Hopelessly Devoted

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Chapter Nine: Time to heal

So…while it is true that my great, great grandfather was the legendary James Edgar Ayers and I played that off a bit since Tex’s father obviously had revulsion to that fact, it’s actually my grandmother that embraces our gypsy heritage the most. My mother always said I would never be able to get anything past grandma Pearl’s ‘gypsy eye’. This would explain why she was already standing on her porch, arms crossed, and nodding her head as she watched me pull the car up and park. I got out and trudged my way up the walk to stand down from her.

“I’ve made up your room.” She told me, “you’ll have to call your mom and dad; they are in a fit wondering where you are.”

I looked up at her face, fresh tears ran down my cheeks and my shoulders shuddered. Grandma Pearl sighed. Her skirt swished as she made her way down the steps to me and placed an arm around me, guiding me up the steps she just came down and speaking as she did.

“You are going to go inside now and cry to your heart’s content. I have chocolate and lots of warm blankets. You will stay with me now. Time heals all wounds.”

My response was a whimper, but I did just as she said.

In the weeks that followed I had called my mom and broke down everything to her. We cried together and she told me to come home. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t be anywhere he was. I also called Amber and Cassey and told them everything. They told me how Tex had and was still constantly calling them or coming to find them and asking if they’d heard from me.

“Now that I know all this,” Cassey growled, “you just wait until I see or talk to him again. Just wait…how dare he…”

“No Cass,” I told her, “don’t do or say anything, please. It’s not necessary.”

“NOT NECESSARY!!” she shouted, “not necessary...it one hundred percent is absolutely necessary. He’s not getting away with this. Cheating on you with some plastic magazine model and claiming he ‘has to’ for the benefit of his family. Horse hock Selena, and you know it!!”

“Cassey…calm down!” Amber scolded.

They were both at Amber’s house and had me on speaker. I could feel Cassey rolling her eyes and crossing

her arms in front of her chest while Amber gave her a look that silently pleaded with her to think about my feelings.

“Selena,” Amber began, “Listen hon, we haven’t told Tex a thing about where you are or what we’ve talked to you about. We told him that, of course, we’ve talked to you…we’re best friends, but we told him all you’ve said is that you two are over and you need to get away to heal. He still tries to get us to tell you things or send you things…I think he also tries to with your parents as well…but no one is giving him anything…”

“Thank you, guys. I appreciate it, I really do.” I told them.

“Are you coming back soon?” Amber asked me.

There was silence for a space, and then I took a breath and told them what I had known all along. “No…no I won’t be coming back soon….I…I won’t be coming back at all.”

“What!?!!” they exclaimed. “What about graduation? Our senior trip…what about us Selena? You aren’t going to just abandon us too?”

“I’ll never abandon you guys and you know it. I’m finishing school with homeschooling and staying here with Grandma Pearl. I can’t be there. I know you guys understand that. As for senior trip, I’ll still go with you all as long as Tex doesn’t try to pal along with Derek and Pete.”

There was a snort from their end. “Derek won’t be coming either. I am so over his crap!” Cassey said.

There was another pause, and then Amber and I laughed together.

“I’m serious this time!” Cassey demanded.

This made us laugh that much harder and she finally joined in. When the call ended, we had given each other love and promised to text, face time, call and Skype. I wouldn’t desert my friends and I knew they wouldn’t desert me.

Time moved on and eventually Tex stopped bothering my family and friends. They assured me they hadn’t heard from him since graduation. I would have been content to settle with the phrase ‘out of sight…out of mind’ but fate is cruel and loves to extend your misery whenever she can. The news about two major business tycoons merging companies and expanding into Dallas, Texas was everywhere. Since this tidbit was so juicy, it only seemed appropriate to add the details of the famous model Elizabeth Ewing, daughter of one tycoon, and her relationship with the son of the other tycoon.

It seemed I would never be able to function again. That the only way I could cope with existing at all was to pretend it never happened. It was not a bit easy, but it was possible. The more time went on, the easier it got. By September I had signed up for my first year of college. My friends and I stayed close. Amber and Pete married in Hawaii. It was a beautiful wedding. No one mentioned Tex at all. Cassey and Derek got an apartment together while they attended community college. Last year he moved out. Two days ago he moved back in. They haven’t changed.

As college years passed, my misery subsided and my laughter returned. I had some dates, but nothing serious. I just couldn’t allow that. Grandma Pearl told me that it takes longer for the hardened shell to crack on a time healed heart, but that it would eventually crack and shed altogether.

I don’t remember the exact painful feelings I had; I just know I had them. I don’t remember how long I cried and mourned, but I know I did.

What I know more than anything, is that those are two things I never want to experience again, so if it’s all the same to Grandma Pearl, I’ll just keep that hardened shell right where it is.

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