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I want to kiss you." "Huh?" He was speechless, I was so not backing out. I wanted to kiss him. So, I will. "I want to kiss you, can I kiss you?" "Stay away from me." I yelled, I was seeing red and tried shoving him, but it was of no use. Hulk. "Why?" He asked, still confused. "I can't let it happen again." My anger turning into fresh builded up tears. Why did this happen every single time? Why? "I'll never let you fall." He placed his palm on my cheeks. I wanted to say, that I did a long time ago. _________ Emarald O'Connel is everything a guy can ask for. Sweet. Innocent. Most all sarcastic. Just perfect. But no one can be that perfect, now can they? Brett Hartwell is your typical bad boy. Eyes anyone could die for. Trouble. Sexy and handsome. For any 'bad boy' leather jacket and behaving like jerk is just a must. "There is always a story behind a bad boy." This is what she thinks and is just adamant on climbing his walls. "It's the eyes that made me lose." Is the reason he just can't let her lose. His hazel. Her jerk. His light in darkness. Her savior. His peaceful haven. Her happiness. Can these two people who were trying to get away from their demons alone, find each other? Can they start fresh? And most importantly, can they fall in love? 'Why does this falling feels like flying?'

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Every girl's dream is to find a bad boy at the right time, when he wants to not be bad anymore- TAYLOR SWIFT


Chapter 1

First Time

Emarald's POV:-

"I'm so gonna miss you sweetie." My aunt Ellani said, sobbing on my shoulder blade while hugging me. I clutched on to her, she was like my mum. I'll so miss her and that is what I told her.

"I'll miss you too, you all are everything I have." A lone tear tried to escape my eye and succeeded.

I bid them goodbye one by one and to say tears were shed would be an understatement. The most who cried was Ben, my cousin who's two years older than me. That's why I did not like leaving the People I loved, it just makes me feel so crumpled on the inside which is something I have honestly experienced way too much.

But finally. One thing is honestly good that I won't be treated like everyone needs to walk on eggshells around me. Oh, so let me rewind.

I am Emarald Lilibeth O'Connell with crazy long brown hair and an average looking face, I guess. The one word to describe me is plain. Very, that is.

The reason that I am admiring my good looks today might be because I'm leaving the house in which I had lived for the past two years and I want to think of anything but that because I'm going to miss my aunt, uncle and cousins like crazy, they are everything I have now but it was my decision to leave this place and move to parent's house in which they lived before having me and my elder brother, which is another reason why I want to move on.

I went out of the house and to the uber waiting for me. Opening the door, I sat while the driver filled the luggage in the back. It was a five hour drive so till then I plugged in my earplugs and picked a random song waiting for it to fill my ear by some of the soothing peace I have been hoping to get somehow.

My mind wandered to everyone else's life and thought that maybe I could be able to live my way not that it was any different from right now but I'll be at least slightly with peace with my thoughts.

And somehow I was back to square one and again thinking of that dreadful night. It was horrendous in more ways than one, I lost everything that day, my parents, my only friend which would not be called a friend for what had happened, my life, my a little bubbly and playful self and mostly myself. Which was again because of me that it all happened, I could have stopped it from the start. I could have. That's why I got what I deserved. No, I didn't cry but what I felt inside was much worse.

On the rest of my way, I was thinking about going to my new high school for completing senior year when my uber driver parked in front of my house.

I was in the house where my mother got pregnant with my brother, Ethan, it was all so fresh about that day when she told me that dad got her pregnant before marriage and Ethan was laughing so hard when mum scolded dad and he replied with "I would go back again in time and this time get you pregnant knowing about that." He was just like that always laughing and goofing around but I became the reason for his tears that night, I should never be happy.

I entered the house after unlocking it and went inside with my stuff.

The walls were plain beige and it was dust everywhere. It was kind of a narrow way with a coat hanger on the left. Going further ahead there was drawing room with a plain glass wall and set of couches were huddled in front of each other. On the left was the kitchen, an all black one which looked really sexy. Why did mom and dad left this place? It was by far better than our old house. Chairs around the kitchen island were placed neatly.

I checked the other rooms but just went to take the one which was upstairs. The door was of oak and very dark brown. I opened it and there it was, my room I felt it. It was the one for me, simple. It had an attached bathroom and a little but walk in closet.

First I got all the closet filled with my clothes, which took three hours. My phone showed that it was eleven and I knew if I even thought about being awake for five more minutes I would be hospitalised. Exasperation, not.

Next morning when I woke up, I saw that I was already late for school. So I ran to the bathroom, literally and took a warm bath which was highly needed.

I chose to wear a dark blue crop top, a full sleeves blue and white checkered shirt, a light blue denim jeans with white vans and tied my hair in a loose plat. I took my bag and went downstairs deciding to just skip breakfast.

I typed the school's address and it wasn't far so I started to walk. When I reached a block away I could see the board on which was written Riverview High School. The parking lot was completely filled with cars and was empty. I was definitely late.

