Rules and Roses

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Chapter 4

The day went by. Lunch was quiet, Kat gone for a job interview at a daycare.

“I wonder what her thoughts are on children.” Then, When Kat came home, he wanted to grab her and kiss her like never before.

“I wonder if she wants to kiss me too.” Then dinner, he ate his Ramen alone in his room. Kat was sleeping in her bed, tired from helping him move all his boxes into the house and then moving all of her in too.

“I wonder if she likes me back.” The thoughts filled his head, overwhelming him like a bad test grade finding its way to his parents for some odd reason. He didn’t like it. Or did he?

Kat sat in her room, unpacking her boxes and setting things up. She was scared. Not scared of him. But scared of living with him in the same house. Her personality was very organized and proper. And from what she could tell, he was the complete opposite. She, did not like him. She didn't want to date him, she didn't want to get to know him farther. And yet she already knew so much. Maybe a little bit too much.
Kat grew up in a smaller family. Just her, her father, and her younger brother. Her father worked as a doctor, strict but loving. No matter what happened, he always stuck up for her, and she stuck up for her little brother. She had experience with kids, Though, she only really liked older kids. Elementary children made her feel weird, like they were too cute for her to handle. But she didn't care, she just wanted to graduate, to make her father, and late mother, happy.
Setting her books up onto the shelfs, a knock was heard from her door.
"Kat. I know your awake." It was Deen. Kat couldn't sleep. "Do you want to sleep with me?" She froze.
"U-Uh....Sure." He cared about her. He must had known she felt uneasy. And he must had known she was scared of him because he sleep with pillows in between them. He must had known what to do when she woke up screaming and cry. He must have cared about her when he held her as she fell asleep. He must have wanted to be her friend. Right?
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