Liaelia's Trait

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5. "That's Violet"- Him

Something woke me up, I heard a knock on a window. I went to open it, too see Him staring at me.

“What the fuck are you doing here? I asked, then I swore Liam holding a small clear bag of weed.

“Can I come in?”

I nodded as he put his arms on my window and pushed his self-up, I tried to help him, but I ended up just stepping for him to have room to put his as he jumped down unto my grey carpet.

“Why you got to be so heavy?”

“Thanks,” He said bluntly.

" Not in a bad way, I mean- ”

“I know what you mean, here” he passed the weed.

“Why the fuck did you come at this time?”

“If I came earlier, then I would have woken your grandparents up”

Fine but how the fuck did he know where I lived!

“And your nan’s is famous, so everyone knows your address”

It’s like he read my mind. I walked a step closer to my bed, put the pot under my bed and walked over to Liam.

“Let’s leave, I’m fucking bored of this house,” I stated.

“And where exactly are we going?”

I looked straight into his chocolate brown eyes.


Liam walked to the window and left the way he came. I got my grey jumper and my pink Conversive.

“Coming or what?” Liam said as he looked straight at me, I leaned over. I sat down on the edge of the window with my legs dangling off and jumped into his arms. He put me down, then I stared at his eyes, which were up one foot from mine, then he smiled.

“Let’s go, I know a place”

We walked off with only a few centimetres between us. He looked good wearing a black Nike jumper and navy-blue jeans.

“Do you hear music?”

“Come on, it’s just a little bit further” He walked faster, then stopped suddenly at a red brick house playing the music I heard just moments ago.

“You took me to a party?” I smiled as I walked up the red steps to knock on the door. The door opened.

“Welcome!” a light pink hair girl smiled, then jumped on a table and started to dance, as I was walking in with Liam behind me. I started to stare at her wondering how she isn’t falling with six-inch high heels on.

“That’s Violet”

“What?” He pulsed and smiled “You should go dance with her?”

She must have noticed me walking up because she gave me her hand to help me up the coffee table. As I danced, putting my arms in the air near her. Mark came below us, staring at I thought was me.

“Violet I’m sorry,” His eyes said with sadness.

“Fuck you, Mark”

Mark went to lean in closer to her face “I’m sorry”

Violet stopped dancing when he said that, put her arm out, when I thought she would have bitch slapped him, she grabbed his face and kissed him. I was still dancing at that moment. Until I noticed Violet trying to pull Mark up. Once he got up, he stared at both of us, Violet nodded and then Mark kissed me.

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