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Life is never a simple thing for Gabby. She finally has the man of her dreams... but the shit always seems to hit the fan at the worst times! Life keeps moving for Gabby and the gang. For Gabby, a wedding in Vegas and being married by an Elvis impersonator would have been just fine, but her very pregnant best friend Stacy has something more spectacular in mind. But with Gabby’s mother making it well know that she does not approve of her fiancé, Vegas was looking more and more appealing at that point! After a strange honeymoon, Gabby and Bodhi get started with their new life together, but she can tell that there is something going on with her drool worthy husband. But before she can confront him… a life changing opportunity appears, and after much thought, she decides to takes it. But once she does, she wonders if her choice was less about what she wanted, and more about running away from Bodhi and the life changing decision he’s asked her to make. Whoever said that after you get married all your dreams come true…. Are dip shits!

Romance / Humor
Jennifer L Byars
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

A happy f#@%ing prologue for once, well maybe…

It’s funny to think it was only a little over a year ago that I thought my heart had been crushed in an epic way by some asshole. Drinking in a bar with my best friends wondering how I was going to get through the next school year… only now to be where I’m at now so damn happy that I could shit rainbows from my ass! Okay, that was kind of crude way of putting how I feel, but hey, I don’t give a shit… that’s how happy I am!

There’s only a week left until I become Mrs. Bodhi James Lyons, doesn’t that sound so, well, don’t know, amazing? I swear I’m like a high school girl writing that name down all over the place. Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Bodhi Lyons, Hi, yes, I’m Mrs. Lyons, writing Mrs. Lyons in my classroom, you know, just to practice. Damn it, why did Missy have to get a new job in York... to have her see my name changed would be such sweet ass revenge.

After much fuss, I found my dress after going through, I swear, a thousand of them. Me and Stacy have very different taste, but we finally agreed on one that was a little too foo-foo for me but it looked really pretty on. It looked like something from out of a fairytale with lots of lace, a puffy bottom, and a ribbon going around the waist. It was fancy, yet simple enough for me… and just a p.s., I did love it!

I had just gotten home and saw that Bodhi’s scout was here… nice. My man must’ve finished his bike and was home early. I was walking out to the mailbox when my cell started to ring, and I saw it was my Stace. “Hey you, what’s shakin’?” I laughed.

“My damn stomach. I thought morning sickness only lasted three months.” She sighed. “I was just wondering if you and Bodhi had come up with a honeymoon yet?”

“You know I don’t really care. We can stay in Maine for all I care. That is as long as he’s naked. Then I’m all good.” I chuckled going through the mail.

“One day you will care. When you tell your daughter about where you two spent two weeks together to start your life together… so think romantic Gabby.” Stacy urged, but then as I walked to the front door, I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Son of a fucking bitch!” I hissed holding a cream colored envelope in my hand and to my very shocked eyes.

“What, what’s wrong?” Stacy asked.

“Oh it’s nothing, Gail just sent my damn wedding invitation back to me,” I growled, and then sighed. “Damn it, and I thought I could be a vicious bitch at times, but I got nothing on my mother.”

“Wow, I would’ve never thought she’d go there.”

“Oh yeah, she went there. Well, now I at least know who she feels about me marrying Bodhi.” I sighed.

“I’m so sorry sweetie. You want me to come over to talk?” She asked, and I could hear her starting to eat something.

“No, my man’s home so… I have another way to work off my frustration.” I laughed, making her giggle.

“Well have fun.” She now laughed

“Oh, I plan to…” I replied walking into the house to go find the man in question. “Bodhi… please tell me you’re in the shower baby because momma needs to work off some frustration!”

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