Winter Chill

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"Don't worry, baby. I'll get you good and satisfied. And you'll keep coming back for more." A man with a dark secret A woman who wants to survive Will he allow her to break his walls Or is she going to be the one Who will suffer from the chill? Genevieve Cortez knows her life isn't normal. Her dad's a drug addict and her mom disappeared without a trace. When their house gets broken into and torn apart, she finds out her dad owes more than he let on, and to a very dangerous man. Fearing for her life, she hires a bodyguard. Trystan St. Claire isn't easy to convince since she's under 18, but a warning from a mutual friend leaves him no choice. Together, Genevieve and Trystan have to figure out how to get her out of the ordeal or she won't see her 18th birthday. Seasonal Love, Book Two

Romance / Thriller
Francie Cleming
Age Rating:


I grew up believing in fairy tales. The ones with princesses and witches, goblins and goats, werewolves and vampires, and unicorns and dementors. No matter what happened, ‘Good’ always won, always got the ‘Happily Ever After.’

The boy vanquished the evil wizard, the vampire slayer got their revenge, the goats made it across the bridge, and Prince Charming rescued the Damsel in Distress.

But here I am, a living, breathing damsel in distress with no Prince Charming to speak of. Good thing I stopped believing in fairy tales five years ago. Real life taught this damsel a lesson.

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