The Assassin

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The next time Kian opened his eyes it was to find Daven asleep beside him. The only light in the room came from a lamp in the corner on Daven’s side. The curtains were drawn tight, no chance of anyone looking in.

Kian shifted to his right side, happy to find he was no longer as tired as before. The pain from his wounds was numb, and his vision was clear. He had slept off the sedative. Using his left hand, Kian traced the length of Daven’s nose, careful not to touch. He did not want to wake Daven, yet. His gaze shifted to the dark stubble on Daven’s jaw. Dark and soft, Kian traced his fingers over it, coming to a stop on Daven’s bottom lip. Remembering their kiss in an alley, Kian found himself touching Daven’s soft lips, wanting to taste again. Wondering if he had the right to want it, want something this precious…want Daven…

He blinked when gentle fingers closed over his left wrist. Meeting Daven’s sleepy green gaze.

“Hey,” Kian murmured after a while. “Didn’t want to wake you up.”

“You didn’t,” Daven said with a small smile. “I was resting my eyes. Waiting for you to wake up. How are you feeling?”

Kian tried to move his hand away, but Daven held on.

“Better,” Kian said. “Alert again, not tired.”

“That’s something,” Daven said, with a sigh. “After all you went through, I expected broken bones.”

“I told you I’m a professional.”

“Yeah, you did.”

Daven tightened his hold on Kian’s left wrist and shifted closer to Kian.

Kian exhaled when Daven’s lips were an inch away from his. Meeting Daven’s gaze, the urge to take despite the danger they both faced took hold. Burned through him, raging until there was no choice but to close the distance between them and take.

He was the one to seal their lips in a needy kiss. When Daven responded, giving him entry, he locked his arms around Daven’s neck. Caught in a raging storm, Kian kissed Daven like a man starved, wanting everything at once, now that he didn’t know how long they had. Gods, how much longer would he have? How many more kisses would he get? What if this would be the only time?

Daven gentled him, stroking his hands up and down Kian’s back, meeting his eager need with matching passion. Kian sighed when Daven broke their kiss to help him out of his t-shirt.

Grabbing Daven’s, Kian tagged it off just as eagerly. He gave a happy moan when they were skin to skin. Kicking away the sheets, Kian hissed when Daven’s hands passed over the raw wound on his left side. Daven responded by rolling him to his back. Kian closed his eyes as Daven trailed kisses down his chest, to his nipples, licking them, then sucking on them hard. Sinking fingers into Daven’s dreadlocks, he released the thick tresses from their hold, and arched when Daven’s lips trailed down his stomach. He moaned when Daven swirled his tongue over his belly button, hands trailing to his hips.

Then Daven shifted, and Kian’s fingers slipped out of his hair.

Daven pulled Kian’s boxers off, and Kian bit his bottom lip watching Daven kneel between his legs to study him. The study was new, intimate, he rarely allowed it with his lovers. Most times, he wanted a fast fuck, getting the edge off, and walking away. This, however, watching Daven study him. It felt different. He was naked, while Daven retained his shorts. He was open, nothing hidden, Daven’s gentle fingers, a healer’s fingers raced over his thighs, drawing a gasp from Kian. The gentle caress maddening as it paused on sensitive skin. Kian moaned when Daven bent down to press a kiss on a bruise on Kian’s inner thigh, then on another, and another, on and on it went, kisses on little bruises he hadn’t known he had. Each kiss setting him on fire, making his cock hard and weeping, begging for Daven’s attention.

Kian tried to sink his fingers into Daven’s hair and direct him to his cock, but Daven escaped direction, instead torturing him with gentle kisses and strokes on his body designed to drive him mad.

When Daven finally took him into his mouth, the world ceased. Well, the world outside, the universe they’d created on the bed bloomed. Kian sank his fingers into Daven’s hair, his hips jerking into Daven’s mouth, his cock steeped in white scorching heat, then Daven sucked him hard and he gave in, coming with a harsh cry as Daven swallowed him. He felt boneless afterwards, his cock sensitive, even as Daven licked it with gentle strokes.

Daven lifted his head from Kian’s cock, and gave him a small smile. Kian reached for Daven then. Daven paused only to remove his shorts, kicking them away. He lay over Kian, his heavy cock hard against Kian’s stomach. Kian kissed Daven then tasting himself, reveling in the feel of Daven’s skin against his. He wrapped his legs around Daven’s waist, and moaned when he felt Daven’s cock stroke at his entrance.

Their coming together took time, pleasurable time, Kian thought he would go mad with Daven’s preparation. The man was huge, and it had been a long time before Kian took anyone.

