Becoming Normal

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Inspired by the true story of the author, minus the romance, unique love story is a must to be read during April which is Autism Awareness Month. Senior year of high school is already starting off well for Tanner Gray, he's got his whole life planned out, and he can't wait to share it with his best friend and girlfriend. That is until he meets Autumn Blanchard, a shy and mysterious outcast he's known since Freshman year. When he finally talks to her, he learns the reason behind her odd behavior, she's diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Because of her disability, Autumn couldn't imagine a popular guy like Tanner to be talking to her, thinking it's part of a joke. But when the opposite pair start spending time together, Tanner starts to see a whole new side of Autumn, and at the same time, the two grow closer to each other. But being an Aspie is not easy for Autumn, all she wants is to be normal, but she knows she can't. She has to suffer from her disability every day, while at the same time dealing with the people who see her as the odd one out. But Tanner isn't going to let that happen, he will do anything to give Autumn the Senior year she deserves. This is no normal romantic story, it's different, it's unique.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The world is filled with minds of different thoughts and ideas, some for the better, some for the worse. Not everyone is the same, sure there are some people who are alike, but some people are more different. Just like their fingerprints, everyone is unique, and sometimes they forget that. For Tanner Gray, he knows he’s unique, but at the same time, he feels like an average high school student.

Born with no special conditions, Tanner has been living his life like any other teen. Living through ups and downs, he enjoys his life in the town of Redmond Washington. Having lived in the town all his life, he was about to start his first day of being a Senior at his high school along with his friends, specifically his best friend Max, and along with his girlfriend of 3 years Dayna.

The morning of the first day back at school started like any other day at school, Tanner would drive his car and park it in the Student parking lot as soon as he found a parking spot. Since it was the first day back, the campus was crowding with students old and new. Unlike most students who were nervous to go back, Tanner felt disappointed to have his summer vacation end already, but at the same time he knew it was his last year of high school, and he had his friends to spend it with.

Once he managed to find a parking spot to park his car, he took a deep breath while looking at his reflection in the mirror and fixing his hair a bit.

“First day back,” he said to himself with a sigh “Don’t ruin it.”

After stepping out of his car and heaving his backpack onto one shoulder, he started to stroll towards the school when he soon heard a familiar voice call from afar that made him stop.

“Yo Tanner!”

Already knowing who it was, he turned around to see his best friend Max jogging towards him. His black thick-rimmed glasses slightly bouncing on his nose as his backpack swayed back and forth from behind.

“Hey, Max!” Tanner greeted with a smile as they did their manly handshake.

“We’re finally Seniors!” Max exclaimed with a smile “How does it feel to be top of the school?”

“To be honest... I don’t feel much change.”

“Oh come on, we’re Seniors, that means we get more respect now, and-” he nudged Tanner’s arm while winking “More possibilities with the ladies.”

“Dude” Tanner snickered “First of all, I’m with Dayna, and second of all, just because you’re a Senior now doesn’t mean all the girls are gonna fall for you, I mean you still haven’t been on a date since the 8th grade.”

“Shh!” Max hissed while motioning around “Don’t ruin my chances, the ladies could hear.”

He chuckled as he patted Max’s shoulder.

“I think your chances are already ruined” he sneered.


Tanner gave another chuckle as they made their way inside the school. Another year inside the same school since the beginning, and so far it appeared that nothing had changed.

“Looking the same so far” Max reported while examining the place “Expect for the new people.”

Tanner noticed that there were a lot of new students, not knowing if they were new to the town or just Freshman. But as he was glancing around, he suddenly felt hands smacking down on his shoulders making him jump as he turned around to face his brown-eyed and blonde girlfriend who began to laugh.

“Real funny Dayna” he smirked as they went into a quick kiss.

“We’re finally Seniors” she squealed while squeezing his arms “I feel so achieved. I mean we came all this way since Kindergarten, and now we’re top of the school, feel great doesn’t it?”

“Still kinda feels the same to me” he confessed with a slight shrugged “All I know is that it’s gonna get a whole lot harder, and the only thing to think about is grades, and graduating.”

“Yeah” Dayna and Max moaned in agreement.

“Although I do look pretty cute in a cap and gown” Dayna put in while tilting her head.

“You haven’t even worn a cap and gown before” Tanner stated.

“That doesn’t mean I know I’ll look cute in it” she smiled as he chuckled “Oh by the way, did you get your schedule yet? I wanna see what classes we have together.”

“Yeah” he replied as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his class schedule “Let’s see here.”

But just as he was unfolding the paper, a girl with lengthy auburn brown hair suddenly bumped into his side causing him to shift back.

“Sorry” she apologized shyly as she walked off with her head down while clutching her binder.

Tanner immediately recognized her as Autumn Blanchard, a shy, quiet, and mysterious girl he’s known since Freshman year. He didn’t know her personally due to the fact that he barely thought of her, but all he knew was that she was considered an outcast, he noticed that she was always by herself and she barely spoke to anyone.

“So-” Dayna spoke up catching his attention “You got any classes with me?”

Snapping out of his thoughts, Tanner unfolded his schedule and compared his classes to Dayna’s.

“Aw,” she pouted “We only have one class together, and it’s Calculus, what do you know.”

But before they could complain more, the bell rang as everyone started to head off to their first-period class.

“We’ll catch up later” Tanner reminded them as they took off in different directions.

Now heading to his first class, Tanner looked back at his schedule and sighed.

“I hate math” he grunted.

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