Liaelia's Trait

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4. "Maybe"- Us

I felt the touch of a hand circling my deep brown hair around a finger, I opened my eyes and swore him staring down at me.

“What are you looking at?” I asked.

“Your light brown eyes,” Liam smiled.

As I blushed, Mark moved his head of my ass.

“What time is it?” he asked with a tired look in her eyes. Liam looked at the dark wooden clock from across the sofa.

“nine- o’clock”

He jumped onto his two feet and sprinted out.

“Where is Mark going?”

“On a morning drug run”

I found myself a drug dealer, I thought.

“Would you hook me up?”

Mark pulsed his body.

“Okay,” he smiled, then ran out the door.

I was exhausted so I flopped onto Liam’s lap. I didn’t know what I was doing but isn’t that everyone when they’re high.

“Girl, what you think you doing? I’m trying to smoke here.”

I struggled to push myself back up, then he handed me the joint.

“thanks” as I smoked, then I handed the joint back, then he took a puff and blew with a smile.

“Why did you punch that girl?”

“She got on my nerves” I replied.

“So, if I pissed you off, would you punch my dick?”


I turned to look at his brown face and then he smiled.

“You would like that?” I asked keeping eye contact.


The silence grew as he smoked while leaning breaking eye contact to put the joint out. After he dumped his head onto my chest, I put my head on his short messy hair and eventually fallen asleep with our heads together. Moments went by, then the clock struts one, Liam first to awake.

“Amelia, we slept again,” He said anxiously.

“what time is it,” I asked.


I ran out of the door, worrying about my class which started at two. I put my bed-hair into a messy bun by using my scrunchie from my right wrist. Liam followed me as I sprinted to my class. A blessing the boy’s house lives only ten minutes away from the campus.

“You don’t have to come?” I shouted out as I was distances away from him, he didn’t respond and continued to run after me.

As I reached the campus, Liam came with me to my class. I lingered into class, while everyone looks, but now it’s not only me.

“Amelia, just on time,” My biology teacher said.

“Good morning Miss”

Miss Jones had the same expression that Mr Cheeseman had at the interview.

“It’s Miss Jones”

Teachers must not like being called without their last name here.

“Sorry,” meaning what I said.

As I was walked to the chair I sat in yesterday.

“Bye, girl” He smirked as the teacher shut the door, while I smiled to only the door.

“damn freak, the guy’s a hottie”

I laughed because the bitch was right.

“I know,” I smiled.

He was but all I thought about was if it wasn’t for him, I would have missed this shit class, if he wouldn’t have woken me up, again.

“Today class, we are going to be going over The Circulatory System,”

The class went on for two hours, all that happened was the teacher went over the components of The Circulatory System, on how it’s made up of the heart, the blood vessels, the blood and all the little details like how the right atrium receives deoxygenated blood from the body and the left side receives oxygenated blood and pumps to the lungs then to the ventricle.

Biology ended, my nan picked me up, as I didn’t have any other classes today. I walked out the large door, I saw my nan in her orange car, I got closer I could her furious wrinkled eyes piercing into me, she knows. I opened the car door, and nan drove off without saying a word.

“Where were you last night Amelia?” Nan finally spoke but at least she didn’t ask me about punching that girl.

“Someone invited me to their house”

She won’t believe me.

“Don’t lie to me, Amelia”

Fuck, she knows everyone hates me, just like in high school.

“Fine, when I was walking home, a guy fell off his bike, I told to take me his house so I can fix it.”

“You stayed at his house?”


“Okay, you’re grounded!”

“but I was helping him!” I said provoked.

“No, for punching that girl”

She does know about it, not that I’m surprised but it’s funny how she couldn’t even say where I punched her.


We didn’t talk for the whole rid. She must off sort it out to keep it undercover, otherwise, she would be pissed off right now. She pulled up on the driveway and walked it to the house.

“Amelia, I’m really disappointed- “nan cut grandpa off.

“I already talked to her”

Grandpa got back to his writing in the kitchen, I walked up the flight of stairs and into my room. Hours went by on YouTube watching Jeffree Star’s videos. Until I went downstairs for veggie pasta. It was silent, just like it always is but at least the blonde maid remember that was vegetarian.

“May I leave?”

Nan nodded, then I went to my room.

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