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Relationship at any age and form has its complications, due to the inner complicated emotions of the heart and the ever-changing circumstances in these relationships. Some relationships can withstand these everso challenging forces, but in most cases, romantic relationships end, failing to withstand these storms. Often these relationships end individually or mutually, but either case is fallible to heartbreak. In most cases, breakups and separation require the declaration of discontinuation but ever so often relationships end without such a declaration. Those relationships without an official end create much confusion for individuals, as they lack closure and clarity of the direction of their relationship. In most cases, such relationships end suddenly, without consent or consideration, which makes moving on difficult for individuals, as the conclusion of their relationship is the result of forces outside of their control. When Alec and Brielle have the chance to receive closure; they accept it, ignoring the consequences, of their last encounter. An unofficial end is still an end; love without a relationship is still love, and time continues, even in happiness and suffering, time is constant without end.

Romance / Drama
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“Did you forget?”

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