The Face of Reality

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Chapter 31

[ Sophia’s POV ]

Needless to say, I woke up the next morning in Augustine’s protective arms. He was still fast asleep when I turned my face to look at him. For a while, I lay still in his arms staring at the ceiling. Burrowing his face into my neck, he moved in to cuddle with me. As his hands moved up my stomach to cup my breasts, I sensed the heat of his lips on my neck.

Taking in deep breaths, he nuzzled further into my neck, placing hot kisses on my shoulders and nibbling on my earlobe.

“Soph,” he called in a low morning voice, breathing against my neck.

“Hmm?” I shifted my head toward him a little.

He said nothing. He only gave me a slow, sleepy smile as he placed light, flutter kisses along my jawline. Moving in closer yet again, he lay beside me doing nothing else but cuddling up with me while his hand fondled my breast. My sleeping senses came alive in his touch as his hand proceeded to roam over my body, igniting a fire in my gut.

Eventually, he moved up on top of me lips entangled in a firm, slow kiss. His lips traveled further south to my neck and chest, leaving me breathless in the wake of his sensual kisses burning me inside out. Fire in my gut. Even after the night’s intensity, I was still ready and aching for him.

Yet, remembering something he said to me when I fell on top of him under the sycamore tree, I teased him.

Once he settled in between my legs, I taunted him hardly able to hide the smirk on my face, “Does it look like I’m enjoying this?”

With the way he instantly smirked back on top of me, he seemed to get why I said it at once. He knotted his fingers with mine, pinned them firm over my head and then pushed inside my core, asking, “Can you deny?”

I lost my breath at once and my eyes fluttered shut at the familiar sensation of having him inside of me. Pleasure.

“God!” I gasped, throwing my head back.

“I could stop here if you don’t want me,” he teased me with a guttural grunt and a heart-stopping smile as he pulled out half-way and drove in again, holding his body deep and hard inside of me. My body arched up automatically in response.

With a heavy gasp, I opened my eyes and met his green ones clouded with pleasure and gleaming with mischief.

“Tell me what you want. What do you want me to do to you?” he asked.

I didn’t quite feel like answering to him because I knew I would ask him to take all of me, make wild love to me the way he does. I bit down on my lower lip and held myself back from answering.

He thrusted and asked again, “Aren’t you going to say it, Soph? That you like what I’m doing to you right now.”

He continued with this rhythm for a while and my fingertips kept pressing into his muscled back whilst drawing out moan after moan from my throat every single time he pushed deep into me and held it for long without pulling back.

“Soph?” He panted against my neck.

“Don’t stop! I love what you do to me,” I finally said it.

He groaned deeply as he buried his face further into my neck and tightened his grip on my hand. “Don’t be surprised if I fuck you every day. You have no idea how long I’ve craved for you.”

After the sensual morning-sex that left us both sated andssatisfied and out of breath, we showered together before we finally left the room that was now filled with the thick, tempting smell of our sex.

In the afternoon, we drove to the beach and stayed there for about two hours with Ari and Romeo before August took us out for lunch and some shopping.

In the coming week, I spent most of my spare time and nights at their place. Augustine asked me every evening to stay and he always had his way with me. If I say maybe I should go back, he would fall into my arms, start teasing my body with his hands and kisses as he pleaded with me not to go and ′leave him alone′ (his words).

In no time, I would be completely under his spell. With the way his green eyes would gaze at me and the way his fingertips would trace circles on my sides mingled with the burning touch of his lips on my skin, I could hardly say no. Like never. One more reason was that even we didn’t get to spend much time together. We would be in college during the day, then he would be at work in the evening. The only time we really got to come together was only during nights and mornings. If I don’t stay over, I could almost never see him throughout the day. So, I ended up staying most of the nights and I never regretted even once.

Although he asked me to stay because he wanted me to spend as much time as possible with him, he gave me enough time to write and study. In fact, I studied more when I stay with him since he seemed to study every chance he got and that habit of his influenced me too. Owing to his workload, he gets so little time for himself and his studies. So he grabbed every chance he got to at least read something. Sometimes I studied in my room, sometimes on his bed with him. At times, alone on his bed while he studied on his table. But every night, he didn’t miss to make love to me.

He had such a strong sex-drive, he was always jumping on me every chance he got. We’d also driven to my apartment twice during college hours just to get on with it.

Then again right after sex at night, this study-worm would pull out another book and devour it while I drift off to sleep in the comfort of his arms. Of course, there were times he went to sleep with me but he studied so often even after sex. He took me completely astounded the first time he pulled out a thick-ass book right after taking me to the peak of pleasure. He’d laughed real hard at the way I had gaped at him. Sometimes, when I opened my eyes in the middle of the night, I found him engrossed in his books a couple of times. It would definitely be an understatement if I told you he was one of the best students in the university.

“Don’t you ever get tired?” I asked him one night as I snuggled onto his lap sleepily.

I’d found him reading again in the dead of the night.

“I’ll be sleeping soon.” He smiled at me and planted a kiss on the top of my head.

“You should get some sleep. You need it.”

“Yeah. I’m almost done.”

The funny thing is, he wasn’t just a nerd on his own. He sort of made every one in his household a nerd like him too. One night, when we were looking at the stars and planets through his telescope in the backyard, I’d fantastically told Ari that stars were made up of tiny, sparkly, magical stardust.

Arizona looked at me incredulously, then at Augustine before shaking her tiny head left and right and objected my statement. “No!” she said. “August told me that stars are made up of Hydrogen and Helium.”

That felt like a slap against my face with a ton of intelligence. My jaw dropped open and I turned to Augustine wide-eyed. Whether she knew what Hydrogen and Helium really were was a different case but. . . hydrogen and helium really? He broke out laughing when he saw my expression.

“Why the heck?” I gasped at him.

He chuckled and replied proudly, “I’m grooming her to become the greatest scientist of the century.”

“She’s just three, you doofoo.” I laughed and knocked him on his forehead with a knuckle.

In within a week, many of my things were at Augustine’s house although I hadn’t officially moved in. I’d told him I still needed to learn to live and manage on my own. He’d understood what I meant so he decided not to press me over it.

With each day that passed, the weather started to grow colder. And for more than a week I didn’t see Timothee anywhere. Remy told me he wasn’t at his apartment either. I tried to reach him but he hadn’t taken anyone’s calls either. I talked to August about him. He promised to keep looking out for him wherever he went.

“I’m really worried.” I told him while we lay studying together on bed.

“He’ll be alright.”

“He hasn’t been home for weeks! He hasn’t even taken any of our calls. How can you be sure?” I asked slightly frustrated with him always saying Tim would be fine when we hadn’t even seen him for weeks.

Glancing up at me from his book, he sighed and closed his book. He removed his glasses, placed it on the night stand and came over to lay by my side.

“I know,” he stated calmly with a comforting kiss on the side of my head.


He met my eyes for a brief moment and responded rather hesitantly, “I just do.”

I watched him in silence as, with a calm smile curved on his lips, he tugged down the strap of my tank top and placed another kiss on my shoulder. For no particular reason, my face split up beaming as well.

“You really care about him, don’t you?” Augustine asked.

“Of course. He’s my friend.”

“Just a friend?”

“What are you asking?” I made a face and frowned at him.

His turned his face down chuckling.

“Why the hell are you laughing now?”

“I was starting to get a bit jealous last time. I messed up with you but Tim always seem to make you smile.”


“Yeah.” He smiled again.

“I should’ve known. Geez! It would have been fun to make you more jealous.” I laughed at him.

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