5 Hounds and a Woman.

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Olivia McCarthy is now a servant of one prestigious household. 5 different males capture her beauty and fights for her heart. Who will it be? “I am a man of many names. Lord and Angel being one of them, maiden. And yet, Who are thou?” The male figure, remarked, as he smirked an audible smirk. Olivia heard it clear with nuisances. “I am Olivia. But lest I receive a name for calling? Be fair upon me, for I have returned thee the favour.” The man scoff at how brave Olivia was being. Astonished at how she was quick to cope. Unaware that they were standing in the dark. My arms looped around her waist. -is she not bothered that I could kill her? Nevertheless, the male cleared his throat. And spoke the very words that widened her eyes larger with sudden realization. “I am...........”

Romance / Thriller
J.N Williams
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Tediously he strolled in the room, hands dived in his pocket, eyes loomed over his parents rageful red faces. Deathly stares radiated the room.

He knew the incident wouldn’t be left unseen by his parents. The lady showed no interest in hiding away the sightful sin.

The infatuating beauty she displayed urged him so strongly, that he had no control over himself. She was a dame full of addiction.

And he was abducted by it.

“Cliffton, my son.” Her mother began, as she took a few steps to her son, meeting him half way. Her voice held purely her rage, but she did her best to hide it away.

“Your actions have been seen throughout Italy.”

“Mother. It wasn’t my intention. The lady at fault was the beautiful dame -She possessed me to do it.” He edged on, lifting a hand in exasperation. He intended on walking away sane, and he needed someone dumbly lower than his ranking to blame upon.

What better one, then an underpaid lady-in-waiting? She could easily be replaced by any other fair virgin.

“Son. Be it her or you, the result was still displayed. Everyone has seen her as she parades about in the house. It’s disgraceful!” She cried, this time she was frugally madden at her son’s answer. Her neat bum, wobbled on her head, as she ironed her dress, in a manner that she was dusting away her anger.

She knew of his son’s mischief nights. Sleepless as he roamed around with every maiden they replaced. One after the other. His son’s illness for women, medically incurable. She couldn’t calm her rage, once she heard her son’s rehearsed words.

Another used lie, she thought. One, she had heard so much, it almost became the anthem for Italy. But luckily, her husband was quick to calm her lady, as he placed a soft hand on her shoulders. Signaling her, that she had said enough.

Cliffton stood, mouth ajar ready to speak, to defend, but the other male had his own to say. His silence was over, he had seen and heard enough. It was his turn to speak his thoughts off his son’s cheeky unholy plays.

“Cliffton.” His tone was firm and serious. Hostility plenty as he crossed an arm over his chest. Nose flared as he spoke. His voice clear and thinned in the room.

“This childish attitude should come to an end. I am done with blinding your behavior, son. I demand that this, ends now.” His voice rose, but he fastly relaxed.

Cliffton tensed, as he saw that both his parents were angered at his action. Seeing that all that he had said was pointless. They’ve heard it all, and he needed a new excuse quickly. Something to ease the tension that was evident in the room.

His ungrown-up act clearly unforgiven.

“Father. It was never my fault. I didn’t even know s-”

“I bloody don’t care Cliffton!” He boomed, waving a hand ragingly in the air. Tired of his son’s behavior.

The man was 23 years old, and he still behaved as if he was a 15-year-old delinquent. And what he has done now, was disgraceful and dis-honorable for their kingly name.

He was acting less of a King.

“If I have to disown you, I will swiftly. It is time that your behavior like a sane valiant man -a duke!” He yelled out the last part, one hand flying in the air, as he dramatically exasperated the last part.

Being a Duke, meant responsibility and chivalry. Not havoc and plays. If he showed none of that, then what good did he do?

Cliffton was to be the next Duke as him, and with the rumors he had built on the family name, the man desperately needed to stop.

Death even.

The deeds he partook; the crimes he had embarked himself upon? No man had the rights to carry the King name. It was out of idiotic love, that this man was still breathing.

