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Was it Fate or Destiny?

By Mrisa W. All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Sometimes the universe seems to bring fateful souls together, or at least that what it seems like. Josh though never showing it, was as broken as they come. Megan though bubbly was still running from her past. You could say they were the perfect match. Though how could two broken souls really learn to allow the other to see all of them? Unless maybe for the first time in their lives, the universe was working in their favour but then again, who really believed in the whole Fate and Destiny concept? However, having a little hope never hurt anyone because something broken could always be repaired.

Chapter 1: Meeting

Josh opened his eyes a little dreading the fact that he had to go to his new school all because his grandfather had decided that after one whole school year, it was now impractical for Josh to be going to a different school from his brother; Damon. Josh wouldn’t have been all that annoyed had he actually hate Palm Beach High School and made no friends what so ever. Which is why he was grateful for his negotiation skills, which made him convince his grandfather to transfer his best friend; Jake as well.It was after all his only condition in the agreement that he went from Palm Beach High School to Ocean View High School.

Josh turned towards his alarm clock and hit the snooze button and then turned away from the clock, content that he had stopped the whining. It didn’t really matter if he was just a little bit late for his first day of school, that what he thought at least. All he wanted to do was to catch up on some well-deserved sleep before getting ready for a full day of class that he wasn’t in any way ready or excited for.

“Josh, you better be up and getting ready.” Damon’s voice could be heard from the bottom of the stairs.

Letting out a frustrated groan, Josh sat up looking rather irritated.

“Well I’m up now,” He yelled loud enough for his brother to hear “Thanks to my pain in the side older brother.”

“Oh quit whining and just get yourself downstairs,” Damon yelled back before making his way into the kitchen.

Josh knowing that since Damon was older, which meant that he was stronger than he was, knew that it was in his best interest to just drag his tired self into the bathroom and shower. Damon could and most likely would enter his room and violently drag him into the shower if he didn’t start getting ready in the next minute or two. Reluctantly and fearfully Josh swung his sheets away from him and proceeded to make his way towards his bathroom. The cold water woke him up instantly.

Downstairs, Damon continued to make breakfast for his brother knowing very well he may not wake up in the best of moods. Like he really ever did. After about 10 minutes Josh came down, a towel dipped on his shoulders, his dirty blonde hair still dripping.

“Come on,” Damon commanded, “We haven’t go all day.”

“I was planning on getting an apple and some money and then going on my way.” Josh defended

“I don’t even know why I bother with you sometimes.” Damon sighed, giving up and started to clear the table, storing all the food in the fridge

“Simple,” Josh started flashing a smile “you love me.”

Damon ignored his comment and made his way towards the main door, he wasn’t going to be late because of his brother. Josh joined him, an apple in hand and towel left on the chair. They opened the door to find Jake standing at the door about to knock. Josh gave Jake a nod, which Jake returned while Damon locked the door.

“Don’t you look excited?” Jake asked Josh

“Definitely, can’t you see how I’m just leaping with joy?” Josh replied sarcastically while making his way down the front steps and turning onto the path towards school, Jake walking beside him.

“In all honestly I’m actually looking forward to seeing the great halls of Ocean View High,” Jake told him

“This is why I prefer you over him,” Damon told Jake while nudging Josh forwards so he was in step with Jake instead

“You say it as if I care,” Josh said walking backwards facing the two of them

“Deep down, wherever that heart of yours is, you do,” Damon said

“Whatever you tell yourself to live on,” Josh teased and walked facing forward

They continued their walk to school in idol conversation with the usually teasing. It wasn’t as if Josh and Jake hadn’t been to Ocean View before, they’d been plenty of times to watch Damon play his basketball matches. Though they were always cheering for the opposite team had Palm Beach been playing, which Damon didn’t appreciate but then again he honestly didn’t care.

As they walked Josh looked around at all the houses, almost all identical to theirs, which would be confusing but each house had a least a little bit of originality to it. He hadn’t really been living with his brother for that long but it wasn’t such a massive town that he could really get lost. After all, this was Jacksonville, Florida. Simple and straightforward nothing like back in Lake City where he was born and raised.

Once they’d reached the school gate Damon turned around to face them, a hint of concern and warning shown on his face.

“I’ve been going here since forever,” Damon started “I haven’t really brought you up that much Josh cause well you just weren’t a part of my life.”

“No one knowing who I am is fine with me, I don’t really care.” Josh shrugged

“Yeah okay,” Damon sighed relieved “I’ll show you guys where everything is but first I’ve got to say hi to someone.”

“Do we follow you or just wait for you?” Jake asked a little confused

“Follow me, I mean it’ll be good to meet people in your grade anyway,” Damon replied turning and walking through the gates towards the main door of the school.

Jake and Josh followed suit giving each other confused looked but either way continued to follow Damon. They passed a few lockers and some classes and of course, there were people hanging around in the hallways talking to each other, a few glanced up from their conversations, mainly girls to peer at the two new boys who were now walking the halls. Summer stories were soon forgotten the farther they entered the school, as everyone started to realise that Damon, the star basketball players was walking with two new people they had never really seen before. One thing no one seemed to do was stop to ask Jake and Josh who they were.

