Rules and Roses

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Chapter 3

When they got to the store, Krogers, they went their separate ways. Kat went to get more of the healthier food, well Deen grabbed sushi, lots of ramin, and alcohol to drink as he played his Playstation. Kat was stunned to see what he had gotten and all the money he had spent. She had no idea if he even had a job, more or less to spend one hundred dollars on a bunch of stuff he really didn’t need. But know she knows why he wanted to make a list. Because if he didn’t have one, he would make poor spending choices. Who knew?

The moment they got home Deen, went to his room, the smaller one, and sat on his bed.
"Oh boy Deen. What have you gotten yourself into to." His heart we beating louder than ever before, harder than ever before. He didn't know the feeling at the first moment it happened, but the moment he knew, his was scared.
"Love. Your in love Dean." The voice of a woman could be heard in his head. His mother.
Deen's family lived all the way across the country. His Father and mother owned a sweet shop, selling all sorts of cakes and candys.
"Maybe Kat likes Cake." He had 5 sibling. 4 brothers and 1 sister.
"Does Kat siblings?" His family always stayed close and in contact. But he hadn't called them. He hadn't texted them. He had spent a whole week driving to his new school that he just, forgot. He thought about Kat again. Her black hair the shinned in the sun, Her brown eyes full of wonder. Everything about her was perfect. He loved everything about her.
The day went by. Lunch was quiet, Kat gone for a job interview at a daycare.
"I wonder what her thoughts are on children." Then, When Kat came home, he wanted to grab her and kiss her like never before.
"I wonder if she wants to kiss me too." Then dinner, he ate his Ramen alone in his room. Kat was sleeping in her bed, tired from helping him move all his boxes into the house and then moving all of her in too.
"I wonder if she likes me back." The thoughts filled his head, over whelming him like a bad test grade finding its way to his parents for some odd reason. He didn't like it. Or did he?
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