A familiar stranger

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This story is nothing like you would imagine but you will never forget this. Ivy Kennecott is a sweet and fun girl. Lauren Strepfond is a total bitch. Zach Ryder is the most so Ivy's life turns upside down when she meets Noah. Will it get back to normal? And what is Lauren's and Zach's part in her life? Read this story to get to know. Remember: This story is nothing like you would imagine but you will never forget this.

Romance / Drama
Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: When it all began

Ivy’s POV:

“Oh Great! Now there’s no place for me. I should have come early but no! The bus driver wanted to come late and waste time near our house! The first day of high school and I have to sit next to a stranger or ALONE!” I practically cried to my best friend Jade, who had come to drop her off in class. Even fate didn’t us to stay in the same class. Though I had other friends in the class, you see it was different with Jade. We have been friends since last year i.e. since high school when we were put in the class and Jade was new. We had immediately become friends and here we are, starting a new year apart.

As soon as the bell rang Jade waved at me and went to her class. I found an empty seat next to a girl with curly hair so I went over and sat next to her. “Hi I’m Ivy and you are?” I asked the curly hair one, smiling. “Hi, I’m Autumn,” the curly haired one, sorry, Autumn said and we immediately became friends.

The teacher came in and introduced herself and started talking about positivity. She then asked each student to familiarize ourselves with each other as we were going to stay in the same class for the rest of the year. And also asked us to tell since how long they’ve stayed in the school.

I listened to everyone introduce themselves. When it was my turn I stood up and started, “I’m Ivy Kennecott and this is my 3rd year.” Everyone turned and looked at me. I felt embarrassed and sat down. I noticed a guy who looked at me longer than everyone else and then turned away. I remembered seeing him on the first day of my beginner year and thinking he was cute. He had transformed from cute to hot. I felt my ears getting hotter and Autumn realised I was blushing and laughed.

It was soon his turn to introduce himself. “I’m Noah Kavinsky and I’ve been here since primary grade,” he said sitting down. Literally like everyone girl and guy looked at him. Now I realised who he was.

He was Noah “fricking” Kavinsky [the fricking part is not his name. You get it right?]. He was the most sought after guy in school. Literally every girl in the school just wanted him. He is the captain of the school Basketball team and they have won many championships under his leadership. He has won many best player awards too. He dated a girl in middle school, Janice. Who has been in his class in middle school and this year also their relationship lasted for a very long time. Guess for how long?

6 months? No. 1 year? No. 1 week? Hell Yeah.

I know right it lasted for so long *sarcasm alert* and anyways now they like literally hate each other. After the long day I went home.

I was so tired that I went and made myself my favourite drink, Oreo milkshake and slept like a child.

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