Cliffton stood, mind cranking in thoughts. He couldn’t protest any longer. His father had rights and reasons. It wasn’t a lie, when he took time to think. His action was unacceptable, but he was still bickering about, in freeing himself.

“Father.” His voice pleadful, as he walked towards his farthers fuming figure. The man was enraged and deathly red.

“I apologies sincerely. My actions were as said, unacceptable. Please, Less I receive another chance to start over?” Truthfully he said it, just to fish out his parent’s trust again.

It was time for a new leaf, the man was the soon to be Duke, since her father’s ending time was soon arriving. The time for him, to grow up, had come.

But was it constant? That, we had to wait and see.

Nevertheless, his mother being the soft lady she was, nodded at her son’s grateful descion. A small saddening smile on her round petite face. She hope, his words were true. No tricks fiddling beside it.

“Son, be it that what you say, remains true.” She embraces the man in a tight, motherly hug, as she sighed in tiredness. Relieved that the issue has been resolved, finaly.

She knew her husband would’ve disowned their son, right then and there. His action was just, since they thought he would have never changed. But now, hearing this, made their intense thoughts to come to peace. Theirs worried nights gone.

But her husband was still edgy at their son’s sudden agreement. He wasn’t one to pull down on a bicker. His brows raised, not at all left unseen as he walked towards the two. He relunctly looped an arm around them both, his head resting on her wife’s head. Her soft silk brown hair tickling his chin.

Her wife was peaceful again, and he didn’t want to stop that. She hated the quarrels, and adored nothing but natural order and peace.

“We’re doing this for your own well-being son. A King is always a King.” He remarked, as he slowly relaxed himself. The rage he had soon subsided. Reminding the man, of where he stood.

A King -that cursed name haunted Cliffton terribly.

He pulled away, as he thanked her mother with a kiss on the cheeks. Glad that their parents believed his gruesome lie.

He was a man of enjoyment. Never a man of books and meetings. His mind was plenty in women, drunkenness, and sex. The women always aroused part of his body vulgarly. He was never ready to embark himself upon a title that would deprive him of his pleasures.

Even if his parents reminded him, constantly of it, he only did what any loving son would. A lie or two never hurts...or does it not? Fumble on the idea that you are taking small interest in becoming a Duke, but never fully.

But it wasn’t even his fault. That she-devil he so badly saw himself infatuated with, cursed his mind and hypnotized him in sleeping with her. And the results were unpredictable. Never did he thought, he would -

“Cliffton?” Her mother’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. As he flinched dumbfoundedly looking around.

“Yes, mother?” He cleared his drying throat, his tone turning masculine as he repostured himself. Chin high, holding power.

“Were you not aware, of the other being entering the room?” She says, worriedly, as she held his shoulders. A soft hand on his cheek, as she waited for his answer.

But he really wasn’t. His eyes roamed around the room, searching for this new guest, until they landed on one beautiful dame, she enjoyed the company off. One pair of brown clear chocolate eyes.

His cousine Emily. A fair maiden, rare in beauty and the smile of an angel. If they weren’t at all related, he would’ve fancied her. All the males ran after the beauty, but she trampled on all their delicate roses. Rejecting their hearts remorseless. Curse the day, their family’s united.

“Cousine Emily.” He beamed, as he showered her with greetful kisses.

He was very fond of the women, he called family. They grew up together and all the chaotic mischief he would get himself into, Emily was the one to stand beside him in every trial. Just like she was to be, right now. But his bashful lie, saved him.

“Cliff. What unholy act have you done again?” She chirped teasingly, as she went and embraced her uncle and aunt. She laughed gently as she pulled away from them, and gave her clumsy cousin her full attention.

She knew too well, of his comical act. That man was idiotic and self-righteoused. It caused him to much trouble. Just like the one, he found himself in.

