Hopelessly Devoted

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Chapter Six: Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for lovers

In my case, Valentine’s Day is for waiting over two hours past the expected time for your date to show up. Tex was in a foul mood, which was evident as he pushed into the living room and gave my father a curt nod before walking into the kitchen where I was standing by the counter. He kissed me quickly before grabbing water from the refrigerator. I brought my fingers to my lips… and felt them. It wasn’t right, once again. The kiss…

“Did I shock you?” Tex asked me, pulling the water bottle down from his mouth.

I blinked and smiled. “No…no, just felt a tingle.”

“Are you ready to go?” he asked, then continued quickly before I could answer. “I’m sorry I’m late getting here. Father made me go through the most recent numbers from the Texacon down from the DQ two times. He’s now on about a merger being the only way to save our rears.”

“I’m ready, but I don’t think we’ll make the movie. Do you just want to get something to eat?”

“I’m actually not hungry, but I’ll happily take you anywhere you want to go. You look beautiful by the way.”

I looked at my dress. It was a simple red velvet short dress with a V-neck. I had red velvet heels and had curled my hair all over.

“Thank you.” I said.

He kissed me again, and then hugged me to him. Vanilla…stronger this time. The scent invaded my nose and my conscious. Someone was holding him and they were wearing a vanilla scented perfume. I pulled away from him.

“Do you know where you want to eat?” he asked me.

“Oh that’s alright, I don’t want to go and you just sit there watching me stuff my face.”

He made an exasperated noise and frowned. “Well what do you want to do Selena? I’m here aren’t I? I showed up. It’s Valentine’s Day and I promised you a date, which I am here making good on.”

His words were sharp. A tone and words I certainly wasn’t used to, and had never heard in the year plus months we had been together. It was his father’s voice and it was enough to make me not want to go anywhere, nor do anything with him at all. At first I was hurt…and then I was angry. This must have been evident to him as he quickly softened his features and apologized. I moved out of the kitchen, grabbing my things on the way, and out the door.

A few seconds later I heard Tex coming out the door and speaking back to my father, promising not to have me out too late.

I tightened slightly as he put his hands around me and kissed my neck. “I’m sorry sweetheart, I’m exhausted… but it’s not your fault at all. I’m trying my best to make all this work, to make everyone happy. Please forgive me.”

I turned in his arms. “You don’t have to try and make me happy Tex. I love you. Just being with you, being your girl makes me happy. I don’t demand anything of you. I’m just happy to get to love you.”

He let out a long breath and hugged me close. “I know baby, I know. You really don’t demand anything of me. You have no idea how much I truly appreciate that.”

He kissed the top of my head. “Well, enough of this. We are going to do Valentine’s Day right!! In true lover’s fashion my dear. So place that beautiful booty in this seat, and get ready to enjoy your night.”

I smiled brightly at him, and against my better judgment, I allowed myself to be happy and truly enjoy the night. It was wonderful, and once again he was right back to being my Tex.

All was good, until the two nights that ended it all. The night I collapsed, and the night I died.

Time went on with me adjusting to seeing less of Tex, but getting one-hundred percent of his attention on the occasions we could be together. All my fears went willingly to the back seat of my mind as I shopped for prom dresses, again, with my best friends. Not once did I mention to either of them my worries or suspicions. I knew them too well. Cassey would insist we beat the secrets out of him and Amber would suggest just ‘talking it out’.

I resigned myself to just being happy and hoping that once we graduated and Tex’s father managed a deal merger or whatever it was Tex was always going on about, we could finally get back to us.

Little did I know... that merger had just as much to do with my life as it did with his.

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