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Large pillows of cloud were forming and the skies were Tar-black with the wind rustling. Oblivious to the weather, Zulfa stood at the rooftop, perplexed. Her forehead creased and her hands trembling as she glares at the text message.

Message Conversation

“It’s over Zulfa”

“What you mean it’s over! You can’t just leave me like that Ishan!”

“We both are poles apart and I don’t think my parents would accept this love”

“what! Ishan Ali! We were together for the past 5 years and now you feel that we are poles apart. I need to meet you right now!”

“I can’t meet you right now, I’m busy. I think we should put a full stop to our relationship right now. Goodbye Zulfa.”

“Ishan, please... don’t do this”

“Ishan?? Pick up my call!”

The number that you are dialling is switched off.

Zulfa places her hand on the forehead, her eyes slowly turning red while tears trickled down to the cheek. Not being able to accept the fact that the 5 years of relationship has drowned within a minute.

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