The Face of Reality

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Chapter 20

Every single cell in my body burned with need as my lips molded into his and I heard the door slam closed behind us. In the darkroom, August pulled my face closer to his and I felt his kiss grow harder and deeper like that was all he ever wanted. Strengthening my arms around him, I pulled myself closer to his body and a breathy moan escaped from my throat when I felt his hands run down my chest to grab my waist.

Feeling his fingers press into my skin, my body seemed to burn hotter with each and every next touch of his. Eyes closed and out of breath, I broke away from the kiss to take a breather. Without wasting another moment, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and yanked it off over my head in an instant. I found myself gasping at the suddenness of it. Nonetheless, he lifted me from the floor by the hips, hitching my legs around his waist, and set me down on the dresser roughly, wiping down the object in the process.

His hot lips latched onto the skin of my neck and I felt my core burn in need. I had never wanted anybody this achingly bad ever. Nothing else mattered to me now at this moment. All I knew was that I needed him, all of him and I couldn’t wait for him to make love to me and fulfill my need.

My anxious fingers tugged onto his shirt, urging him to rip them off. In a second, his shirt was on the floor and he came back to me devouring my mouth, tasting and sucking on the side of my neck like he had craved for it all his life. Pulling me closer to his body, I felt the growing bulge in his jeans. It drove me wild with heat.

“August!” I panted, arching into him while my fingers knotted into his hair.

With a soft grunt, he cupped my right breast and took it in his mouth. My nails dug into the muscles of his back and my head fell back in ecstasy. By the next second, my bra fell to the floor and his hands were fondling and tweaking the buds. I could hardly breathe in anticipation. For the love of God, I had never been this needy and turned-on in my entire life.

What is with you, August?

We barely spoke. We barely stopped to look at each other but, by each and every movement of us, we knew what we wanted. Wherever we touched, there we spoke. And we wanted to touch the stars.

In a minute, he had pulled down my jeans and underwear. Hastily, he unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans too. Without a word, he picked out a condom from his wallet, rolled it onto his hard shaft and he pushed into me in one single strike. I caught my breath and surged into his embrace, seeing stars.

“Fuck. . . Sophia,” he grunted – face buried in my neck – and delivered another hard thrust.

“Ahh!!” I gasped out loud at the feeling of his manhood plunging deep inside me. Full.

He pushed in again and I clutched the edge of the dresser for support. Stopping for a moment to catch his breath, he pulled back a little and met my eyes through the hazy dimness. Not a word was exchanged as we took our time to let the moment sink in. . . that this was us now. Him and me. Joined as one.

With one arm wrapping me tight against him, I felt his other palm run up and down my thigh. My heart raced at his touch to the point it seemed to be bursting out of my chest.

“You feel so good on me,” he said softly, pressing his forehead against mine.

At that, I yanked his face in for a hard kiss and he started to pound into me. The dresser rattled against the wall in sync with each of his thrusts. We moaned and grunted in pleasure as we kissed and went with it on the dresser. Throwing my head back, all I seemed to be able to do was scream at the pleasure he was giving me. I bit on my lips and held it back. Although I was going mad with intense pleasure and lust, I still had enough sense to remember that we weren’t the only people in the house.

Soon after, Augustine stepped out of his jeans, lifted me off the dresser and lay me down on the bed. My body bounced as I fell into it. Completely naked now, Augustine spread my legs open and came hovering on top of me. My palms went to stroke his toned chest and abdomen I had craved to touch for so long. Taking my lips once again into his, he guided my hand to go around his back before he plunged deep into my core again. Gasping and surging up on the bed at his thrust, my toes curled at the stirring sensation.

Tracing kisses on my shoulder, he dug his face into the crook of my neck and began slamming into me again. Hard. Panting heavily, I hugged him tighter and struggled to met his thrusts. My teeth sunk deeper into my lip as I tried to keep up with his sex drive. He was rough, fast, passionate and he fucked me like nothing could stop him now.

All that remained in my mind was his name.




I had never experienced anything this good in my life. Sweat simmering on our skin like a sheet of oil, we went with it until we found our release. Clenching my teeth tight, my body bucked against his while with ragged breath and a guttural groan, he shot his release into the condom. Chest heaving up and down in exhaustion, I melted on the bed beneath his heated body as he watched me with heavy breathing.

With two more slow strokes and a deep kiss, he pulled out of me and plopped onto the bed next to me on my left. Gasping for breath, we stared up at the ceiling, slowly collecting our thoughts and senses until I finally asked the question. . .

What the hell just happened?

