The Face of Reality

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Chapter 30

“Soph?” Augustine called me softly when my sobs died down gradually. “I’m sorry that I said I felt nothing for you the next morning after our first time. If I’d known what you’ve been through, I wouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry. I probably hurt you more than anybody did.”

Burrowing my face into his chest, I shook my head a bit and said, “I knew you didn’t mean it. It just got me confused for some time.”

“But I must have made you feel worse. I kind of did the same thing Benjamin did to you.”

I shook my head again and looked up to him, “It’s not the same, August. At least you said things openly without leading me on, whether you meant it or not. Benjamin would have never done that. He always kept me hanging on the line to take advantage of me. I was mad at you but I never regretted anything with you. You’re very different from him.”

“Still. . .” he murmured as he gently caressed my face. “I fucked up.”

“No matter what you said, a part of me always trusted you. There were times I didn’t like it but, I still did. Because I knew you were a good person inside.”

His eyebrows pulled in in confusion, “But. . . that day when Shirley asked you about a mistake you wouldn’t commit again, you said trusting the wrong person. . . weren’t you talking about me?”

“No!” I broke out smiling at him. “I was talking about Benjamin. Not you.”

“Geez.” He laughed as he tightened his arm around me. “I was feeling really bad about the things I said to you. And that made me feel worse. But I deserved it.”

“I’m sorry you felt bad in place of Benjamin,” I said, taking his face in my hands. He gazed at me wordlessly and the softness in his eyes warmed my heart inside. “Like I said, I didn’t regret anything with you. I always loved you. I couldn’t help it. I see you every day. I see you work and take care of your siblings. And I. . . I know the way you look at me. . .”

Augustine’s face moved in suddenly and seized my lips in his. I caught my breath and my eyes fluttered shut immediately at the touch of his lips on mine, sending an instantaneous spark to my heart. Familiar and delightful. Augustine moved up to lean on his elbow while I opened my mouth and let him kiss me harder.

In the open night, under the stars, we held each other in our embraces and continued making out until our lungs finally exhausted.

“Let’s get inside,” Augustine said and quickly got up to his feet.

He took my hands in his and helped me up. Then he hurriedly folded the mat and led me inside the house. Leaving the mat by the door, he took my hand and headed for our room. Not a word was spoken but each of his footsteps tapped on the floor with an air of decisiveness.

[ Augustine’s POV ]

Sophia followed my lead in silence without question. I no longer felt the need to speak. All I cared about now was that I loved her and I decided to show it to her through my actions. I decided to treat her right. I decided to give her all the love she deserved. I decided to show her that she was worth loving. At least a million times if not more.

I took her to my room and closed the door after her. A sense of vast silence hummed about us but our thoughts in the darkness of the night resonated loud and clear. Not a second was wasted before we pulled each other and started making out.

With every single touch, I felt my instincts and urgency grow wilder by the second. There was no way I could tell how her lips felt on mine but, it was doing a fucking good job driving me crazy with desire. A touch of heaven and I craved for more and more. All of her.

Lips entangled, I pinned her against the door and pulled off her shirt. Not long after, I heard her breath pick up pace as I ran my lips along her neck. Her chest rose and fell beneath my heated gaze with every breath she took and God, if she wasn’t beautiful. A goddess.

By now, I was rock hard beneath my jeans and my whole body ached with the need to be inside her. My desire for her became almost animalistic. When it came to Sophia, I always found it impossible for me to keep my urges under control. It was in the way she moved, the way she breathed, the sounds she made – my undoing. Complete and merciless.

I picked her up in my arms and laid her down on my bed. Glassy eyed, she looked up to me before reaching out for me and kissing me furiously. Her responses drove me even crazier. I grabbed her chin and devoured her mouth even harder, thrusting my tongue deep down her throat and running my hands all over her body, touching her.

Our clothes fell to the floor one after the other, following each and every touch, each and every sounds that escaped from our chests. When I’d fully undressed her to the very last piece, I leaned back to stand on my knees and look at her, consume her with my gaze.

Taking deep, heavy breaths, she lay on my bed between my knees fully naked, fully mine to love. Her golden hair lay spread across the pillow and her body shimmered like silver in the dimness of the night. The tenderness in her beautiful blue eyes pierced through my gaze and it seemed to knock me in my heart inside.

Goddamned beauty.


