing and now there is group with her some boys as well

Aarav looked closely and a frown formed in his face looking the other boys with her

“I will just be back” he informed his friends and moved towards the group he stood behind the girl and looked at everyone with raised brow kunal shook his head and moved the girl away from his brother and gave a warning glare to him

“We are waiting for you in the table come fast” Aarav said and moved away from there and sat beside riya his usual place the girl looked at aarav angrily and turned around within few minutes kunal came back but not alone but the group of friends of the girl

“Guys these are my friends Abhinav, riya, varun, anusha, and aarav my brother as u know” he pointed to everyone in his group and said to the girl and her group

“And guys this is ananya, shwetha, priya, avinash and prem” kunal introduced to everyone pointing their fingers towards each person everyone said a hello to everyone

“So the beautiful girl name is ananya sweet name to a beautiful girl I want her, she will be my girlfriend for sure” abhi came out from his thoughts with her words

“Kunal we are hungry see u around later u enjoy your lunch”

“You can join us anu its fine by us” kunal said when did they end with nickname calling abhinav and riya looked confused and aarav looked bored by their talk

“No thanks kunal, Annu and we all will have our lunch together you guys enjoy” avinash said holding ananya hand now that interested aarav he looked at their joint hands like he want to rip them apart

“Yes neel (kunal) you guys enjoy we will have have our together after all its our 1st lunch in this college and we want to have it with our group”

“Ok fine but meet me later” kunal said and she gave her beautiful dimple smile and nodded her head agreeing with him then she left with her group of friends and he sat beside his friends

“So things came to nick name neel not bad haa” riya said in jealousy but others thought that she is pulling his leg

“She is cute so that’s not a problem” kunal said looking towards her his other two friends just shook their heads and aarav just ignored it knowing his brother too well

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