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'It's crazy, I know,but it's different. You're different. Unique. You have changed my game completely.' Ethan said, leaning down to kiss me. Elizabeth Solano an innocent yet bold girl. She didn't know the twist life can put up against you to face till now. But she did realise something, when she gets adopted by the Solano's that you can't help who you fall in love with. Ethan King, the typical cliche high school bad boy . He has a jock build body and has those piercing blue eyes anyone could drown in. He is a figure whom each girl would like to have in their dreams. But he has a deep past, which only he knows about. He doesn't have any idea about the world Beth lives in. But what will happen when destiny pulls them together just by a simple push.

Romance / Drama
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A shocking news

I was just zoning out of the real world near my window, when I heard my name echoing in the labyrinth of the orphanage's corridor.

'Elizabeth, Beth, where are you?'

'Up in my room, Em.' I called out to my bestie Emma Simpson.

My door opened with a bang, when Emma came huffing and puffing in my room. She said on my bean bag chair, then: 'Beth,Mrs Peterson is summoning you down in her office. She said to call you immediately because she has something important to tell you.'

Mrs Peterson was the Patron of The Orphanage, I have spent 17 years of my life .

I grew up with Emma and Thomas. Emma is a year younger than me but we still got along. She was a lot shorter than me and had quite a humorous nature. I loved to be around her, 'cause she had that aura around her that makes you feel all gaiety and happy.

Thomas was adopted by a family a few years back and we haven't been in contact with him ever since. He was the prankster of all. He played so many pranks in his tenure of staying in orphanage, but he always got way with it.

And even, if he got caught he would make up an alibi consisting both of us and we would just play along with it. And boy, did it provide a good laugh.....

I was schooled in The Orphanage, and had no connection to the world outside it, which I utterly regret.Whenever I ask Mrs Peterson, 'How did I end up here?', she would answer nonchalantly that I winded up here because they found me near the front gate of The Orphanage, just a few hours after my birth.

Well, that still hurts. Why would a parent give away a child like me and also "to them"?

I was still wondering about my parents , when I entered her office. I was greeted by a grinning Mrs Peterson. And I tell you she only grins like that when she is really happy about something so I conclude that I am out of trouble.


She began: 'Oh, here is my favourite girl, Elizabeth. Nice to see you dear.' I nodded. Wait, what? Favourite girl ? She continued: 'Come, dear, sit down , I have something requisite to tell you.'

What's up with the "dear"?

'As you know the orphanage holds no responsibility over you once you turn eighteen. And you are going to be eighteen in just a week's time.' I nodded. 'So, this young couple here wants to adopt you.'

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