Rules and Roses

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Chapter 5

Setting her books up onto the shelfs, a knock was heard from her door.

“Kat. I know your awake.” It was Deen. Kat couldn’t sleep.

“Do you want to sleep with me?” She froze. “U-Uh....Sure.” He cared about her. He must had known she felt uneasy. And he must had known she was scared of him because he sleep with pillows in between them. He must had known what to do when she woke up screaming and cry. He must have cared about her when he held her as she fell asleep. He must have wanted to be her friend. Right?

Kat woke up the next morning being held by Deen. He was warm and looked quite cute when she looked at him.
"Stop it Kat. He's not cute," She whispered as she got up from bed. She quickly got dressed and rushed out the door for class. She wasn't going to be late. But she definitely wasn't going to be early.
"Oh god oh god," She though as she briskly walked into class and sat down.

Now Deen was in fact late to class that day. It was normal though. He was always late. No one cared though because he was the best in his class. He never studied and already passed a test they had. He was the top student.
"Yes mom. I know" He said into his phone after class. He had called his mom to check in on them, making sure everything was okey back home.
"Just don't do anything dumb Deen Rules. And that roommate of yours, is he nice?" He hadn't told his mom about how his roommate wasn't a man, but the woman of his dreams.
"Y-Y-Yes mom. He his super nice. We went out shopping for food and we hang out all the time after classes." His words were shakey, but he was able to keep his cool. For a little bit
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