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Sofia's life couldn't be any messier. She is in love with her English teacher. She knows it is wrong but she is unable to stop her feelings. Will she? WARNING: STUDENT-TEACHER ROMANCE Sofia Waters is a 18 year old nerd. No one would ever love a girl like her. Then she falls for a 21 year old person: Mason Williams. Then when she finds out that he is her English teacher, all she wanted was to the feelings to stop. But that is not how it works. She knows it is wrong and he would never like her and he probably must have someone. But she can't stop herself from falling more and more for him everyday. Deep down she doesn't want to fall out of love from him and she wants him to love her just the way she does. She doesn't know how things are going to work out.

Romance / Humor
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1: Call Me Mason

It was my first class of my first day, English. The class was almost full. We had took out our books and pencil cases. Then someone entered the class. He had brown hair which was bouncing up and down as he walked and he looked at us with his deep blue eyes. He went over and leaned on the teacher's table. His brown hair and blue eyes matched each other perfectly. I blushed at the sight of him. He was really handsome. I closed my mouth stopping myself from drooling.

I was about to tell him that it was the teachers table and they won’t be happy when he spoke.

“Good Morning Class, I am your English teacher, Mason Williams.” He said as his deep voice hit my eardrums.

My jaw dropped. He is a teacher! He is so young to one. I mean he looks so young, I mistaken him to a student. I fumble in my seat, my cheeks red as I look down and my black hair falls in front of my brown eyes, blocking the view. I always liked to sit in the front seat, just in front of the teacher’s table. But now his beautiful smelling cologne was hitting my nostrils and distracting me. I pushed my blue glasses up and looked at him.

His gaze traveled from one person to another and then it stopped on me. I turn my head away, cheeks red. There is no way he will ever notice me or like me, then why do I want him to?

No shit Sofia, you did not just fall for him. He is your teacher. And think about the age gap. He probably has someone already. And that is illegal. I wanted my mind to stop thinking the way it was thinking about him.

“But call me Mason, no need to call me by my surname. After all I am just 21.” He chuckled.

His laugh sent shivers down my spine. He is 21! Do you even get a job at that age? I mean how can he? I am 18 and he is 21? I think I have a chance and it won’t be illegal despite the fact that he is a teacher. God damn it.

What the heck are you thinking Sofia? I scold myself.

“Open your books to page number 32.” He shoots us all a smile and says.

Even though I don’t want to, I blush harder.

Get yourself together, he will notice.

I say to myself. I turn here and there until I find the page number. He chuckles. I look up and see him looking down at me as he stands in front of my table.

“Need help?” he gives me a sly smirk as he walks away.

What the heck was that? What was with that comment? Well whatever. He starts writing on the board but I don’t see what. I was busy staring at his slender body and the way his hands moved when he talked, his shirt tight on his chest and his hair in a mess which makes him look somehow hotter. I shake my head. What am I even thinking?

“Who will write this sentence in passive voice for me?” Mason asks as he looks around the class.

A couple of hands shoot up including mine.

“Let’s see,” he thinks.

“Um...Miss....?” he asks as he looks at me, his gaze locking to mine.

I turn around to see if he was asking me. My cheeks turn pink.

“Sofia. Sofia Waters.” I mutter as I stand up stumbling and walk over to the board.

“Sofia. Do this please.” He says smiling.

The way he said my name made me want to bang my head in a wall. What was happening to me? I take the chalk he is holding as my fingers brush against his. I quickly turn to the board trying to hide my burning face.

“What is with that face huh?” he asks as he whispers leaning in.

My head shots up as I stop writing. He gives me the same smirk.

“Faster Sofia.” He smiles.

I turn around, blushing harder as I finish the sentence.

“Good job Sofia.” He smiles as he takes the chalk form my hand.

I walk back to my seat as I blush. His touch made me feel weird. I sit down still blushing as he continues the lesson. I cannot hear anything he said all I was thinking about was his touch.

Wow. Good job. I swear I will fail English this year.

He gives us homework as the bell rings. Everyone quickly exits and I am still putting my books in my backpack. I stand up quickly as Mason is standing at his table.

Yes he told us to call him by his name and that is what I will do. I walk hurriedly over to the door and I trip on my own shoelace. I am the clumsiest girl in this whole universe. I fall but Mason knows how to catch falling students who are also falling for him as he grabs me and my whole body slams into his.

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