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It was a winter night in New York City, the sky was dark, and the streets were crowded with cars, their headlights blinding and the snow-covered sidewalks were filled with people bundled in coats walking quickly to their destinations. It was a typical weeknight, restaurants crowded with people, the city alive, the subway station packed with people commuting. Brielle hurried down the step, not wanting to delay those behind her, and become a pest to those who needed to arrive at their planned destination on schedule. Below, Alec stood there waiting for his car, his hands empty, waiting for her to be the center of his attention.

“Alec,” she called softly as she approached his side, not wanting to gain attention or become a public disturbance, for the many waiting after a long busy day of work, needing peace and rest. He turned to her and smiled acknowledging her presence and return staring at the tracks. She smiled in return and too stared at the tracks beginning to listening to him talk, as he always did.

“I miss the summer, the sun shining so brightly, attempting to burn our skin. Remember our trip back to California this summer, the salty ocean breeze, the tides, the sand between our toes, the seaweed washing up the shore and the people smiling and laughing, I really miss that. You were so happy, you were constantly smiling, your hair down, freely laughing and enjoying yourself like the whole world was at peace. I miss your sweet voice singing to the music that played as we got ready, and how we would cook dinner. That was the happiest I ever was, with you.” Alec said with smiling reflecting the past.

As he continued to recall the past, the memories of that summer replayed in her head; waking up next to him every morning, sleeping till the sun rose, the apartment filled with their voices singing along to their playlists, lying on the couch talking with snacks, the beach days with brunch at the cafe and swimming in the ocean together, the sand clinging onto their bodies, the grocery store trips together, the dinners they made, the nights they spent intertwining their souls and his smile and laughter. Her heart began to ache, at the fondness of the memories, those two weeks they spent together, in LA. But before she could reply their subway train arrived. They entered the train together, she followed him to the left end of the cart holding the handles by each other.

“Do you want to go on a vacation together again?.” She asked after the subway began to move, looking at his face to observe his expression.

“Did you forget?” Alec asked no longer facing her, his voice soft, with such tenderness that made her heart begin to ache.

“What?” She asked confused at his statement, she could not recall any particular thing he said that would not allow him to take days off work or any attachment he had that would not permit him to go on a short trip with her.

“I’m dead.” He said emotionless as if it was common sense, a fact that should be known by every living thing in the universe.

The violent storm of emotion began to rage, the sadness, and confusion inside her began to suffocate her; tears began to fall from her eyes like a waterfall. In the silence, she sobbed uncontrollably choking on her tears, choking on the storm of emotions in her heart, unable to suppress.

She returned to the state she tried so desperately to cease remaining in.

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