My friends dad is in love with me

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So astastasia go's over to here friend's house one day and she never thought her friend stella's dad would flirt with her Spoiler she ends up marrying her friends dad

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

astastasia's pov

I am going over to my friend's house today and i never thought my friend stella's dad would flirt with me but he did and I couldn't just not flirt back so I flirted back and later in the day I went to nap in one of the guest rooms and little did I know he was going to join me.

Stella's dads pov: my daughter brought here friend over and I fell in love with her so when Anastasia went to take a nap I snuck into the room but I never imagined her sleeping in her bra and shorts Damn she is sexy I whispered as I got into bed next to her and started kissing her

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