I knew we had sex but, now that my need had been sated and my mind had calmed for the heat of passion, I couldn’t come to think of a reason why. Of course, I liked him but what did this really mean? Steeled by my sheer attraction toward him, I had given it all to him without thinking twice or reasoning. . .

Is this all only out of lust?

What does this even mean to August?

What does this even mean to me?

I had sworn to myself that I would be careful, that I wouldn’t give in to anything, anyone without a solid reason and without solid truth but, this. . . This was exactly what I had sworn I would never do. And I did it. I failed myself.

Eyes glued blankly ahead at the ceiling, I felt a vast emptiness in my heart and my eyes started to prickle with tears at the disappointment, at the sudden loneliness. Augustine hadn’t even said a word to me since and that made me think maybe this was all nothing but plain sex to him. Nothing else. And I was just any girl he fooled around with.

Feeling embarrassed and disgusted at myself, I rolled onto my side facing away from him. Without a sound, my tears quietly rolled down into the pillow and I closed my eyes.

“You okay?” I heard his gentle voice a second later, sending a jolt to my heart.

I nodded. The bed dipped as he moved and came closer to me. Soon, I felt his hand on my shoulder and he turned me over to face him. Lying on my back now, I kept my eyes at the door on the side and avoided meeting his eyes.

“Sophia? What’s wrong?” He asked me softly, drying the side of my eyes as he gently caressed my face.

“It’s nothing,” I replied, closing my eyes to take a breath.

“Hey. What is it? Tell me,” he insisted. “Did I hurt you?”

“No. It’s not that.” I met his eyes and swallowed. “I just. . . It’s nothing.”


“Really. It’s nothing.” I was never the type to spill beans. I was best at keeping things to myself.

His gaze lingered intently on my face for a moment before he pecked me on my forehead and seized my lips into another hot kiss. Only this time, he went slower and his movements felt more warm and comforting. Eyes burning with tears, I closed them shut and returned the kiss. Eventually, I fell asleep in his warm embrace and the sound of his breathing against my neck.


I woke up enveloped in his strong arms the next morning. When I moved a little on the bed to look at his face, his eyes slid open. Exhaling a long breath, he blinked and watched my face calmly. I remained quiet and stared back at him. Then I felt his hand slowly snake around my back and he pulled me flush against his naked body – skin on skin – while nuzzling his face into my neck breathily. My heart stopped at the tenderness of his action.


“Hmm?” He breathed into my neck.

“Umm. . . nothing. Good morning.” I gulped and he chuckled in return.


We lay like that for a while in silence before we decided to move out of bed. He rolled off and pulled on his boxer before stretching out his arms and twisting his torso. With the cover over my chest, I sat leaning on the headboard as I thought of the night before. It had been sudden, wild and marvelous. Suddenly, I was embarrassed again at the fact that I even cried the night before right after having sex with him. Blame it on the fact that he blew my mind away with the way he. . . did to me.

Come to think of it now after a good night sleep, my head felt like it was back in place and I no longer felt sad about what had ensued the night before. I was ready for him and. . . I wanted him too. Moreover, the way he held me throughout the night and even in the morning, he gave me a sense of comfort and trust.

“Are you shy to get dressed in front of me now or what?” He smirked at me from the dresser.

“Of course not,” I scoffed but, feeling a bit embarrassed, in fact, now that he’d said it.

“Get dressed then,” he said, leaning back on the dresser and folding his arms over his chest to watch me.

My mouth fell apart and I blinked at him incredulously. His intent gaze stayed fixed on me while my face burned crimson red.

No way. No way. Not while he’s watching me like that.

My eyes wandered about and I hesitated bashfully. Gulping down a huge lump, I rolled my eyes up at him and saw his lips twitching in amusement.

“Look away. I’m getting dressed.” I glared at him.

With a light laugh, he looked away and went to pick up his jeans from the floor. From the nightstand, I grabbed a set of his pajamas that he had given me to wear the night before. I quickly slipped into his t-shirt and pants as he gathered up our clothes from the floor. Since his clothes were big for me, I folded the end of his trousers and stood up to move out with him to brush our teeth.

Once we exited the room, we found Marlon turn back to us from a couch in the living room. August and I both solidified at the door at the sight of him. Wide-eyed and in complete silence, Marlon surveyed our situation. When his eyes landed on August, who was standing there in just his boxers, Marlon’s face hardened. The disappointment was crystal clear in his eyes.

“Hi,” I managed.

“Hi,” he responded stonily before getting up from the couch to leave.

As he passed August, he told him with sadness flashing in his eyes, “I thought you went out running and I was waiting for you. Guess I was wrong.”

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