Rules and Roses

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Kat Roses. First year Teaching student. She loves Deen Deen Rules. First year Teaching Student. He loves Kat Rules and Roses is about two college roommates, Deen Rules and Kat Roses, going through the hardships of collage, love, and being roommates. Maybe they fall in love, or maybe they go their separate ways after college is over. No matter what happens between them, they will always be "Rules And Roses."

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Kat walked into the small apartment, bag in hand and taking a deep breath.

"Here we are Kat. This will be your new home for the next four years." She set her bag down and walked around, getting a feel for the apartment before her roommate got there and they could choose their rooms. She had put in a request for a roommate and once she found one, she texted them the address. She had actually never meet them but she was excited for what would come to be. All she knew what that, His name was Deen, He was 6'1, and that he was also a teaching student who also needed a roommate.

Kat heard a sound from behind her. Turning around, she saw a man, looking down at her and smiling.
"Hey. I'm Deen. You must be Kat." He stuck his hand out and she shook it, smiling lightly, looking into the tall mans eyes. He had black hair and brown eyes, also, we wore jeans and a button up shirt. Nothing like her skirt, t-shirt, and heels. But by the way he acted and how he stood, she knew he would be a great roommate. Or so she thought.
After picking rooms, they had do go shopping.
"Should we make a list." Deen asked, walking to the kitchenette and grabbing some papers. Kat shrugged and walked to her car, Deen following behind. She had never followed a list before, more or less even made one, so she we quite confused to see someone so distort about not making a list for food. But this was just the beginning.
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