Rules and Roses

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Chapter 2

After picking rooms, they had do go shopping.

“Should we make a list.” Deen asked, walking to the kitchenette and grabbing some papers. Kat shrugged and walked to her car, Deen following behind. She had never followed a list before, more or less even made one, so she we quite confused to see someone so distort about not making a list for food. But this was just the beginning.

The drive was long. An hour to be precise. The apartment wasn't close to any shopping centers. Though, during the drive, Deen and Kat learned a lot about each other. Deen learned that Kat, a black haired girl with brown eyes, was 5'2, she loved cats, Greys Anatomy, and people who could play an instrument. Kat leaned that Deen liked dogs, Anime, and people who could sing.
"So, Kat, where do you come from?" She looked up, Quite confused for a moment and then smiled
"I'm first year american. My parents are both 100 percent Japanese. So well me and my brother can both speak english, my parents can not. Often times I have to translate for them and tell other people what they said. But currently, my brother is home with them, Just starting his second year of high school and teaching my mom and dad english." This surprised Deen. She had no accent and nothing to show that she wasn't form America. Deen laughed and smiled brightly.
"Looks like I have someone to share sushi and sake with on the weekends."
When they got to the store, Krogers, they went their separate ways. Kat went to get more of the healthier food, well deen grabbed sushi, lots of ramin, and alcohol to drink as he played his Playstation. Kat was stunned to see what he had gotten and all the money he had spent. She had no idea if he even had a job, more or less to spend one hundred dollars on a bunch of stuff he really didn't need. But know she knows why he wanted to make a list. Because if he didn't have one, he would make poor spending choices. Who knew?
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