Cliffton, rubbed the nape of his neck with pink cheeks, as he knew damn too well, his explanations were void when it came to his cousine Emily. She knew him, like an author knows his books.

She knew his cheeky ways too well. There was no need for introductions with this woman. “Emily, please. Do you take me for a dog?” His act, witting, as a small scoff left him.

“A dog!” She was surprised at Cliffton’s choice of comparisons. As she yelled at astonishment. Any animal would have do, but a dog was to brutal of a word.

“Cliffton, you are not a dog. Childish cousin, you resemble more of a pig.” Well, what do you know? A pig was lesser than a dog.

To this, their reactions copied hers. Her aunt and uncle gasped with shock at Emily’s words. Never would they have thought Emily, to choose a pig as a reasonable creature of earth to be civil. While, Cliffton chuckled exceptionally, for he knew this would’ve happened sooner or later. His cousine always soaking the world with her crazy ways. He knew her cousine far too well.

“Emily, language.” Her aunt scolded, but she shook her head at her, ready to explain herself. “Aunty, what I have said, is far more than honesty. Cliffton, resembles a pig, because he sleeps around with all the maidens he lays an eye on. Be it beauty or body, the man has no shame.”

Such strong words, that was perfectly used to describe Cliffton’s behavior. Her uncle glared at her words, but the quivering lips that wanted to laugh held themselves. But her aunt laughed nevertheless.

“Emily. Why are you such a wistful woman?” She spake in between laughs, as she slowly recomposed herself besides her husband. The laugh resonating the room. Her gasp well understood now.

“Oh Emily. Doesn’t death need you already?”

“Cliffton, behave!” Her mother scolded, at his son’s death related comment. His teasing comment on wishing death of his cousine wasn’t something they found humorous at all.

“Leave it at that, Aunty. The man is just drunk in that fair monkey, he found himself infatuated in.” She side hugged him, as she squeezed his shoulders in a warm gesture.

They were quiet the pair, easily mistaken for lovers.

“Well, we hope is doesn’t happen again, Emily.” His father mumbled, referring to what Cliffton had promised them. If they only knew the truth.

But Emily had a hunch, as her brows rose, looking down at her cousin’s cheeky grin. Oh that man was up to no good!

“And what was that, uncle?” She played the hearing-impaired.

“He has turned a new leaf.” Her mother chooses to finish for them, as she clapped a cheerful hand together. Zealously at her son’s new change. She had been waiting for decades on hearing that, and it excited her passionately.

“Hmmm.” Was all Emily said, as she pulled away from his cousin giving him one of their common looks, which spake “we will talk of this later”. She already knew, that it was nothing but false lies.

But she came here, not off his cousin’s stupidity, but to announce them of their newest visitor. Their new servant, they asked recently, to replace the walking abomination that was the cause of their earlier quarrels.

“Nevertheless, I’ve come carrying news Aunty. Olivia has arrived, an hour earlier than expected. She awaits for your greeting at this very moment.” She cheered in a grin, as he wiggled a mischievous brow at his cousin. Her voice normal, as she speaks.

She knew the mere mention of a women had so many effects on the man. The news excited him. She knew his love for the women was his flaw. And hearing this will easily make him break that lying promise he made to his parent’s minutes ago.

Revealing to them, his true devilish mask.

She just wants to see the man in trouble again. It blissed her greatly.

“Shall we go and see her?” She urged on, placing a hand for her aunt to take. To which she nodded, reaching for the welcoming hand, but quickly turned to her son. That little face he had, when Emily looked him at the mere mention of the women’s name, told her that something fishy was to occur.

“I ask that you behave. A Duke of the King’s family behaves respectfully Cliffton.” She warned, as Emily pulls her out of the room, down the stairs to this alien dame, Cliffton was so fond of knowing.

He hasn’t even seen the fair virgin and he has already fallen madly in love.

Their father grunted at him, but soon rushing along behind them, as they all carried themselves to were Olivia stood.

Awaiting herself to meet the King’s.

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