Liaelia's Trait

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2. "You Vagina Punched Me"-Bitch

The exact same routine as yesterday: Get up, get ready, be yelled at by nan while grandpa is having his English mint tea, then go to Harvard. As we arrived, the same scenario happened: get looked at and be called a fucking freak but instead of seeing Mr Cheeseman, I had Maths.

Soon as I arrived in class, everyone had a blunt stare, which creeped me out.

“Class, this is your new classmate Amelia Scott”

I thought they would have called me a freak, but one girl put her hand high in the air.

“Aren’t you the chick with the millionaire grand-parents?”

She ended up saying my second prediction, this class is predictable.

“Yes, I am,” I said proudly. Everyone started to talk in a normal tone about my parents. Like it’s normal for your own parents to leave the moment you were born, I just ignored them as usual.

“Amelia please go set in an empty seat”

Thank god there was a seat in the back but more importantly by itself. The class continued to pass by the minute.

I swear to god if I hear someone else call, they’re boyfriend or girlfriend Babe I will punch them in their vagina, I disgust babe.

“The points E(6,4) and 14,12) lie in the standard (x,y) coordinate plan shown on the board. Point D lies on EF between E and F such that length of EF is 4 times the length of DE. What are the coordinates of D?”

Are they seriously making us learn this? I could have done this when I’m eleven.


“Good job Amelia,”

Everyone silently stared, until a bitch broke the silence.


I’m surprised she didn’t have fucking in there. All the teachers in my classes kept asking stupid questions and of course, I answered. Everyone got pissed but they can piss off if they think a little word like freak can get to me. As school ended, I phone nan to come pick me up as she promised but didn’t answer. When I was about to phone grandpa up, I had a surprise tap on my shoulder, I neither of thought that someone would either want to get close to a freak. The bitch, bitch slapped me, I didn’t fall back in the slightest, she’s so weak.

“Do you mind, my grandpa wants perfection at the dinner table, not for their grand-child to have a little mark on her face!”

I think she was as confused as much as she was silent. She was expecting me to probably call her a bitch or slut. I say a slut because she dressed like one: Her high waist, light coloured jeans which looks one size too small, with her Victoria’s Secret black lace bra crop top, with baby pink Converse and her bright red hair tied up into a ponytail. The silence broke as I punch her in her vagina, she screamed and fell to the floor, then I phoned grandpa up.

Amelia: Hey grandpa, we’re nan I’ve been waiting here 25 mins?

Grandpa: Sorry she’s in a meeting.

Amelia: Again? How am I going to get home?

Grandpa: walk? Sorry but you know I can’t drive.

Amelia: Okay, it should only take me forty mins anyways.

Grandpa: that’s my girl, I got to go bye.

Grandpa hung up, I would of neither of thought that this is how I would meet him.

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