Her New Daddy (taboo series 1)

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Chapter 1: Angry Angel

Aurora’s pov

Aurora was furious she didn’t want to leave she had just gotten off the phone with her mother whom had finally decided to contact her after months of ignoring Aurora’s calls. Instead of asking how her only daughter was or apologising for being a horrible mother she instead demanded that Aurora start packing her bags as her mother was making her go back to London tomorrow, as Aurora would now be continuing her studies in London, she was horrified by how insensitive her mother was being.

She didn’t want to leave, France had become her home after her mother shipped her off here when she was only 13. Aurora’s parents were only married for a year her mother divorced her father Francis when aurora was only 3 months old. Aurora’s mother Eliza at the time was in her prime as a supermodel and it seemed as she didn’t want to be burdened with a husband and newborn baby. Eliza didn’t even ask for shared custody and let Francishave sole custody of Aurora.

Aurora’s father was very caring and took up the role of both parents, however he got remarried to a horrible woman named Tatiana when Aurora was 9 years old. Aurora’s new step mother was even worse than her own mother, it was obvious that she was using her father just for money she could tell even when she was younger that Tatiana didn’t love her father.

The longer Tatiana stayed around the more
Aurora saw her father change, before he used to be caring and doting to his only daughter and put her before anyone. However, he was a fool in love when it came to Tatiana and would do anything to make her happy, and when Tatiana suggested to him to have Aurora put into a boarding school in France when she was 13, he didn’t argue with the idea. It was the first time Aurora shouted at her father, she felt betrayed by him.

Living with her mother was also not an option. Although her mother was never abusive it was clear she didn’t want to parent a child which is why Aurora was left to be raised by nannies. she never got to experience parental love after her father got remarried. When Aurora turned 13 her grandfather informed the family that Aurora would be the sole heir to the family fortune, and no other children would be entitled to it.

Aurora was his only grandchild, and suspected that her grandfather knew what kind of woman Tatiana was, therefore he put it all in Aurora’s name to keep the empire safe from her father’s stupidity.

Tatiana was furious when she found out, it was obvious she was trying to get pregnant even though it was clear her father didn’t want more, so she could leach off her child.

The attorney contacted Aurora and informed her that her grandfather had placed everything including his billion dollar real estate empire, all his properties and his money to aurora in his will. the attorney informed aurora that as the sole heir she would not have access to the company and the most of the money until she turned 21.

Until then Aurora would be given 2 million pounds a year in a personal bank account that only she had access to. Her mother was also present when the attorney read all the clauses and immediately became furious she demanded to be given the two million pounds instead of Aurora. The attorney immediately shut her mother down and said that her demands would never be met.

It was after this Aurora realised that she couldn’t rely on either of her parents to truly care for her. Within two weeks of the announcement and due to Tatiana’s scheming Aurora was shipped off to an all girls catholic boarding school, in the south of France.

Tears formed in her eyes as she remembered what happened 4 years ago, she missed how her father used to be especially when she was upset he always new how to make aurora feel better. needing to be comforted Aurora grabbed her bunny plushy belle, her father had given him belle as a birthday present when she was three.

Aurora sighed as she nuzzled her head into her stuffie even though she was 18 aurora couldn’t sleep without cuddling belle at night. It helped comfort her after having nightmares and whenever she got anxious she would cuddle her stuffie and it would make feel better.

Aurora didn’t want to leave France over the years she had made good friends with the other girls and also formed close relationships with the nuns who cared for them all. She was angry at her parents for doing this to her she finally settled into her new life, just to be ripped away and taken back to the place she hated the most. How could they expect Aurora to be ok with this!

Frustrated She slammed her face into her pillow and let out a muffled scream this startled her 3 month old husky puppy Apollo from his sleep causing him to let out small whines.

Picking him up she snuggled him close to her chest “I’m so sorry baby I didn’t mean to scare you” she gave him a peck on his nose and giggled when he started licking her face. At least she wouldn’t have to deal with her mother and father alone she would have belle and Apollo to comfort and support her.

Feeling her eyes start to well up again she decided to stop thinking too much and get ready for bed she would have to get up early tomorrow to pack everything. After showering and brushing her teach she changed in to her Disney princess undies and a large hoodie, without a bra on.

Making sure that Belle and Apollo were comfortably snuggled under the covers Aurora turned off the lights and switched her small heart shaped night light on. Closing her eyes she fell into a disturbed sleep not looking forward to tomorrow’s events.

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