I leaned in and took my time planting one kiss after the next all over her body starting from her lip, neck, chest. . . taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking hard. Her body arched up against mine like a sacrificial offer as she moaned out in pleasure. I let my hands and tongue roam over her body, not leaving an inch untouched.

I leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “You’re so beautiful, Soph. You drive me insane.”

Her body jerked up on the bed when I pressed my fingers in her core down below. Like a doe caught in headlights, her mouth fell apart at the touch as she stared up at me with her eyes flooded with an unusual darkness. Gasping my name as I ran my fingers in between her wet slits, her eyes rolled back in pleasure as she moved and moaned over the sheet in a way that triggered my urges. God, I could nut just by watching her. So fucking hot. So fucking perfect.

Standing up on my knees again, I took her left leg in my hand and placed it over my shoulder. By the way, her breathing intensified, she seemed to know what would ensue next. She was going to love it. And I was going to create havoc on her body with pleasure so intense I would have her screaming my name.

Slowly and deliberately, I sucked on her toes one by one before letting my lips move up her leg kisses after kisses, open mouth and tasting her skin. Intoxicating. She waited with bated breath before I finally reached her core. With the first kiss over her lips, I heard a gush of air escape her mouth. I looked up to her once. Chest heaving, she had her eyes closed.


Settling between her thighs, I parted her legs and latched my lips firm on her pussy. Moaning immediately, her fingers ran into my hair and grabbed them in tight fists, holding on. I opened my mouth and let my tongue ran flat over her deepest folds, tasting her sweetness. She panted hard. Then I parted her lips and kissed her well and good the way I would do to her mouth, thrusting my tongue deep in her entrance and sucking on her bud, working it in my mouth.

Fucking good.

In a short time, she began to writhe and thrash beneath me, calling out my name, as I ate her out, devoured her. With the rising pleasure, she tried to close her thighs but I pushed them open wide again and continued my assault on her.

“August!” She cried out my name when her orgasm crashed over her and her whole body shook with the climax.

Her grip tightened on my hair with all her might and pressing my face in her core, she rubbed against me hard.

My Queen.

When I moved up on top of her to look at her face, she was in a mess. Shimmering with sweat and trembling beneath me with heavy breaths, she looked like she could hardly open her eyes. Yet, she pulled me in and kissed me hard. I tasted her gratitude in it and I was sure she was aware of the way my rock-hard dick was poking against her tight.

No longer able to wait, I grabbed it and drove it inside of her.

“Fuck!” I cursed and groaned in aching pleasure.

Now I was in a mess. All along from watching her, I close to nutting and now being inside of her, wrapped up by her tightness and engulfed in her warmed. I was at a lost. Defeated.

“Oh God, Sophia!” I panted against her neck. “It’s so good with you. You feel so fucking good.”

She responded with a tender kiss on my cheek and wrapped her legs around me. I pulled out halfway and pushed inside her again hard, as far as I could go.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

I clenched my teeth and grunted at the sensation. I moved up and probed my weight on my palms. Then I began pumping inside of her. The sound of our flesh slapping against one another filled the room. Probably the whole house too. At this point, I didn’t even care who heard or who didn’t. All I cared about was that I need to fuck my Queen. Well and good.

Thankfully, I’d made a run to the drug store for pills in the morning.

Writhing beneath me as I watched her, Sophia scored my back with her nails and she clung onto me with all of her. I picked up her left leg again and held it against her chest, exposing herself more to me. This way, I could penetrate into her deeper and better. We went with it for as long as we could, slowing down at times and then picking up pace again until we were both exhausted after three-four orgasms.

After more than an hour, we lay side by side on the bed, breathless and burning in sweat. I felt relieved like I’d never been. I fell in love like I’d never been. Because, well. . . I'd never been in love before.

Running my hand through my head which was now damped with sweat, I sighed and pulled Sophia in my arms with the least amount of energy left in me. Her soft body warmed up against mine as she ran her palm along my chest.

Planting a kiss on the top of her head, I said half-gasping, “Move in with me.”

She laughed a little and replied, “We’ll talk about it in the morning.”

“Marry me.”

She laughed again and placed a kiss on my chest, saying, “We’ll talk about that too in the morning. I need to get some sleep before I die of exhaustion.”

That had me laughing too. I pulled the cover over her and spooned her body against mine. Then, with a kiss behind her ear and a good night, we finally went to sleep.

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