Liaelia's Trait

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3. "It's Liam,Not You"- Him

I was walking down the pathway, thinking about how much I’ll be in trouble for punching that redhead in her vagina, nan knows everything which happens in this fucking state, but I know it will cover it up, every time. Got to love them, for their desire to be known as The Great Scott Family, not just great for having the famous business but for having the greatest reputation. I swear if they didn’t give a shit, then I would be in a Psychiatric hospital by now.

I heard a fall, looked up and seen a guy on the floor with a bike on top of his body, I put my baby blue phone in my white mini skirt and ran across the road.

“Hey, you need some help?” I asked.

He looked mad because he just feels of his bike or because of what happened before.

“I’m fine!” he said in a tempered way as he tried to get up after he got the bike of his tall body.

“Look, it seems like you need some help, so let me just-”

He cut me off from finishing what I was trying to say.

“I need no one’s help!” he said walking away while trying to stop the bleeding from his bloody stomach. I ran after him, I caught up to him and looked up, into his clear blue eyes.

“let me look!”

Before he could say anything, I lift his top.

“I need somewhere to go to get that fixed!” I commanded as he paused for a second, thinking.

“my place is only down the road,”

I turned around, picked up his bike and started walking with him.

“So, you go to that University over there?” he asked as if he gave a shit.

“Harvard? Yeah,”

His tanned, freckled face was in shock.

“Aren’t you like... seventeen?”

“No, sixteen”

“How the fuck does a sixteen-year-old get into a University?” His eyes widened. “I mean I haven’t even finished high school!”

He looked like he was in his early twenties, it only meant one thing, he’s a dropout and he doesn’t know me.

“I’m smart as fuck,”

“No shit,” he replied quickly.

“Why did you ask then?”

“To break the awkward silence,” He said as he shrugged his shoulders.

He suddenly stopped his feet from walking, we landed on an abandoned house’s driveway. A guy came out sprinting with a panic expression.

“Quickly, get Mark inside now!”

His friend helped to walk him inside with me, then sat him down, he waited as if he didn’t have a clue of what to do next.

“You, get a paper towel, help me get to fix him please,” I asked.

He went into his kitchen which is part of the living room, then handed me the paper towel. He was so close to my face that I could smell his peppermint breath.

“It’s Liam, not you,” he said clearly.

I didn’t reply to what he said, not because I didn’t have anything to say but I was too busy fixing his friend's stomach. Liam got up from his knees, went to go sit o reeked down sofa to go smoke his unlimited amount of pot.

“Hey, can I have some mate?”

Liam finished what he was doing, walked over and passed the bong to Mark. As he inhaled the smoke was blown all over my face.

“Want some girl?” Liam asked while hovering above me.

I stopped what I was doing, grabbed the glass bong from Mark’s lap, then put my lips in the top, sucked and blown all over Mark’s face.

“Names not girl, It’s Amelia,” I said with a smirk.

I placed the bong onto the ground and gotten back to what I was doing.

“Amelia Scott?”

I nodded.

“You’re that girl that punched that read head in her vagina!”

Mark's eyes widen.

“Holy fuck, that’s badass Amelia”

“Thanks, Mark” I couldn’t help but laugh.

As I was done with patching up Mark’s stomach, we all smoke some pot and just chilled. I was sitting with my legs on Mark’s crossed legs and my head resting on Liam’s. He explained how he found the video of the fight on an Instagram account under the name of @Fights_In_Massachusetts681. I wasn’t worried if my nan would find out since she would make it disappear in a snap. I was looking up at Liam’s face, I didn’t release how beautiful his deep brown eyes are but it might have just been the drugs making them look like they could warm any bitch’s heart up with just one glance.

“Do I have something on my face?”

It took me a second to work out what he meant by that.

“Just looking at your eyes”

He blushed as soon as I said that.

“awe, your blushing dude.”

“shut up!” He replied at once.

He lay his body back on the sofa, I put my head onto his well-built chest, as Mark rested his head on my ass and we all fell asleep to the sound of Do It Again by Pia Mia playing the background.

Everyone has moments which defines who they are beyond that moment. Mark helped me meet the person which in the further helps me have my second life-changing moment, him.

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