Hopelessly Devoted

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Chapter Four: I Love You…

Tex and I continued to grow closer as the year went on. I was at his home several more times after that first visit. While I spent a lot of time with his mother, I still only saw his father two other times. Once when I was coming into the house and he was leaving. He merely nodded at us and called back for Tex to read the report he put in the den. The second time was Tex’s birthday. He came into the room long enough for presents to be opened. I hadn’t even noticed he had left the room when we were gathering up the discarded paper.

On Valentine’s Day, Tex and I went to a Japanese steak house with our friends. This time Cassey was with another guy from the football team. His name was Mitch and he got on well enough with Pete and Tex. We knew he was up to date on Cassey, when he told Pete that he was happy to hang out with them until Cass and Derek got back together again. By late April, Mitch was out and Derek was back.

It was time for prom. Much like homecoming, the girls and I spent weeks going from dress shop to dress shop in search of something perfect. Cassey chose a tight fitting spaghetti strapped burgundy dress. It looked lovely with her blonde hair and matching lipstick. Amber picked out a two-piece skirt and beaded top ensemble. It was a blue color with swirls of silver and the skirt portion was made with waves in the material.

My dress was chocolate gold. It was one shouldered and form fitting. A split went up to my thigh and my heels were dyed to match. I wore my hair in an elaborate up do with a glittering designer comb holding my hair in place. When the boys arrived to pick us up, Tex just stared at me. He stared so long that the others had moved to the car and I was waiting for him to take my hand.

“Tex?” I asked him, furrowing my brows together.

He licked his lips and ran his hand down his mouth. The other hand was in his pocket. A second later he smiled.

“I didn’t think it was possible for you to be any more beautiful.” He said, “But here I am, right now, looking at you and realizing you just get more beautiful every day.”

I blushed fiercely, looking down to try and hide the heat in my face. Then I looked up into his.

“Thank you. You are quite handsome yourself.” I told him with a girlish giggle.

“You think so?” he asked, taking my hand and leading me to the car.

“Oh yes. I decided so just a few moments ago.”

“Well,” he said, “Lucky me.”

We giggled together and climbed into the car.

It was the same routine as the previous dance. Pictures, driving, dancing, laughing, and the bonfire. All of it was the same, except the short hours between midnight and morning. In those hours my life would once again, change forever.

Tex drove us to his house after we said good-bye to the others. I was shaking as we moved over to the steps that would lead up to his private room. He had long ago put his jacket around me, but here I was shaking worse now than I was then.

“You must be freezing.” He said, leading me more quickly to the door and inside.

I gave my head a shake. “No…not really.”

He looked at me strangely. I could tell he was a little confused, but then almost like I could see his thoughts forming, his eyebrows came apart and his face softened.

“Selena…are you sure?”

Nervous laughter erupted from me. I quickly put my hand to my mouth to stop it. When I gained my composure I looked at him and took his hand. I saw that concerned look starting to form.

“Don’t… really. Don’t be concerned for me. I am sure.”

I led him down the stairs and stopped in front of his bed. He just stood there before me, holding my waist and looking down at me. We kissed deeply a few times. Then, with my eyes locked on his, I pushed his jacket off my shoulders. I saw him swallow hard. A small hiss came from his lips as I moved even closer to him and guided his hand to the zipper at the side of my dress. He pressed his mouth to mine; beginning another deep long kiss as he slowly pulled the zipper from top to its end. My dress fell to the floor and just moments after that… there was nothing but kisses, breathing, and magic. As I lay under the covers and in his arms, Tex gently stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. His hand stopped for a moment and he spoke quietly in the dark.


“Yes,” I answered drowsily.

“I love you.”

His words weren’t too quiet, or too loud. They were matter of fact, and I knew he meant it. I tilted my head up to his as he looked down at me. Hurriedly he said it again.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I told him.

Then our lips were together and the magic began all over again.

True love, soul mates, your other half…whatever you want to call it. That’s exactly what Tex and I were. I knew it wholly and irrevocably. After prom night we continued to deepen our connection with one another. We talked all the time about everything and anything. We laughed so much, and I was so incredibly happy. I believe Tex was too. I have to believe that, but you do remember at the beginning of this tale I told you that while it’s said the soul mate will be found, it’s not guaranteed to have a lifetime of happiness with them. So, as you’ve probably started to figure out, what I’ve told you so far must be all the good, happy moments. Well, aside from his father’s obvious reluctance to accept our relationship. Still, you know the inevitable is going to happen.

What is it? What could possibly go wrong, even in spite of a father’s rejection that could ever tear apart this obvious meant-to-be love?

The answer???

The root of all evil of course. Money! Green backs, good old American greed. Money has caused countries to war, lies to be told, murder to be committed, and yes, so sadly…loves to be lost.

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