Hopelessly Devoted

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All’s well that ends well!

Alright now calm down. Before you go deciding to hate me and my choices, please hear the rest of our little tale.

When it came to Ryan, you needn’t be so upset. Remember he had told me that he wanted me to be happy, even if that meant my happiness wasn’t with him? Well…he actually meant what he said. He did really love me. On a bright side for him, although he did leave Saint Caine as he said he would have to, he used his recommendations from Harmon and Associates to gain partnership at a very prestigious firm in upstate New York. We have kept in touch over these past few years. He is now dating a famous mode…go figure.

As for me and Texas…did he do right by me as he said he would? Or did we befall another heartbreaker and wouldn’t that just serve me right?

I’ll just leave you with this. Today is December 25, 2017 around seven-thirty at night. I am typing my last few lines as I look around the room. Tex’s mother, Amelia, is chatting with my mother beside the Christmas tree. They are giggling uncontrollably…about what, I have no idea. T.C. who is holding a bear wearing a Cowboy’s uniform, is sitting on the couch beside my father. He too is holding a stuffed animal, and his animal is wearing a Bronco’s jersey. Both parents are wiggling their perspective toys in the face of my husband, Texas. He is laughing and bouncing his knee to the sheer glee of our son, Texas Conrad the fifth…

Something or other…

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