Damon turned a corner and they came towards a door. They could hear fragments of a conversation going on within the room. Damon hesitated; he didn’t open the door right away as if he was trying to hear what was being said on the other side.

“They’re both apparently boys.” A girls voice could be heard saying

Taking a deep breath and plastering on a smile, Damon then opened the doors and walked through. Jake and Josh continuing to follow behind him, a little more unsure of what was truly going on.

“You’re definitely right about that Molly,” Damon said as he came face to face with a group of girls that were in what seemed to be a music room.

All the girls in the room turned to face him at the sound of his voice. Then a girl with waist length blonde hair and deep blue eyes placed her bass guitar down and did a little ran towards Damon's now open arms. They embraced each other and shared a simple sweet kiss before the girl turned to face Jake and Josh, confusion following over her face a little.

“Are these them?” she whisper asked, Damon

“Pretty much,” Damon said releasing her and going to stand between Jake and Josh “Ladies, to my right is Jake Smith and to my left is my brother Josh Edwards.”

At the last part, Damon stood there feeling a little bit awkward and trying to prevent eye contact with his girlfriend who at the moment was hiding her anger for the sake of first impressions towards Jake and Josh. She was anger because after 2 years of dating, never once had Damon mentioned he had a brother.

“Well I’m Jasmine Jones,” Damon’s girlfriend finally introduced herself “I’m guessing you’re both juniors.”

Jake and Josh nodded.

“Oh you’re with me, Megan, Emily and Lisa,” A small petite girl with black hair that was dyed blue at the tips and hazel eyes said, “I’m Molly Heart.”

“I’m Emily Johnson.” A redhead whose hair was of medium length waved, she was tall with brown eyes.

“Lisa Jones, Jasmine’s younger sister.” the blonde with pixie cut hair smiled, her blue eyes gleaming, Jasmine and her could be considered twins almost

“I’m a senior with Damon and Jasmine,” a brunette said taking a sip of something in a water bottle, her brown eyes seemed a bit cloudy “Name's Sam.”

At each introduction, Jake and Josh smiled waving. There was one girl at in the corner of the room who hadn’t said anything because she was talking to someone on the phone.

“Are you guys all in a band?” Jake asked looking at the instruments

“Kind of,” Emily replied blushing

“We’re really only just starting out,” Molly said twirling her hair clearly nervous

“Please, we sound amazing,” Jasmine assured them

Sam and Lisa nodded in encouragement and agreement.

“Do you guys play?” Sam asked “I can see you playing, Jake you look like a drummer, strong arms and all. Josh, though, maybe keyboard or guitar. You seem like a deep type.”

Jake gave a small smile to Sam’s comment and ran his fingers through his jet-black hair avoiding making eye contact with her.

“Don’t be taken back,” Damon said, “Sam’s known to never keep her thoughts to herself.”

Everyone else in the room laughed at this except Jake and Josh. That was the first time that day that they felt so out of place with everyone else who seemed to know each other so well.

“You only live once.” Sam said shrugging making her way towards the door and when she passed Jake and Josh she stopped to face them again “I’m single by the way.” With a wink, she walked out the door.

Jake blushed a little and Josh rolled his eyes. Damon chuckled a little shaking his head at his friend before proceeding to grab Jasmine’s hand and dragging her out of the room with him.

“I guess we can show you around,” Emily said

“It only makes sense, I mean we probably have classes with you anyway.” Molly continued, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear

“I suggest you pack up your instruments first,” Lisa advised them

The girls nodded. Emily started packing the drums, Molly the keyboard and Lisa started packing up her sister’s guitar. The blond who had been on the phone the whole time Jake and Josh had entered the room finally got off it and turned to face them for the first time. The shock was evident on her face when she made eye contact with Josh. Her chocolate brown eyes meet his sea blue ones and it was as if she had just been hit in the chest because she found him irresistible.

“Hey.” She said finding her voice and closing her mouth a little

“Hi,” Josh replied not sharing the same reaction upon seeing her

“Hey, I’m Jake Smith and this is Josh Edwards,” Jake piped in “We’re new, Molly was just about to start kind of being our buddy for the day. Showing us around and all.”

Molly blushed at this because she had said no such thing but she couldn’t bring herself to look at Jake, she would have turned even more crimson and possible die of embarrassment. She couldn’t show she was swooning at the arrival of Jake and Josh, more specifically at Jake.

Josh rolled his eyes knowing full well Jake’s methods of flirtation but he was also smiling at how the girls they’d just meet were already swooning over them just a little. Especially that Sam girl who had made it clear she was attracted to them both.

“Oh welcome, oh my gosh you must have thought I was so rude. I was just talking to my brother about tonight’s dinner plans,” The blonde girl explained as she let her shoulder length hair fall from its bun “I’m Megan Williams by the way.”

Josh gave her a smile, which she returned and that’s when he noticed how gorgeous she actually was. With her tanned skin and perfectly shaped body, it was clear that she worked out or at least took care of herself. She was close to model like, it was her smile that created that aroma of her true beauty.

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