Never enough trust, he thought.

Not enough to allow this, Kian met Daven’s gaze, as Daven stroked into him, slowly, relentless, giving Kian all of him until they were joined as one. Daven had his hands braced on each side of Kian, his muscles taut with control. Kian touched Daven’s jaw, then sneaked his hand behind Daven’s neck to pull him down. He didn’t want space between them, he didn’t want gentle, he wanted it all, and as he kissed Daven, he moved his hips, taking Daven all the way in. Wrapping his arms around Daven, he moaned into their kiss as Daven took the hint and surged into him hard, again and again, taking and giving until their breaths came in harsh gasps, and Kian shouted his second release. His orgasm triggered Daven’s, and Kian held Daven as he came apart in his arms.

After, they lay in bed, wrapped in each other, Kian explored Daven’s body, discovering little scars on his lover’s golden brown skin, kissing them too, he licked a small birthmark on Daven’s left hip, and smiled when Daven’s cock hardened in his hands.

They fell asleep, and when Kian woke up again, it was to find the pillow next to his empty. He sat up fast, afraid it had all been a dream. He knew he was lost when he saw Daven walk into the bedroom and his heart skipped with numbing relief.

“Hey,” Daven said, coming in from the living room carrying a tray. “I got food. You must be starving.”

“For you,” Kian said, loving the sight of Daven in only a pair of faded jeans. “You had more clothes in that duffel bag than I thought.”

“Unlike you,” Daven said, placing the tray on the bedside table, he leaned down and took Kian’s lips in a sweet kiss. “I can’t find any clothes for you. Not that I want you dressed.”

Kian watched Daven settle beside him. Daven took the tray from the bedside table and placed it on the space between them on the bed. He uncovered two plates revealing omelets on whole wheat bread, bowls with mixed fruit, two glasses of fresh orange juice and coffee for Kian.

“I told them to make sure the coffee is the best they have,” Daven said, moving the cup closer to Kian. “Otherwise my boyfriend will hate it and not come back here.”

Kian chuckled, taking the steaming mug. He brought it up to his nose, taking in the sweet aroma. The taste was good, not perfect, but good enough. He met Daven’s gaze. Despite the state of the coffee, he was excited by the fact that Daven had called him ‘his boyfriend’.

What a marvelous dream that was.

“They did okay,” Kian said, placing the mug on the tray, hiding his excitement. “And you’re right, I’m starving.”

Kian took a slice of his omelet sandwich, biting into it with relish. They ate in silence, and when they were finished, Kian sat back, rubbing his stomach. He met Daven’s gaze and grinned.

“Finally,” Daven said, moving the tray to the bedside table. “Your smile makes an appearance.”

Kian laughed. If this was happiness, he didn’t want to leave this room and find out what came next. Sitting here, watching Daven drink orange juice, he could live with this.

“Aren’t you going to ask?” Daven asked after a while.

Kian shook his head, not ready to think of the future.

Daven’s gaze made him wary of the discussion.

“Fine, then I will tell you,” Daven said. “Why I want you to let me stay with you, even if I know you will want me to head home.”

“Home is safest for you,” Kian said.

“There is a villain in the South of Somali known as Musimbi. Musimbi is a war monger who preys on innocent villages. I watched him massacre an entire village for the sake of money. He used mercenaries to do this dirty work. Mercenaries from an organization named Raja Securities. I could do nothing but take pictures of his handiwork. So, I promised to deliver that evidence to Winston so that Musimbi could be stopped. This is why they wanted me dead.”

Daven squeezing Kian’s hand.

“Thanks to you, I handed everything I had to Winston, and wrote a detailed statement that implicates Raja Securities, enough to pull them out of the shadows. Winston will stop Musimbi. My obligations toward a quiet village in the middle of a desert are done. There is nothing more I can do now.”


“I know you work for Raja Securities,” Daven continued. “I know what they are, saw their work in Somali. I saw you fight them at The Hague. I know what you come from, Kian.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do.” Daven reiterated, meeting Kian’s gaze, holding it. “I know and I’m here with you. Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?”

Kian broke their gaze, staring into his coffee mug instead. His heart clenching tight as he realized it was time to tell Daven the truth, wishing there was a way to avoid it.

“My full name is Kian Raja.” Kian refused to look up to see Daven’s reaction. “That villainous Raja Securities you say you know belongs to my grandfather, Seiko Raja. He trained me from age six to take over. If you were looking for the head of the Serpent that would be me.”

Kian looked up to find Daven still sitting close to him.

