Liaelia's Trait

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A paragraph: " I can tell he cared about me and that is a look I neither saw, it's something new but more important it brings fear to me" Amelia + Liam = Liaelia 🌸🌼🌸 Liaelia's Trait is a story about how a smart and beautiful but un-filtered college student whos only age 16, Amelia. Who meets a mentally unstable bad boy dropout which automatically grabs her interest not because he's hot, even though he is but they complement there wild, complicated but beautiful brain.

Romance / Drama
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1. "Fucking freak" - Bitch

Everyone has moments from their life which defines who they are beyond that certain moment, I have six.

“Amelia come on, you will be late for your first day of university,”

I neither get to use that, nan and grandpa saying university like it’s normal for a sixteen-year-old to skip the whole of high school. I’m so going to be known as a freak on my first day of university, Fuck I’m scared.

“Coming, Nan!”

I ran down as I almost tripped on the flight of stairs.

" Be careful, my darling.”

I hate it when she calls me darling, she probably got it from her daughter. I walked out the massive door, stepped on to the large driveway. As nan pulled into a parking space right at the front of the school, everyone stopped and stared. Word probably got out that a light brown eyed, dark brown haired, pale girl got into the best university in the whole of America, Harvard. It didn’t help that my nan owns a bright orange 1972 Volkswagen but what do expect a sixty-year-old woman to drive? A Lamborghini?

“Fucking Freak!” that’s what one bitch said, can you call guys a bitch?

“Get in your old grandma’s skanky ass car and drive straight to where you belong. Highschool! ”

That’s what the bitch in the corridor said. I swear I could punch them in their vagina right now, but my nan and grandpa are next to me so probably not the best idea.

My grandpa nocked on the principal’s office.

“Please come in.”

He looked up and down once at my grand-parents, then took a glance while turning all his body towards me and smiled.

“You must be Amelia Scott!”

He must have recognised my Nan from a magazine.... or this is a first time to have a sixteen-year-old student in his school.

“Nice to meet you, Sir.”

He must not like what I said because he had a weird look on his face.

“Come take a seat, all of you.”

Everyone took a seat on come chairs almost bigger than the ones we got at home.

“I’ve got one thing to say, Miss Scott. Your brain is as smart as someone who’s over double your age,”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Sir had a weird look on his face again.

Time passed by as all of us were talking about shit.

“So, you will be starting tomorrow Ms Scott. Here’s your timetable. It might be a little bit different from your previous coll- sorry your old high school. You want me to get you someone who can show you around the campus?”

I don’t know why he would want me to be stuck with some person who will be calling me a freak the whole time.

“She’s fine, I can take her Mr Cheeseman. It would be good to revisit memory lane.”

I swear my nan read my mind.

" Okay, thanks for coming.”

Grandpa shut the door, we all walked around the campus as bitches kept calling me names and as I kept wanting to punch them. My grand-parents obviously said nothing, they had to maintain their perfect image of The Great Scott Family.

I wonder if that’s why my parents left, they couldn’t keep up with the perfect white image.

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