Hopelessly Devoted

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Chapter One: Introductions

His name was as unique as his smile. Texas Conrad the Fourth. He introduced himself as “Tex” to which I, who had been lounging in the sun on the beach, looked up and said so smoothly…


He smiled. The corner of his mouth tugged up just a little more than the other side. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I don’t mean to bother you, but I’m new around here and I thought I’d introduce myself to people and try to get settled in.”

When he had finished talking, his mouth remained opened in an awkward friendly smile. I just continued to stare with one hand perched on my forehead above my sunglasses, attempting to dim the bright sun. As he stood there, nervous and awkward still, I took a moment to give him a once over. He was built, strong and tan. His body was perfect with not necessarily severely cut abs but the outlined muscles were there. He had a chiseled face, he reminded me of the sculpted statues of Greek mythology. The wind blew a wave of sandy blonde hair off his forehead.

“So anyway,” he said, “My name is Tex.”


“Yeah,” he answered brightly, “It’s actually Texas Conrad the fourth… something or other…” he mumbled, “but Tex is what I answer to.”

“Family name?”


I stood up brushing sand from me and held out my hand to him.

“Selena” I told him.

He took my hand gently, repeating my name back to me as he did.

“Not a family name,” I added, shaking my hand in his, “just me…Selena Marie Ayers.”

We were still holding hands. I suddenly felt as if he was taking his time to peruse me and did a mental thank you to Amber for making me wear the black two-piece instead of the one-piece I had originally planned. The two-piece was a little bit of a tight fit, but it shaped with me and even gave the girls a little push upwards.

I cocked my head slightly, letting my dark blonde hair sweep across my shoulder and smiled.

“How many people have you met so far?” I asked.

“Just you, Selena.”

“Just me, how long have you been here?”

“All day.” He said shrugging, smiling again.

“You’ve been out here all day, and I’m the first person you’ve seen?”

He licked his lips and one eye squinted in the sun. He looked down for just a moment, then back up. The squint returned with the smile. “Nah,” he said, “You aren’t the first person I’ve seen. Just the only one I wanted to meet.”

My breath hitched. Now, I ask you. What sixteen year old girl wouldn’t have fallen in love?

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