“And?” Daven asked, his expression unchanged. There was acceptance in his green eyes, no sense of disgust, or anger. Just acceptance, it terrified Kian.

“What do you mean, ‘and’?”

“You’re the heir to a horrible organization. What does that change?”

“Everything, Daven,” Kian said, shaking his head. “You can’t stay with me. Taewon couldn’t, and you can’t either. Think of Naomi and her kids who are waiting for you. My life is not mine, no matter how much I run, they always find me. I have nothing for you.”

“Are you afraid they’ll kill me?” Daven asked.

Kian looked away from Daven and pushed his fingers through his hair.

Daven moved closer, taking Kian’s coffee mug, he placed it on the bedside table. He took Kian’s hand, and squeezed.

“You don’t think I noticed?” Daven asked, reaching up to touch Kian’s jaw. A soft touch that had Kian meeting Daven’s probing gaze. “Granted, Taewon noticed it first, but once he pointed it out, I couldn’t ignore it.”

“Noticed what?” Kian asked.

“Your feelings for me,” Daven said, softly.

Kian scoffed and tried to look away from Daven. Daven wouldn’t let him.


“Kian,” Daven said on a smile. “Taewon told me you never help anyone without knowing them. You must have watched Naomi’s house for a while. Discovered everything about me, and my family. Then there was you placing yourself in danger for me, over and over.”

Kian started to protest, but Daven stopped him by kissing him.

“Not to forget the kiss in the alley, before you went to face those bastards. When I got to you at the police station, you were mumbling about saving Naomi. Wanting to save her for me, keep her safe,” Daven said against his lips. “You wouldn’t care for my family if you didn’t have feelings for me.”

Kian pressed his forehead into Daven’s shoulder.

“My feelings mean nothing to you, Daven,” Kian said, in a whisper. “They’ll only bring you pain. Or have you living like Taewon. I can’t be responsible for that. I won’t see you on the run.”

Kian pushed Daven away from him. He got off the bed, and reached for the boxers Daven had thrown on the floor. Wearing them, he picked up his jeans still stained from the fight two days ago, or was it three days, he didn’t know the time. Wearing the stained jeans, he turned to find Daven watching him.

“This is not a game I’m playing,” Daven stated, a frown dancing on his forehead.

“I don’t think it is a game.” Kian gave up on the t-shirt he’d worn. The blood stain was too visible. He dropped the t-shirt on the armchair, and reached for the hotel robe. He needed to cover up. The fun part was over. It was time to move forward.


“Staying with me will get you killed, Daven. Is that what you want?” Kian asked, his hands at his hips as he faced Daven. “If it is, tell me. It will be disappointing after all I’ve done to keep you alive since Oakland. Aren’t you thinking of Naomi, and her two kids? Imagine what they’ll go through if you’re dead.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Life is not fair,” Kian stated. “If you stay with me, you’ll only see the worst of it, and none if it will resemble any kind of fairness, Daven. If you’re done with The Hague, we should get you on the next flight out of Schiphol to California. Go be with your family, open that practice Naomi keeps talking about.”

“You’re trying to hurt me, push me away.”

“I’m telling you what will keep you alive.” Kian pointed at the bed. “What we did on that bed, shouldn’t mean anything to you, Daven. I—”

Kian broke off, hating the fact that he needed to do this, needed to give up what he’d found in Daven’s arms. What he would never find again.

“I missed sex,” Kian said, his tone harsh. “After all the adrenaline, and the fighting, you were a great outlet. Now it’s over. Go home, Daven. I’ll make sure Raja Securities does not come after you.”

Kian turned away from Daven, and started for the living room determined to find the car keys. He remembered keeping a change of clothes in the trunk. After Daven was on a plane home, he needed to drive back to The Hague to get his duffel bags from the Central Station. Then he’d find the farthest island possible and sleep for a week.

Damn it, he hadn’t meant for his break up with Daven to turn so darned ugly. Cursing under his breath, he found the keys on a small table in the living room, and was reaching for them when Daven grabbed his arm.

“Hey,” Kian protested as Daven led him to the couch and threw him on to the comfortable cushions.

“Thank you for that horrible statement. It was hurtful and downright mean. Now it’s your turn to listen,” Daven said. “You weren’t the only one in that bed, Kian. I won’t have you cheapen our night together to sex as an outlet. If that’s what you think, you need a serious education on lovemaking.”


“I’m not done,” Daven said, his tone leaving no room for argument. “You’re going to have to work harder to chase me away, Kian. I’m not Taewon, who will do what you say without a fight. I keep what’s mine, and I’m claiming you, Kian Raja. Deal with it.”

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