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4 princes far apart find themselves a wife & have to pursue them to make them fall in love and help them succeed the throne. its an alluring romance. the great divine kings summoned the dragon gods and asked for many solutions. After the young offspring turned 2, the dragon gods themselves spoke from above the beauty of the clouds, “These four princes will have to get married before they turn fifteen, and go through many tests and hardships with thier beloved wives who should be a mere country girl, and live together with each other with peace and glory. if they win the confidence of the people before they are twenty-five years old,they will be successing the iron throne after their fathers’ and if they fail the next generation will be rewarded succession as we will train them. the four prince have to live together for ten years in our landing and you all will be truly informed of their actions with time." time passed and the four princes were about to be fourteen. their mothers feared concubines & fathers feared them not finding a wife. every one was eager to know what would happen next including me but who knew the curse was spell upon no one else but me and three others.

Romance / Fantasy
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Cressida agnes [water] Prince Aegeus Drakos

Evelyn Anagnos [fire] Prince Cy Kiriakidis

Penelope Loannidou [sky] Prince Alesandro Callas

Aurora Gabela [ice] Prince Adrian Castellanos

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