I went to the office which was in the very front to take my time-table and the map of school. When I reached there I saw a thin and short women in her maybe mid forties in front of the table.

Hearing my clattering of shoes she turned around and asked politely,"Yes, How may I help you miss..?" Saying while going around the table to sit at her desk.

"Emarald O'Connel, new student." I answered.

"Miss O'Connel, I was waiting for you." She handed me the timetable and the map."Your first class is just down the hall in room 007. Is there anything else in which I can help you?"

"No, thank you." I shook my head, all the while smiling politely.








After leaving the office, I went to the first class which was English. The teacher was already in class so when I came in she was staring, no staring daggers at me, very precisely. I handed her my schedule and then she pointed at a seat in the back which was available.

I took the seat and put my bag down after taking the books out. The teacher continued on with her lesson but my eyes and mind had another plan, as they started to roam around. This class just showed the definition of cliche. I could easily point out the jocks, cheerleaders and bookworms. But who was on the seat beside me took the whole purpose of my attention, he was, he was something else entirely. All the bad boy vibes were coming off of him but damn my brain, he was hot.

The worst thing was while I was noticing this or should I say my shameless staring he was looking directly at me but he wasn't so happy about it I guess because he was almost scowling. I made a face to which his scowl turned into a grin. What? Did I miss something?

I took this opportunity to study him. He was at least 6'3, I couldn't say surely, he was sitting. He had a bright face that could make anyone smile, it was looking so good from the little rays of sun falling from the window. He had green eyes, the forest green kind, best eyes I have ever seen. He had dimples and can I say perfect lips? Because he had them. I could make out the muscles inside his t-shirt with a lean figure.

I came out of my day dreaming when the bell rang. I got up picking up my belongings in the process to head to find my locker.

It was very easy to find so I reached there with ease and saw the same guy I met in class. I realised that he was standing just a couple of lockers down me when I met his gaze. He was already watching me intently like figuring something out but then glared at someone behind me and speed walked to I think his class.

I turned around and headed to find my next class which was AP Biology.

In Biology the teacher introduced me to everyone and then I sat on the second desk beside a guy.

"Hi, I'm Joey Parker." he said.

"Hey" I said and added with a smile, "It's nice to meet you Joey." He was cute but not nearly as that one in English.

And after the class got over, he offered me to join him for lunch as lunch was after second period. We talked our way to the cafeteria. It was better than the one I went in freshman year, I was homeschooled the rest and now I was here. There were three large tables and the rest were small. In the centre one were the jocks, footballers and cheerleaders. Joey took me to his table and four people were sitting there.

He introduced me to everyone,"This is Hannah, Anne, Jasper and Mike. Guys behave." Turning to me he continued,"They are a little whackjob in the head." Anne shrugged and I smiled a little.

And then hi's and hello's started. Hannah was crazy about shopping, I could tell. She already started planning about when to go but I wasn't interested and of course I did not say anything against it, I just met them and I could come out rude for showing this much lack of response. We talked a while about random topics asking about each other.

After a lot of talking I tuned out of the conversation and looked around the cafeteria, my eyes got stuck on one though. He was not looking at me but seemed somehow worried, the familiar green eyes appeared irritated now. And there sat a girl beside him who was really beautiful, might be the head cheerleader as appeared from her clothes and I just knew that he was irritated because of her.

"Do you know who he is?"I turned around and asked Anne pointing towards him.

She looked up from her phone and answered quickly,"He is Brett Hartwell, the bad boy troublemaker of our school." She was so cheerful I thought to myself. "Hot, isn't he?"

I didn't reply and asked her another question. "And who is the girl sitting next to


"Oh! She is the head cheerleader, Jennifer Moore, daughter of a rich father and you wouldn't want to talk to her, she's mean." was all she said.

"She can't be that bad." I said to which she gagged.

After a while the bell rang and the other periods went easily. But in all of them, he was there too.



I woke up with my mom's voice so amazed that she is still so beautiful but she was yelling at me to get downstairs. Shit, I realised that I had only half an hour left for school. I ran to take a shower and get ready.

After getting ready I went downstairs to eat something. My mom was waiting for me as usual, at least someone was there. I quickly hugged her and ate my food. Said bye to mum and left on my jet black Cadillac ATS V-6 which my father gifted me as a peace offering last year, not that he was able to make me forgive him, that would never happen. Not even one of my nine brothers were here so I just left to school.

Ten minutes later when I reached there I saw that Jenny was waiting for me.

She was good but I only get on with a girl once, so she should be leaving me alone but she never gets the memo.

How many times will I have to tell her that I am not interested in her?

I headed towards the class with Jake ignoring her was the best option, I could not deal with her. He was my best friend which might be because he was the only one who knew me or because he was my only friend till now. Yes, in my eighteen years of existence he was my only friend.

I reached in time, which is a first and sat at the last seat with Jake on my right.

As the class started, a girl came in. She must be new. I couldn't look at her properly her hair were hiding most of her face. She sat quickly beside me. She was looking everywhere and then when I met her gaze I was mesmerised. She was just.... Perfect.

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